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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

. . moved to tears . .

Tomato99 wrote to me - 18:04 :



Our dear Yong Jun Ssi finally broke down in front of 20,000 (if I'm not wrong) fans at an event this afternoon. I'm not too sure of the details, but heard that he was moved to tears by the support and love his fans gave him.

Utterly lost of words right now actually. He really deserve this moment.. the love and support of his fans all gathered together just for him.

I'm so happy for him!

. . byj gadget . .

Ahhh.. a BYJ gadget~! I want I want I want!! Somemore, he look sooo drop-dead gorgeous *jaw dropppped to floor* Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan, as per Rosiebaba from Joonsfamily who informed of this gadget and I predict it will be very ex.. *sobberz*

Oh well, I can only stare at the picture then.. bummer!!

. . preview in japan . .

Okie... got a bit sad this noon due to what had happened this noon after reading some postings. Some fan even commented on the unfairness towards BYJ's arrival to IMX and that comment made wasn't even fair to them! IMX and even BYJ had to write a notice to explained things and to make apologies, and to remind the fans not to be too overwhelmed during his stay in Japan. Probably will post up the notice later.

But the sad part is over!! When I was back from yoga class, I juz have to check out the forums for his latest news and woweee, new pics of him of his latest event, the preview!! Nothing described the preview better than the pictures do, so enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

. . 2 cents worth . .

I really feel, being a fan of his, not only does it take patience, but also with a open-heart and more understanding Given his status right now, he should be considered as a well-known actor in the world I guess(?), he is forced to change to adapt to his popularity with no choice.

Yes, he used to be so warm and whatever it takes, he insist to walk out to the public to shake his hands and just for ppl to catch a glimpse of him to make their day but situation now went so out of control with people getting hurt and stuff, he felt so responsible over it. But is it his fault? Nope it wasn't, but.. somehow, it usually doesnt go this way as media will splash all across to announce that someone got hurt all because of him. If u're him, how would you feel?

As crazy as we are over him including myself, I hope we can some self-control and spare some thoughts for him. He is under so much pressure already, we wouldn't want something bad happened to him, would we? I dunno how he handled his stress, but I've read lotsa news on how other stars handled their stress and often end up something bad.

Take a step backwards for some air to seep through so he can breathe much easier.. if he's happy, I'm sure u will too. And I'm sure if you're happy, he will be too.. so it really takes 2 hands to clap to make this world a better place to live in.. yeah?

. . chuckling bae . .

HappieBB posted this cute vidz of our dear BYJ in Quilt and I got to watch it this morning~!! Darn, the vidz contains the smiles and chuckles (I juz love to use this word on him!) and man, it brought a huge smile on to my face!!

Do download to take a look! He is juzzzzzzz soooo cute~!!
*squeeze face*

Click here to download -> Clip

Credits: HappieBB

. . good security at aiport . .

Okie, there is really one thing that I want to comment on his arrival at the Narita Airport.. that is, the security planning was really a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!

In the vidz and pics, you can see that our dear BYJ and his crew can really walk at ease with no pushing and shoving!! They have created 2 layers of barriers between his walkway and the fans and guards squatted down to prevent fans from shoving in at the same time allowing the fans to have a good view! It's amazing even though this was not a pre-planned event as he arrived a day earlier, the security plan can be able to execute in such well manner!! I'm even beginning to suspect that all these were pre-planned by both BYJ team and the security team!!

In the end, everyone went home injury-free and happy! Fans get to see him quite clearly with not much shoving and pushing among themselves, BYJ get to walk slowly, wave and smile happily to his fans, most importantly, enjoyed the moment!!

*claps claps claps*

Monday, August 29, 2005

. . bae in pink . .

This is how our darling looks on his 33rd birthday!!!
Absolutely dashing in pink!!


As mentioned earlier, he made an early trip to Japan today and caught everyone by surprise!

. . contradicting . .

BYJ has arrived in Japan today, one day ahead of his schedule~!!! He actually mentioned that he was gonna celebrate his birthday with his family today but he actually had another plan in mind!!! Notti notti!! Quite a number of fans were pretty disappointed as they had planned to go airport tomorrow, but surprisingly, given the top notch secret, 600 fans (or more) managed to go to the airport!! And they are so darn lucky to be able to 'celebrate' his birthday (in a way)!!

I want news badly badly badly!!! I want to see what he is wearing, read what had happened..etc!!

BUT... I've got to admit, despite being a tad frustrated over our dear BYJ being mobbed by reporters, I'm addicted to finding his latest news on TV, online and newspapers and even forums! Without the reporters, we will not be able to get the updated news and pictures of him!

How contradicting!

. . bae's surprise arrival . .

BYJ arrived at Japan on 29 through Narita Airport for the promotion tour of film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)'.

BYJ arrived at Narita Airport in Jiba Prefecture in Japan at 11AM by chartered airplane. Despite that BYJ's agency kept arrival schedule to Japan in utmost secret, Over 600 fans have gathered at the Narita Airport from dawn and waited for for BYJ's arrival.

BYJ chose chartered airplane instead of regular flight, worrying about confusion that might happend in the Airport. Also, even though BYJ's Japanpese management agency, IMX, placed precaution by circulating public notice ahead of time asking fans not to come out to the airpot, and keeping his schedule under utmost secret even for the related staff, his fans were waiting for BYJ in the airport from the dawn on that day.

Right after arrival to Japan, BYJ got out of the airport in 10 second after greeting his fans lightly with eyes.

After taking a rest in a hotel in downtown, Tokyo, on that day, BYJ is scheduled to attend preview screening of 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' in Japan to be held at the Tokyo International Forum on 30

Reported by Lee Kyuchang,star@mtstarnews.com
Copyright ⓒ Money Today Star News

Friday, August 26, 2005

. . peel prawns . .

Okie, some interesting pictures from Happiebb's blog.. apparantly, BYJ don't know how to de-shell his prawns and the newly joined IMX talent from Taiwan had to demo to show him.. hmmm.. and the cute question that Happiebb asked is, "who peeled the prawn shells for him in the past??"

Credits: Happiebb.Blog

. . arghhh . .

Arghh.. I'm so frustrated! As much as I told myself that I will keep following up on his news by getting any magazines or newspapers published these few weeks, I haven't had the luck to buy those that really have his news!! *argh* Don't care.. I'm going to buy every single newspaper published daily, with or without my dear BYJ!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

. . feeling sad for him . .

As I've mentioned before, this man is seriously breaking down from his popularity. Can we give this man a break, give him some space to breathe? He is really shouting from his heart that he is totally drained from all attention towards him. As Marissa mentioned in her blog about the below article, it totally ached our heart with what he is suffering:

"Although he is a Hanryu star surrounded by devoted fans in almost all areas of Asia,he is much like a bird in a cage,with no freedom and no private space and time and life.He patted his own chest and said,If things aren't so bad, why would I be taking *Niuhuang Qinxin Wan? Not too long ago, I was just running with abandon along the Han River for an hour. Although at that time I felt as though my lungs were popping out,it was liberating, exhilarating.He further shared, ¡°People like us can only vent our emotions in studios or sets."

"I also want to make my own family, an make a happy living. Thinking this way is inevitable, because when I return home from busy work, and find myself alone, I feel very lonely. The loneliness is getting deeper as time passes by. The feeling is different from what I felt in my twenties. Those kind of loneliness doesn't resolve even I meet my friends.

I have limited chance to meet people. My life is like that. I've heard that a foreign paparazzi followed me for two months, in vain. I go to the gym, go home, and to to the office.... my schedule is plain. That's why people that I can meet are limited. Furthermore, I'm not good at attending parties and getting around.One thing, after I return home and take a shower, I visit my official homepage. I am encouraged by visiting there. The postings that my fans leave there give me energy like vitamine. I make my way out, but there is some part that my family influences me."

As much as I know it may be impossible to stop the media, but I'm sure we fans can do something about it to him by being more understanding to take a part of pressure away from him so he can focus more on what he should be doing rather than worrying for fans on their safety.. etc.

Now is only the start of the movie, April Snow's, event marketing. And I predict that the BYJ wave will continue to last for at least 2 to 3 months. I'm really worried for him that he will once again collapse and fall ill during this period due to the pressure on him.


. . byj's next role? . .

Posted in Soompi and BYJ's Quilt by myself, wanted to ask fellow Bae fans on their opinions *wink*

Okie, I've been wondering for quite some time.. BYJ has already starred in various roles, with Untold Scandal being the most explosive role ever, what do you hope to see in his future movies/dramas?

Let me start the ball rolling.. I've been hoping to see him star in those comical drama where he is crazily funny, silly and cute.. hee!! I'm not too sure if it's possible since he is a class actor now and usually take on a more serious role. But I really hope to a different side of him, take Hong Kong actor, Andy Lau, for example, he had really crazy roles before and yet, remained as a class actor.

. . new paper article . .

Bae-by, why SO SERIOUS? Poor co-star so NEGLECTED
By Chang May Choon
25 August 2005
The Electric New Paper

The atmosphere was rather grim - with actor Bae Yong Joon less smiley than usual the media pushing and shoving and a bored co-star
HIS megawatt smile is as famous as he is.
HIS megawatt smile is as famous as he is.

But it was missing from the handsome face of Korean star Bae Yong Joon yesterday evening.

Sometimes, he let a faint smile show, or he'd chuckle.

But, mostly, he looked serious - until something funny cracked him up.

It was most unlike Yong Joon, 33, whose signature sunshine smile has melted the hearts of countless fans all over Asia.

But, the situation called for it.

The Winter Sonata star was at the international media conference for his highly-anticipated new movie, April Snow, which deals with the grim topics of death and extramarital affairs.

His last film had been the 2004 hit Untold Scandal.

Tension was also in the air at a ballroom at Coex Intercontinental Hotel, where there were over 400 photographers and cameramen pushing and shoving to get the best pictures.

That's not including the 600 local and Asian reporters seated under strict orders of the emcees - which only goes to show the star power of Yong Joon.

After all, which other Korean actor can command such a massive media turnout?


But crowd control had to be executed by the stern emcees - one speaking in Korean, one in English and one, Japanese.

'Everyone must be seated after the cast arrives, or we will stop the media conference,' they announced for the umpteenth time.

No personal questions were allowed, only those related to the film would be entertained, they added.

April Snow is about how two people struggling with their spouses' betrayal find solace in each other.

Yong Joon plays a married lighting director who falls in love with a housewife played by Son Ye Jin, 23, of Summer Scent fame.

When one Korean reporter said that 'the film's sadness is so deep that it touched everyone', Yong Joon confided that he was too nervous to watch the film himself.


But he did reveal that he felt such intense pain during filming that he needed time to pull himself out of his character.

'I felt like I had spent four months filming in pain,' he revealed through an interpreter.

'On the last day of filming, I was left with an empty, lonely feeling inside me.

'The director and I actually stood side by side at the side of the road for a long time saying nothing at all.'

It did not help that the director, Hur Jin Ho, is as artistic and unpredictable as Hong Kong's Wong Kar Wai - which means he gives his cast minimal lines to work with.

Yong Joon said: 'There were no lines and no detailed explanations, but that's the attraction of director Hur, and I wanted to try this new way of filming.

'Sometimes I felt trapped in a dark tunnel, but it's great to have worked on this film.'

His sweet-faced co-star Ye Jin also acknowledged twice that filming was not easy.

But she did add that there were some light-hearted moments too.

'The subject matter is so heavy, and that made the atmosphere on the film set heavy, too,' she said.

'But there was a scene that called for a light touch. The director handed us two cup noodles and said, 'Just do it'.

'But Mr Bae just closed his lid pretending that he had already finished, so I had to come up with a line on the spot,' she added with a smile.

What did she say? That's for you to find out when the film opens in Singapore in October.


But Ye Jin was clearly the neglected one at the media conference, as most reporters directed their questions at the more famous Yong Joon.

At one point, she was even seen adjusting her microphone - which must have prompted the emcee to request that the next question be addressed to her.

Many times, she was also seen doodling with a pencil - perhaps out of boredom.

Ye Jin admitted that she felt the pressure of working with such a famous co-star, but once the filming started, all she could concentrate on was her acting.

Yong Joon, however, was quick to downplay his celebrity status.

'I'd like to think of myself not as an international star, but a Korean actor who works very hard at his job and gets recognition from other parts of Asia.'


His trademark grin finally returned to his face when a Japanese reporter came forth.

Clearly a fan of Yong Joon herself, she said she was nervous to watch the film as she was worried about his love scenes with Ye Jin, but now feels relieved that they were shot 'so beautifully'.

Then, she asked him to say a few reassuring words to his Japanese fans.

When the question was translated into Korean, Yong Joon burst out laughing - as did all the Korean media in the room.

He could barely contain his laughter, as he thanked her for the feedback, adding that the director had paid 'special attention' to the scenes.

'Thanks for all the attention and love, and I hope fans will leave the theatre with a special experience about love.'

April Snow opens in Singapore on 13 Oct.


He drank from this... so housewife, 50, grabs it

THIS is the glass that Bae Yong Joon drank from.

So declared a visibly-excited Mrs Etsuko Sakamoto - for the third time in five minutes.

The New Paper spotted the 50-year-old Japanese housewife at the April Snow media conference yesterday.

Such a resourceful fan was she, she managed to sneak in. She also pulled a favour with a hotel staff member to hand her the wine glass that bore her idol's lip prints.

Mind you, there was still unfinished water in it, but she carefully covered it with a plastic bag anyway.

'This is the first time I managed to get something that he's touched before, so I will frame it up and keep it as a souvenir,' she said proudly, after showing it off to a group of Korean reporters and also two passersby.

That's not all.


Mrs Sakamoto became such a hardcore fan after watching Yong Joon's hit drama, Winter Sonata, that she moved to Seoul last November to chase her idol - with the blessings and company of her retired husband, that is.

The cheerful woman also enrolled in a Korean language class so that she can converse with her idol in his mother tongue, and has met him 30 times since.

Of course she followed him to the quiet town of Samcheok, where April Snow was filmed, together with four other fans.

'We spoke to him many times. He'd ask us in Japanese, 'Are you cold?', or 'Are you all right?',' she said.

'Then I'll reply in Korean, 'It's okay.' '

What does her husband have to say about her love for Yong Joon?

'He tells me to just go and do it, it's okay.'

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

. . something abt him . .

[Note from me:
Joanne posted this is in BYJ's Quilt and I thought it is very beautifully written. She totally expressed everything I felt but not sure how to write it out.. *clap hands* She is so right! I guess this is how it felt to anyone who truly loves him.. ]

Neulpooreunsol posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home. As always, her writing shows her unchanging deep love for BYJ. Because I have deep empathy with the following article, I would like to share it with Quilt family. BYJ, there is something special in him !!!!!

By Neulpooreunsol

Although visit to Taiwan and also the film premiere had ended in great success,
With those as the beginning, his walking for the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' seems to bet busier from now on. Probably because of that, hearts of our family seem to be more restless and fluttering.

Although many talks were exchanged due to the premiere of the the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)', like onion which reveals the more white inside skin the more we peel it,
rather than the nice-looking wrap, I wish you to find his true value one by one
with the film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' from now on.

Because I believe that he, so thorough as to be called perfectionist, would show us real charm about difficult challange, he would have obtained while working with the director with totally different style from his, to his heart's content also in this time.

Several days ago, among the articles in Taiwanese papers, when I read article titled, 'Can a star like BYJ be created in Taiwan' I became proud. Then, are there many actors like BYJ in Korea too? The answer is, no.....

Having healthy smile, always putting efforts to fit to a wise person.... having strength and toughness to be able to control self, good-natured person who know to give consideration to others....

Wonderful son who gives pride to parent, and a person who always behave humbly...... Also he is a man of abundance who knows to give himself, while he does not seem like an actor, he is a person of true actor.....

Such an actor is not found frequently in Korea also. More than anything, the thing he is different from the other actors is, I think. That beautiful harmony between his acting he does all the best for, wonderful personality, and ample sharing of his heart.

Although one could resemble the acting ability and appearance, they cannot mimic personality and sharing of heart. Just like that, there is something special in him
which is different from other actors.

His unshakable smile gives peaceful feeling and gives hope only he could give, in freedom. Also, the joy he gives us is, a thank you like timely rain coming after a long waiting.

He is the most brightly shining star among the stars shining in the darkness.

Now, because of the film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' we will be able to feel something special present only in him once again.

And, the day when the Director Hur Jinho, BYJ, SYJ...,those 3 people each of whom is different, join into one and make a long 'oe chool'(going out.....) Wouldn't that day become a something special day for us also, would it!!!!!

PS: The film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' is the first Korean movie that opens simultaneously in 10 Asian countries. Hence, in order to be shown in that many countries,

I think it has to be a work, more than any, which can be sufficiently get sympathy from people in each country with different sentiment. That is, I wonder even the films which were greatly successful in our country, could not accomplish very much in overseas because they were lack of this aspect.

From that perspective, I believe without an inch of doubt that the film the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' is a moving film in which all the audience from different countries can sympathize with, and I wish it to become the standard for the internationl film for the future.

Also, because the evaluation on the films are extremely subjective, one would get own feeling entirely different from reporters or critics. Hence, please do not get misled by those critical reviews, I wish all family in different countries would like to 'oe chool(go out)' as they become one heart, while we watch the film along with Yongjoon-ssi.

. . touched . .

Silly as I may sound, I'm almost near to tearing when listening to Kevin Kern's piano melodies and looking at scenes of April Snow from my collection of photos (collected from various sites). It totally puts you into the mood where you can feel the agony of the story.

I really can't wait for the show to start!

Do visit BYJ's thread in Soompi.com forum.. the posts posted by the fans are really good.

. . press conference . .

Yep, that is how our dear BYJ should smile~!! As compared to his visit to Taiwan, he looked so relaxed and happy at the International Press Conference held at Continental Hotel in Samseong-Dong on 23 Aug 2005 5:30 PM. Probably because he is at his home land where everything is so familiar and no language barrier!

How cute both BYJ and SYJ looked when covering their mouths together!! I wonder what happened that made them both use the same action.. hmmm!! *scratched head*

. . premiere of April Snow . .

'Yon-sama' is getting out. Please clear the way!

At the preview screening of the film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' held at the Megabox in Samseong-Dong, Seoul in the afternoon on 23, BYJ is getting out of the venue protected by the security guards.

Polaris posted this on the talk Box of BYJ's official home.
[Newsys]8/23/05 15:20:22
Reported by Hur Sangwook, newsis.com
Copyright (c)Newsis
Gotten from: www.baeyongjune.com

Monday, August 22, 2005

. . summaries of reports . .

Pics + Short summaries from various reports
posted by daydreaming in quilt freeboard
Soruce: udn.com

MTF session

Touched by the fans

Funny that both BYJ and the translator had the same expression and gesture

With the subsidy from 皇宣緣公司 (some jewellery company) the fan club presented this amber pendant enclosed in a platinum case with a star to BYJ. This pandent is quite meaningful as its shape resembles the Taiwan island. The factory took 3 days to hand-make this pendant. The pendant has a name, it's called "星繫台灣", 星=star, and 星 soundalike 心 (heart), 繫=link, 台灣=Taiwan. Not just pretty, it's also very artsy and creative, right?

BYJ presented the symbolic Hyundai car key, to be donated to the Zang Hua development center. This car was originally to be included in the lucky draw, however after BYJ heard that the center sold kimchi for living, BYJ decided to present the car to the center instead.

BYJ bowed sincerely to thank the fans.

BYJ at airport

Various short summaries:

During the MTF, lucky fans got the chance to ask question. However, one lucky fan said she only wanted a hug from BYJ, so BYJ invited her up the stage and gave her a warm hug. Jealousy screams raised from the audience.

BYJ greeted the fans by saying "我很想念你們,去年訪台已感受到熱情", ie. I miss you very much, already felt the passion during my visit last year.

BYJ's impression of the Taiwanese family is that it feels just like seeing his family in Korea.

It was mentioned that at the airport, the bodyguard daisy-chained elbows to create a human-wall-shield in order to protect BYJ. The funny thing was, the fans also learned this trick, daisy-chained together so that they won't get squeezed out.

Fans dispersed the airport 5 minutes after BYJ entered the gate. Now it's the turn for the duty free shop and airport workers to take pictures of BYJ.

. . feeling sorry for him . .

BYJ's taiwan trip is finally over. Overall, I don't think he enjoyed the trip. No offense to anyone, but I really feel that way despite his effort to smile all the way. Well, it was reported in the press on his blues anyway.

First, it's the overcrowded airport. From the press, it was mentioned that the number of fans dropped compared to his previous visit, but probably the reason why it was so chaotic because the whole situation was pretty uncontrollable. One thing I cannot stand is the reporters. Yes, they are doing a great job to cover news of him to us fans who are not able to make it.. but, they are really too arrogant! I'm sure there are many times where BYJ wanted to scream out (like what Ma Ying Jiu, Taiwan's senator(?) did a couple of days ago) but he just kept his cool. Okie, that is normal and I'm sure BYJ is already used to it.

Secondly, it is not his fault that he is so popular and he attracted more attention compared to other stars or senators who had events that weekend, so why is he being criticized? The worst is Zhang Zheng Yue's criticism in front of everyone in his concert. Are they jealous? As one fan mentioned, "Zhang Zheng Yue is a native in Taiwan also, and Bae Yong Jun did his contribution of US$100,000 to Taiwan's native community, what did he do to his own community yet?" Who ever praises BYJ for his kind contribution except the press and fans? Where are the comments from the government of Taiwan? Correct me if I'm wrong, because up till now, I haven't read any news of their compliments to him yet.

Thirdly, how come he is not aware of the need to pay for fans to pay up for the fans meeting session and to purchase the OST before being allowed to enter the hand-printing session? I was totally surprised when I read the news as I know that he wouldn't make this a money-making session.. but thought maybe they had an agreement. But after reading the news again on his unhappiness over it, I confirmed my understanding of his character. Well, his fans, though surprised, willingly forked out their money just to have a glimpse. But that kinda tarnish BYJ's reputation a little, don't you think? I hope he clarify this to everyone.

Fourth, whose fault is it for allowing reporters to enter his room without his consent?! Hotel security? His personal security guards? Why wasn't there a guard in front of his room? Again, I was totally surprised seeing video clips of his hotel room with his personal belongings in it, but thought they were allowed to. But upon knowing that someone barged into his room without consent, BYJ was totally upset over it. According to press, the personal security guards argued that they are only in charged over his safety and nothing else. *roll eyes*

Fifth, no secret is ever safe in anyone's mouth. Given notice to hospital and Taiwan fan club's president that he will visit her cancer-stricken mother in hospital 3 days ago, lead to a mob of reporters and fans waiting at the hospital for his arrival. Who exposed this secret? Well, the hospital door even had his poster pasted on it, definitely will attacted some attention even though no one spoke a word about his visit. Once again, dear BYJ was upset over it because it totally disturbed other patients due to his presence and he felt really bad about it!

There was an incident over him and his company, IMX, which after reading the news, I'm still really confused over it so I shan't add that in here but definitely, that's another incident which he is really upset about. And also, there were a few cocked up incidents but not as major.

So there ya go.. I don't think anyone have such patience when so many things were planned but in the end screwed up just because of some people's neglience and disrespect for him. Everyone expects perfection from him, so does himself, but him doing it alone is not enough and he will need everyone's co-operation to assist him on this. He holds a very big responsibility yet making sure everyone's needs are met, but when there were a bit of flaws here and there, he has to constantly worry, felt bad and apologised for it when it wasn't his fault. When did anyone gave a thought for him? I cannot help but see the sadness in his eyes even though he tried so hard to smile! And.. how many times when he smile, it really comes from his heart?

Honestly speaking, the only time I see him spreaking from his heart was when he mentioned that he wants to look for a lifetime partner. He was literally screaming in his heart. Don't you understand? He is extremely lonely despite his popularity!! Argh.. it totally pains me whenever I thought about this fact!! *sigh* But is there anything that I can do to help? *shake head* I can only sit here and typed out my frustrations and feeling sorry for him.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

. . hand-printing session . .

. . touching scene . .

This scene is so touching. Suffering from cancer since April this year, the patient happened to the the mother of the President of BYJ's Taiwan fan club. Despite his tight schedule and the fear of uncontrolled crowd of fans going to the hospital, BYJ insist that he must visit this patient, whom last year drove her daughter (President of Taiwan Fan club) around to 'chase BYJ' around when he came to Taiwan. Visiting hours was between 1100hrs to 1140hrs. To prevent disturbance to other patients due to his presence, he decided to go around 1040hrs to visit them. Despite the early schedule, many reporters and fans who have gotten the news, also went there to have a glimpse of him.

Together with the managers and bodyguards of BYJ, reporters were not allowed to enter the patient's room for fear of disturbing her. BYJ had to wear the blue robe before seeing the patient. In the room, it was reported that the patient cried upon seeing him, so did BYJ as his eyes were redden when he left the room. BYJ's grandma passed away last year due to illness, thus probably lead him to tear up.

Friday, August 19, 2005

. . where he will stay in taiwan . .

Yep yep yep.. it's 12:44pm now and it's been 2 hours since our dear Joonie arrived in Taiwan! I betcha he is in the hotel right now resting! Let's go take a peek at the lucky room which he will stay in bah!!

Grand Palace Hotel, the hotel which he stayed during his previous visit to Taiwan to promote "Untold Scandal". He will be staying in the Presidential Suit at the 12th storey. The room is about 220 square metre (I think) and has a great view of scenary! The usual rate for this room is TWD$16,000, but because he is Bae Yong Jun, he gets to stay for free!!

Hotel guests and visitors are welcomed by the huge poster, lying the the flight of stairs on the Ground level of the hotel!

The scenary which BYJ will be viewing from his room!

The presidential suite which he will be staying consist of, master bedroom, connecting rooms, living room, dining room, study room, excellant bathroom facilities..etc, total 220 square metres.

Ooo laa laa! This will be where our dear Joonie will take enjoy his hunky sleep! Arghhh.. lucky bed!!

Ooo laaa laaa laa laaa! This is where he will take his hunky bathhh!! Lucky bathtub and flowersss!! AHH!

Ohhhhhhhh kayyy... everyone's got business to do, so does he! Well... lucky toilet seat I supposed?? Hmmm!

Credits: Ettoday.com

. . he has arrived in taiwan. .

Credit site: TVBS Asia

Latest pics of his arrival in Taiwan today at 1130hrs!! Argh.. I'm so sorry I can't post the latest news here in Chinese characters and I'm bad at translation but according to the site, there are thousands of fans warmingly welcomed him at the airport! What's new right? I mean, he's our Bae Yong Jun, definitely deserved such treatment no matter where he goes!!

Ahhh.. I'm so excited even though I'm not there!!
--> Happiebb, plsssss update us if you can!!