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Thursday, October 27, 2005

. . new paper article 26-Oct . .

*tsk tsk*

We're NO taugeh-plucking ah sohs*

*bean sprout-picking middle-aged housewives
By Chang May Choon

October 27, 2005

ON Monday, a petition containing one bean sprout went out via registered mail.

It was signed by more than 90 fuming fans of Korean superstar Bae Yong Joon and was addressed to a local weekly entertainment magazine.

They were protesting against the publication labelling them 'taugeh-plucking ah sohs' in a recent report.

The description sparked a furore on Internet fan sites.

No, they do not pluck taugeh (bean sprouts). They eat them instead.

And they are not ah sohs (middle-aged housewives).

Contrary to popular belief, these hardcore fans of the supposed Korean 'aunty killer' are anything but aunties.

The majority of the 500 members of his local fan club, Joon's Family, are career women whose occupations range from administrators to managers, lawyers, doctors and financial consultants.

They were initially shy to come out of their professional shells and dispel the aunty misconception and some declined to be photographed.

Still, four stepped forward - although they still withheld certain information, such as the name of their companies - in the hope of proving that they're no bean-sprout plucking matrons.


Tiffany Oh, 39, advertising and publishing company owner

SOME know her as the owner of an advertising and publishing company that lists Rolex and HSBC Bank among its clients.

Others know her as the very lucky fan who got a bear hug from Bae Yong Joon when he was in Singapore in March last year.

Ms Tiffany Oh, 39, is one of the 10 founding members of Joon's Family and the emcee for Yong Joon's fan gathering here.

Just as the Korean actor refers to his fans as family, Ms Oh, who is married to a European, also considers him family.

'Whenever he achieves something, we feel proud. When there are distorted reports about him, we are concerned.

'If he gets married or has a girlfriend, well and good. As long as he's happy, we will continue to support his work.'

What attracted her to Yong Joon is his personality, which she described as sincere, hardworking, humble and thoughtful.

She declined to give details, but she said she has communicated enough with his management agency staff to draw her own conclusions about him.

But no matter how special he is, Ms Oh said he cannot compare to her husband of six years.

'He has been very accommodating. He thinks I'm slightly nuts but he doesn't object as long as I don't go overboard.

'I won't be trooping to see (Yong Joon) at every opportunity. It must also be within time, reason and financial means.'

Wang Meiqi, 33, general manager of health and beauty chain

BY day, she is the general manager of a prominent local health and beauty chain, working 15 hours a day and overseeing a staff of over 60.

She holds an MBA, listens to jazz and watches opera.

But when night falls, Miss Wang Meiqi, 33, transforms into a devout fan of Bae Yong Joon.

She calls him a 'very major distraction in my life' and the one she looks to for inspiration.

'He's so perfect! He's charming and intelligent,' she gushed.

'He never takes the easy way out and he keeps pushing himself forward, which inspires me.'

Like most other die-hard fans, Miss Wang does not know Yong Joon personally. Her judgement is based on media reports and Internet postings.

He has also rekindled her interest in Mandarin and she spends most of her free time translating English news articles about him for a China-based fan site with 33,000 members.

She estimated that she has translated over 500 articles to date, and she also heads a team of 13 translators for the China fan site.

Miss Wang has also splurged a 'ridiculous amount' of money to jet-set the region to see him more than 10 times. Once she even paid for a friend to accompany her to Seoul.

But she kept her Yong Joon fixation secret for the first 1 1/2 years. She fell for him after watching him in Winter Sonata in 2002.

'I was a closet fan! I didn't want to be associated with a shi nai sha shou (aunty killer) because I'm very ang moh pai (westernised). It's a bit embarrassing when I usually listen to jazz and visit the opera.'

Not even her closest friends knew about it until six months later. Even today, only two of her colleagues are in the know as Miss Wang fears it may undermine her authority.

There is no sign of that famous Yong Joon smile in her office cubicle, except on specially printed name-cards that she keeps in her wallet to exchange with fellow fans.

In the cyberworld, however, she is a very active member of Joon's Family.

When she first joined the club last year, Miss Wang said she was surprised to meet mostly career women like herself aged between 30 and 40.

No wonder they all felt indignant to be labelled 'taugeh-plucking ah sohs'.

'It's so insulting because it insinuates that all fans are ah sohs with nothing to do.

'I've never bought raw taugeh, let alone plucked it. And I won't allow anyone above 12 to call me aunty.'

But the self-proclaimed single free spirit insisted she is rational enough not to harbour any silly fantasies about dating or even marrying him.

She dates occasionally, but she has yet to find a guy who matches her in independence and confidence. Her last relationship ended last year but it had nothing to do with Yong Joon.

'He's the perfect image of I want to be in life, not my partner to be,' she said.

'Anyway, he's not real. He's idealised in our minds.'

Wee Su Yin, 38, procurement account manager in an MNC

THERE is a reason why Ms Wee Su Yin's work desk is plastered with pictures of Bae Yong Joon's trademark grin.

She is a procurement account manager with a top American infotech MNC, and oversees a team of 10 buyers.

Whenever she is stressed at work, all she needs to do is to look up.

'He has a therapeutic effect on me. Just looking at his face makes me happy,' gushed the 38-year-old.

Though married to a real estate executive for seven years, she went crazy over Yong Joon after her friends convinced her after umpteen attempts to watch Winter Sonata two years ago.

Having grown up watching Hollywood flicks and listening to Boy George, she said she initially thought Korean serials were way too weepy for her liking.

But once she started watching, she could not stop.

Yong Joon is the image of her ideal guy - tall, clean-cut, gentlemanly and bespectacled - and while her husband also fits the criteria, he lacks Yong Joon's dazzling smile.

Not wanting her husband to get jealous, she said she is careful not to tell him too much about her regular involvement in gatherings organised by Joon's Family.

'He'll probably think I'm crazy!' she joked.

As for being labelled 'taugeh-plucking ah sohs', Ms Wee said: 'That's totally inappropriate because none of us in the fan club is like that. We are professionals in our own fields.'

Yvonne Chen, late 30s, remisier

NO matter how busy she is, remisier Yvonne Chen always has time for Korean drama serials.

No doubt she monitors the financial stock market from 9am to 5pm every day, then helps out her brother in his food business at night.

To unwind after a hard day's work, the single woman will turn on the TV and pop in a VCD of the latest Korean drama such as Harvard Love Story (Kim Rae Won, Kim Tae Hee).

'Korean dramas have become a part of my life. After all, we all need some form of entertainment.'

Her favourite actors are Bae Yong Joon, Jang Dong Gun and Choi Ji Woo. She said she is not a die-hard fan of Yong Joon's but she admires him for his acting and sincerity towards his fans.

She recounted how he once bent down to pick up a letter that a fan had dropped while trying to pass it to him when he was in Singapore last year to promote his movie, Untold Scandal.

'He actually bothered to pick it up, which shows he treasures his fans.'

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

. . back in action . .


Had been absence from the Bae scene for quite a while with occasionally popping in to Soompi and Joonsfamilyto keep myself updated, all thanks to the wonderful Bae gals who contributed endlessly despite their busy schedules..

Yeah yeah, had been on a so-called business thingie for the past 1 and a half month, together with working full-time in office, I'm totally exhausted right now! Luckily my leave starts next Tuesday till Sunday and I'll have a full stretch of Bae vacation!! Hopefully I can contribute more in the forums and make a big revamp of my Bae collection!

April Snow came with a big bang a couple of weeks ago, I wonder how it is doing in the local box office since I'm kinda out-dated. Well, haven't been reading good reviews, some worst (I'm sure u guys know about the Miss Infamous F******e from 8 days by now, so I shan't mention..) which I didn't even bother reading even though I bought it, on April Snow, so I won't be surprise if it was not as successful as expected in SG. Caught it twice, both the Charity premiere and Joonsfamily Bunggae. I enjoyed it.. in fact, the 'scent' of the movie still lingered in my mind every now and then. Am planning to watch that movie again, just me, Bae and my box of popcorn. I hope it is still showing next week.. *cross fingers*

Bae land is pretty quiet nowadays and I hope he is resting well and taking care of himself. With all the bad reviews, I'm sure he felt the pressure from the media. I hope he block them all out and just listen and be happy to those who supports him.

Friday, October 07, 2005

. . beautiful sex scene . .

Honestly speaking, before watching the full April Snow movie, the one that I dragged the most is the initmate scenes. To me, it is awkward to see such mushy scenes on TV and screens for most movies, let alone with him in it!! I mean, as much as how good they are in the show on such scenes, it is hard for me to accept that they can be able to act so intimate! Won't they get turned on easily? Hahah~ Oops! Naughty me!

Thus not surprisingly, when watching Untold Scandal, it was soo awkward that I was going eeee.. ohhh nooo and almost hid under my friend's arm.. hehe! Too much for me I feel. I know there were a LOT of ppl who went ga-ga coz it was the first time we ever saw HIS cute butt.. hehe!!

This time, as I mentioned earlier, I dragged that kind of scene again in April Snow and thought I knew what to expect since I've seen some captures on it. But little do I know I actually loved that scene and watched it openly with both of my eyes opened, enjoying the moments in those scenes, it kept playing in my mind even till today!! It is not just sex I'm talking about, it's more of the feelings put into it. Those who watched it, will know what I am talking about. In other words, it was not erotic but pure beautiful sex.

One of the 5 fave scenes by Director Hur Jin Ho:

5. The bed scene: The bed scene between In-soo and Seo-young. In-soo and Seo-young, the sharing of love.

Director Hur: I think this is my first time using a close-up shooting like this. The breathing of the actors, the expression as they touch and caress each other… That's a nice feeling.

. . it finally snowed in sg . .

[:: posted this on Soompi on 5th Oct.. hee! Was too tired that night to write another one and now in office, busy with work.. thus copied and post this in my blog. Did some editing here and there.. =) ::]

Yoo hoo~!!! Back from April Snow~!! *tsk tsk* Just let me briefly describe my April Snow day as each may differ!

Only managed to knock off from work at 6pm (show started at 7pm), me and my friend had to rush a good 60 mins journey (inclusive waiting for transport, walking in heels, withdrawing money, collecting tickets, buy some food to nibble, collect goodie bags) and manz.. it was a mad rush~!! Thoughtful Tiffany sent me an SMS while I was on the way but sadly I didnt get to meet them before the show as I was later than them!

Anyways, managed to collect the tickets and goodie bag in time in a booth (as seen in above pics)~! Goodie bag consist of a double-sided poster of AS, AS folder and some sponsered stuffs like a packet of tissue, Nivea moisturizer and a breast cancer ribbon pin (as part of the money for the movie that day will be donated to the foundation) in a nice Sony handcam paper bag! (probably will take some pics of them later!)

There are so many ppl~! Even local celebrities! But because there was another movie's premiere tonight, I dunno they came to attend which one, but there was a huge April Snow poster outside, so I presume they went to the April Snow's premiere in another room. After me and my friend took our seats and settled ourselves down comfortably, suddenly the person sitting beside me turned and asked if anyone I know visit Soompi frequently and I told her I do and suddenly she kept laughing and immediately, I know she is Yon.. haha! I remembered she told me that she will be sitting VERY near me but little do I know, it would be sooooo near!!! Kekeke!!! Got to know her friend also! So fun~!!

Okie, the movie, shan't reveal too much, but it is a thousand thumbs up~!!! Seriously, the whole cinema almost flooded with drools all over.. hahah~!! The moment our dear Yong Joon's face appeared on the BIG screen, many clapped!! I think it came from Tiffany and Happiebb gang! Many others were giggling including me, especially the intimate parts~! To summarise.. I feel the whole movie is very tastefully made and u can really feel the pain of the characters~! And I agree that you will have to watch a few times to be able to get totally absorbed into the show~! I'm more into wanting to know the story and ending today. I think I'll be more into emotions next Sat when I will be catching it again~!! I wonder how many times will I want to watch.. hehe!

After the show, Yon intro-ed me to Tiffany and BB who were sitting quite a few seats above us. Finally I get to meet them.. hehe! Sorry Yon, Tiffany and BB.. didn't had a proper introduction and had to rush off coz my friend needs the loo badly.. hehe! It was really nice meeting u guys and hope we can meet again next Sat~!! I heaved a sigh of relief after watching the movie because after so many months of waiting and agonising what the ending will be.. I finally got the answers today~

Thursday, October 06, 2005

. . 8 days No. 783 . .

Magazine: 8 days - NO. 783 6 OCT - 13 OCT, 2005
Source: http://www.8days.sg/thisweekissue/cover_01.htm

BAE YONG-JOON is back to prettify the big screen in his new tearjerker, April Snow. FLORENCE FONG bravely dives into the media hordes at the Seoul world premiere and spots him grabbing his co-star Son Ye-Jin's, er, bazonkas.

This is by no means an easy thing to admit: I was once in love with auntie magnet, Bae Yong-Joon. I say once, because as someone who has always fancied herself as fairly hip (I've stopped shopping at Sheng Siong supermarket, I go to NTUC now), I refuse to acknowledge that I once liked the same man as millions of taugeh-plucking ah sohs. Besides, I have grown weary of the 33-year-old's carefully glossed lips and tear-glistened eyes.

What is it about BYJ, as he's popularly known? For jealous men who dismiss him as gay, I've only one explanation — he's the male equivalent of busty, sweet-faced virgins. Those slightly nerdy glasses, straight nose, kissable lips — a handsome mug perched on a buff bod that looks equally dashing in suits and birthday suits. The perfect gentleman.

So even though I am now past the height of my Bae-lust, I couldn't pass up on the chance to visit his hometown and of course, catch him in the world premiere of his new Winter Sonata-esque movie, April Snow, in Seoul.

In the movie, Bae plays a concert lighting director who discovers his wife's (Lim Sang-Hyo) been having an affair after she's involved in a car accident with her lover. As the adulterous pair lies comatose in a dingy hospital, Bae meets Son Ye-Jin, the wife of his wife'’s lover, and falls for her.

April Snow is a 180-degree departure from his last movie, Untold Scandal, where he shocked everyone by baring his butt as a cheeko 18th century Casanova. Hamsups will be thrilled to know there are two sex scenes to look forward to in April Snow (more on that later). Aunties will be glad to find their idol clad in smart jackets and all choked up with emotion…

. . sleepy . .

Juz got back from April Snow Charity Premiere..

I'm so sleepy right now..

Will sleep now and dream of Yong Joon and update about the premiere again tomorrow..

Night all..


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

. . angry . .

[:: Read below and be prepared to hop in anger *grr* ::]

China Starts to See Backlash Against Korea Wave
Posted by Sunset in Quilt

China is beginning to see a backlash against a Korean pop culture boom there, and parts of the Chinese press and some local stars are decidedly hostile.

During an audit of the Korean Embassy in Beijing, Uri Party lawmaker Chung Eui-yong said while there was nothing wrong with being proud of the Korean boom in China, it was an exaggeration to think Korean soap operas dominated the entire mainland. Korea should take a more modesty attitude in its relations with China, Chung added.

Rep. Kim Boo-kyum from the ruling party pointed to Chinese attempts to curb the spread of the Korean pop culture there, saying that the Chinese government applies strict standards to the import of cultural products with regulations and a set of official "opinions on the introduction of foreign capital into the cultural industry."

Korean Ambassador to China Kim Ha-jung replied some of Korean culture originally came from China, and many Chinese people criticized Korea's claim to authorship of it.

Chinese actor Zhang Guoli on Saturday complained the Korean historical soap "Daejanggeum (the Jewel in the Palace)," a runaway success on the mainland, portrayed acupuncture as a Korean invention although it was developed in China. Zhang said the press should give less coverage to Korean stars and more to Chinese performers.

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan also urged the Chinese media to support Chinese stars so they can compete with Hollywood and the Korean wave, saying all Korean newspapers were promoting Korean stars.

What is the matter with those people in the movie industry~?! Can't they just leave Koreans alone?! So what if Korean movie industry is enjoying the hypes in many foreign countries other than themselves? They had been under the shadows of Hollywood and Hong Kong for so long, this time they are able to outshine most of them after some hard work and they got criticised and bashed by them??

Seriously speaking, being a Chinese myself, though a Singaporean, I was totally embarrassed by the actions of those in the articles. How can they be so narrow-minded? Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the time, I'm hearing that Korean actors and actresses looked up to those experienced China directors and Hong Kong actors and hope to be like them!

Recently while watching a Kdrama, Let's go to School, Sangdoo, there were a couple of times HK actors were featured. First, the little girl misttook Joey Wang Zu Xian as her biological mother as her heart locket contains a picture of her and cried whether she learnt the truth. Then there was this one scene where Sangdoo was walking on the street when suddenly, in the background, showed a poster of Jackie Chan's movie on one of the public buses. I rewind back to confirm it was his movie and for a moment, felt proud for Chinese. Now, I'm totally embarrassed by them..

Does Jackie Chan even knows that or not? Or they only judged by the recent figures and reports from media due to April Snow? Yes, we have 2 Korean movies (Bittersweet Life and April Snow) fighting box office sales with The Myth (even Jackie Chan's movie starred a Korean actress, Kim Hee Soon!), but so what? If they are good enough, why scared? It's all about competition and whoever is better, wins the race. So what should they do now? Improve.. improve.. and be better than each other!!

No offence to anyone in particular when writing this entry, but really had it with the critics over Korean wave that is soaked with nothing but jealousy!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

. . sg promos . .

I neeed to post this~!! I'm so excited about the upcoming April Snow in Singapore, I'm literally jumping with joy in office after reading this post from Soompi! I'm so happy that Singapore is having so many promotions for April Snow, although not as much as Japan, but it's enough to make me go wild~!!

April Snow promotions in Singapore
posted by lynn72_sg in www.BYJ.co.kr

First of all, let me show you gals the magazines that have his articles...

S'pore Magazines
1) Citta Bella - this is a chinese magazine.....he is not on the cover, but there are 4 pages of photos and write up on BYJ..

Pic 1 || Pic 2 || Pic 3 || Pic 4

2) First - this is a magazine on movies only..BYJ is on the cover!!!!
Pic 1 || Pic 2 || Pic 3 || Pic 4 || Pic 5 || Pic 6
(photos from Jos & Tiffany from Joon's Family forum)

3) Feminine Magazine - a malaysia chinese magazine but available in S'pore too...BYJ on cover!!!!!
Pic 1 || Pic 2
(photos from Caroline of soompi forum)

There are also some evemts going on for April Snow... For eg...

1) Bishan Junction 8-this is a shopping mall..
a) They have posters on the glass door, as well as giving April Snow Folder for shoppers who make minimum purchases of S$30...

b)They are also giving out April Snow tickets and a special screening of Untold Scandal tickets at the same place...But both types of tickets have been fully redeemed by shoppers already!

c) A competition to showcase BYJ fans collections....the 6 shortlisted will be know either on Monday(03/10) or Tuesday(04/10). Good luck to all sisters who have joined in this competition...And the 1st prize is a 6days package tour to Korea!!!!the winner of the 6days tour to korea will be announced on 16th October....

2) Cinema - GV cinemas has a few outlets in Singapore...
a) They have come out with a special preview on the 11th October....the special preview package which costs S$24 comes with 2 movie tickets and 8 postcards...But this special preview tickets were sold out in less than 2 days....(i didn't managed to get the tickets...sob! sob! sob! sob!) There is an April Snow Combo set...(which consists of coke, a box of popcorns and 4 April Snow postcards) - picture of the postcards and popcorn paper containers.

Postcards || Popcorn's container(front) || Popcorn's container(side) || Popcorn's container(back) || Popcorn's container(side)

3) Other promotions
- S'pore Postal office have 2 promotions going on for April Snow...one of it is to sms to a number and if you win, you get to bring your friend on cruise for a high tea in November and watched the making of April Snow on board...!

- Pay our telephone and utilities bill at the S'pore Post, send parcel by speedpost to other countries and get the stamp...(altogether need to get 4 stamps) and you can get a chance to be the first 1000 to get an April Snow folder...and a chance to win 2N cruise to Malaysia...

- Some magazines are also having contests to win April Snow posters...!

So happy to see so many promotions going on for April Snow even though BYJ did not come to S'pore...And hopefully with all these promotions, the box office in Singapore will be good!