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Monday, January 22, 2007

. . back again . .

Hiya guys,

It has been a long absence from Yong Joon's world for me, with occasionally dropping by some forums to do some followups, but not good enough because I'm so out of track. Most of the time is due to work coz I can't get to surf them in office and when back home, too tired from the day's work to surf further!

Some updates of what's going on with my life now. Work had been too stressful, I finally decided to throw in the white towel and moving on to a new one. This kinda explains the low profile for the past few months! Oh yes yes, my harddisk, it's alive with all data intact, and the most precious data recovered are of coz our darling's stuffs!

Being so out-dated, anyone can tell me when is Yong Joon's new drama going to start?

. . aftermath of Rain . .

Yo yo yo!!! Came back from the concert since 11 plus and I'm still not asleep now even though it's already 3.30am and I have to work tomorrow! Why? Because I have this Rain Syndrome that's making me surf and surf for things of him and his concert! Totally smitten by him now.. *oops*

Our golden tickets!

Thailand Fan Club posing for the cameras!

The big poster outside of the entrance!

The long queue to get in! Waited 1 hour plus!

The reception! Everyone's waiting to take photo, but I just snap from afar!

We were one of the first few to get in!

Bird's eye view from where we were sitting!

Rain's hiding behind! Everyone screamed whenever that curtain moved an inch!

From where we are, we can see the front and back stage!

His concert was a blast!! Though we were sitting like the last 2nd row of the stadium, it was on the left hand side of the stage and considering we were pretty near to him compared to those in the middle and we were totally pleased with that!! Even those sitting beside me were saying how lucky we were to be sitting there coz not only we can see the front stage, we can also see what is going on at the backstage! With 2 big TV screens, they were the alternative way to see Rain's face!

Boy, was he a CUTIE!!!!!! He was really really cheeky and when he revealed his smile on that cute face of his, everyone's heart just melted! I know mine did! 3 words to describe him, cute, cheeky and darn darn darn sexy!!! The way he dances, moving his butt and washboard abs, man, I just wanna bite him! And like what I've seen on the video of his first concert in Seoul, I'm seeing them live in my own eyes and the effects were really really good!

It got off a pretty slow start for me initially. I think maybe coz I was in a bit of disbelief being able to see the real him, but from a far. The word to describe is... surreal, I guess. After a while with all the familiar music which I hear daily started coming out from his mouth and with the screaming fans around, I warmed up and started screaming like nobody's business! We were lucky that the people sitting around us were pretty 'onz', especially my row. We started chatting even before the show started and were really comfy with each other! Truly, you need to have such crazy company in order to enjoy concerts, else you better don't go!

Too bad, most of his songs are from his new album which I haven't got myself familiarize yet and can't sing along. But watching him dance is already enough to keep me occupied! The most funny thing during the concert was that he tried to communicate with us with English. Though he really improved a lot, but there were some sentences which we can't really hear it clearly and we all had the same reaction, that is... "What??" but we screamed and shouted along anyways.. *LOL*!

There was one particular song which involves lotsa dance moves and with his left hand injured in HK, he tried hard to dance and even had one move which involves him to use his left hand to support. After he did that move, he occasionally clutched his left hand, indicating the pain he felt and manz, was that a heartache for us! It was pretty touching, seeing him trying hard to bear with the pain and put on a good show for us.. The show went straight for 2 hours without any break and it ended with a big bang, showers of confetti blown into the air and him waving his hand while he slowly descended under the stage.

So darn reluctant to let that moment just end so soon but it was back to reality afterwards when everyone tried to squeeze their way out of the stadium. Missed him already the moment I got off my seat! While waiting for my dad to fetch us, we saw a crowd standing at an area with cameramen on standby, we knew we may just catch another glimpse of him! But, Dad came too soon before Rain stepped out, so that's it! *sigh* When will I get the next chance to see him?

. . it's Rain-ing tonight . .

This entry was written a few hours before the concert.. hee!
Ahhhh... I'm darn excited right now coz I'm going to watch Rain's concert tonight!!!!!!!!!!

U know, I've been wanting to catch his concert since a year ago after watching his first concert in Seoul on a video! And I dunno how but I kinda know he will hold a tour concert at the end of 2006 and I was detemined to get the best seats! But I was darn disappointed when I thought it is wasn't true. Then then then.... came the news of him holding the concert in Jan 2007, I was overjoyed!! But.. came the news of the pricing of the tickets, boy was I shocked. I think it shocked everyone as well, because the most expensive ticket was $888 and the cheapest is $188! My jaw dropped. Period.

Somehow, $888 ticket did not take place the seats were reserved for the VIPs. I guess they realised it was too ex? *shrugs* Anyway, I reserved 2 x $188 tickets for myself and my cousin! It is the most expensive ticket I ever paid for a concert. I watched Jay Chou's concert for front seats at $150 in 2005 and I can see him like right in front of us. But for Rain's, I will be bringing a binoculars.. *pout* But.. IT'S OK! Laugh all you want at me, I don't care! It's the whole atmosphere of being in the concert with the same crazy people out there that makes the whole difference between going there and watching at home!

Ahhh.. so looking forward, I'm even practising singing his songs now.. wahaha!!! Should I bring glow sticks?? Or maybe paste glow sticks all over me so I could stand out and maybe he will notice me? Hohohoho~!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

. . hdd crashed . .

My worst fears are confirmed.... my laptop crashed on me and majority of my Bae Yong Joon collection were in there!! I do not know if there's any way to recover my data but my friend assured me that he will be able to get them back, provided my harddisk is working. Oh manz, I should have backed it up on a CD.. I told myself I should but... *sigh*

Anyone care to share their collection with me? *puppy eyes*

Monday, August 21, 2006

. . back in action . .

This has got to be the longest break period ever since I started this blog! It's been like what, 1 month already? And I thought it is a ghost town by now but hey, my traffic counter is still ticking, which means, you guys still dropped by! *touched* Thanks for all the nice comments, both old and new friends!

I've recovered from my loss of my Grandma and ready to be back in action! However with forums being blocked at my workplace, I can't can't access to read up on our Yong Joon's updates! But hey, that will not be my excuse of not updating myself!

Allow me some time to read back and update myself first though and yeah, I miss Yong Joon so much!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

. . thank you guys . .

My grandma had passed on a few hours ago. I'm glad that her suffering days were over.

For those who've kept her in your prayers, I sincerely thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

. . grandma . .

The songs I posted in my blog are making me sob big time as I thought about my very sick grandma who's lying in the ICU right now. The possibility of her recovering is very little...

I'm sorry that I am not posting anything up these weeks because this is really not the time for me to do such things. Would like to ask a favor, that is, to keep my grandma in your prayers as I really want her to suffer no more.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

. . dae han min guk . .

Have had one great long weekend break and *heaved a big sigh* all things just ended yesterday, it was be back to work today.. :( Why do good things always pass so fast?!

What have I done during the weekend? Very very eventful! Firstly, had our first training session on a Sat morning-cum-noon on customer service, so 'interesting'! *roll eyes* Then, head on to Tanglin Mall for the Flea Market. Not very good business this time round, I mostly blame it on the World Cup Fever.. *sobberz* Better luck next time! Then on Sunday, it was my new born niece's 1st month and my cousin held the celebration at my place with buffet and stuff. Later that night, me and my fiance headed to Genting, Malaysia for a short trip and we just came back tonight! It was relaxing but tiring though with the bus journeys and stuff.

Anyways, 2 big events during this period. Firstly, my birthday that fell on the 13th.. hee! The whole trip was a pressie from my mum and my fiance took time off to accompany me, which I think was the best present for me! I enjoyed myself, minus having headaches almost daily, prob due to the altitude (by the way, Genting is located at one of the highest highlands in Malaysia, main attraction is the theme park and casino) and the massive big group of smokers polluting the fresh air of the highland.. *roll eyes*

Oh yes yes yes... I came home to receiving a big big surprise from my artsy lovey friend in my email!! With the help of the pictures I shared in my Yong Joon blog and my pic of me and my fiance, she edited and created the above picture for me as a birthday present! I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw it! Wouldn't that be nice if Yong Joon really did took that pic with me? Hmmm.. so which picture do I actually prefer.... hmm.. tough one, but I shan't make my choice, coz I really can't decide.. hehehe!!!

Secondly, it's the World Cup and the best thing was, Korea's first game was held on my birthday itself and yep, they gave me a BIG present by winning the game!! They had a nervous and slow start initially, I was literally jumping up and down my seat at the atrium (where they had a big screen showing the games) and I can't help but kept beating my fiance's arms whenever they miss handled a ball or whatsoever.. my poor darling.. haha! But the thing that got me so excited over this game was the fact that Yong Joon may be watching it the same time as me though we were worlds apart! It's like the only chance I could do something together at the same time with him, you know what I mean? Hehe! :p

*looking at the World Cup schedules* Next game will be 18th June! Can't wait to share that special moment with Yong Joon again... hehe!! And I hope Korea fight on to the semi-finals so we will have many more such special moments before the World Cup is over.. haha! *pop the dream bubble*

Dae han min guk *clap clap clap clap clap*
Dae han min guk *clap clap clap clap clap*

Monday, May 29, 2006

. . world cup . .

World Cup is arriving in 2 weeks time and I just can't wait! I'm not a usual soccer fanatic, and definitely not a fan in soccer gambling, I just love the hype when everyone get together to cheer and boo!

One team, however, that I will definitely keep my eyes on is the Korean team! I've mentioned many entries ago that me and Korea, somehow has this fate going on and Korea never failed to amaze me in many ways. It wasn't just the entertainment that caught me. 4 years ago this time, I wasn't yet a big fan of Kdrama or any K-artists, but I was crazily supporting Korean soccer team. I was very pleasantly surprised because they suddenly emerged from big names like Germany, Brazil, as a pretty strong team, yet representing Asia.

That is Yong Joon watching the World Cup in 2002. When I first came upon the photos and clips of him watching soccer, I was quite amused because I didn't know he was that of a sporty guy (yes I know I was totally wrong coz I later found out that he does like sports too!) and probably too busy. Compare to Kim Seung Woo who almost jumped off his seat, Yong Joon was the quieter one cheering and clapping. But his facial expression when he got excited, it is almost too cute to describe.. hehe!

Will Yong Joon be able to catch the World Cup again this year? *cross finger*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

. . aera interview part 2 . .

AERA Special Edition No.51 9/30 issue
Evolving Hanryu (Korean Wave) - Bae Yongjoon "April Snow" (Part 2)

During this interview, he looked at me straight in the eye and would never diert a look even a moment. Even while I took notes with my face down, he gazed at me with earnest look. Indeed, he is a man of concentration. Though in quiet tone, when it came to the talk on acting, he began to express his thought with enthusiasm, gesturing with his hands.

It is 11 years since he debuted. It usually cannot be possible for the man who has continuously been a top star to throw away all of his own acting style, in addition, among exceptionally big expectations on him from domestic and from foreign. Bae Yongjoon, however, dislikes more than anything living peacefully in the image fixed as an actor.

I revealed our hope to him, who said that he still had not escaped from Insoo completely, that we would like to have the image of Insoo as a concept of the photographs for this ‘AERA’. For an instant, he looked puzzled, as he came here in bright clothes, but immediately he nodded, saying "I understand."

How cruel thing I said to him to return to the role in hardship! Having a bit of thought we should change the concept and seeing him, he already showed an earnest expression. Once standing in front of a camera, he took a deep breath as if he toned his feeling. In a moment, a smiling face disappeared and his look began to wear melancholy. Only his deep signs and shutter sounds were sounding in the room. [Chris: I'm so very impressed by Yong Joon's professionalism.. totally. If I'm the reporter, you will see my jaw dropping on the floor]

I imagine it was seriously hard for you to throw away all your acting style in the past. Why did you dare to do that, though your 'perfectionism' is what no one can imitate?

BYJ : (Thinking for a while) As you said, so far I liked 'perfection' and never failed to think that there should be a correct answer. In other words, in my behavior as well, I had been searching for a 'correct answer'. But, in so doing, I think, I might have constructed a kind of frame, in which I have been shutting myself up.

You mean, not only about the films, but you are talking about your way of thinking and living your life, aren’t you?

BYJ : Yes. This time, however, I think I could break the frame by myself through this work, and could broaden the width of my understanding. Say, I came to think that love can take various forms.

In this film Insoo was seriously hurt and was put into an agony by his wife’s betrayal, but he ironically let himself into doing the same thing. Through experiencing the moments in such ironical situation with inconsistencies, I felt various things. Can the relationship between Insoo and Seoyoung be called love?

In the beginning I could not grasp even the outline of the relationship of the two. Since I had wanted to have a correct answer for everything, I was so confused and had a hard time. In such confusion, however, I gradually came to accept it. There might not be a 'correct' answer. Various forms of love can exist.

And I realized love is what one believe in. I think it is the hardest time when one cannot believe in love.

You have thrown away all of your acting style in such a big work like this in the midst of surrounding expectation. Is it from your confidence that you still could accomplish- it in the end?

BYJ : (with a bit shy smiling face) Surely, I think I can do, for anything, when I believe I will definitely make it. And even when I may not make it, I will try my best to the last moment to achieve it. If it turns out to be a failure, I will not regret. This time also, since I believed so, I could take up this project and could obtain a lot from it.

On the day of crank-up of this film, after the final shooting, Bae Yongjoon felt hard to leave there and was standing on the highway with Director Hur Jinho for over 30 minutes. He, who had been Insoo himself, felt there still was something left to be shot and could not help missing.

Just after the crank-up, I asked him about his feeling, and he answered like this: ( AERA, August 1st , 2005 issue) - "I felt the end of shooting as a beginning of something. Because, I thought too many things while doing this work. How should I live as a human being? I thought it over and about love as well. I think it a good chance for me to reflect upon myself as an actor."

This sincerity with which he considers anything in earnest is the very posture he has consistently kept.

As for the works Bae Yongjoon appeared, there are not a few excellent works which carefully projected the social backgrounds of Korea This is also the result of the fact that he himself has selected the works thoughtfully.

Just like 'April Snow' of this time, I think you have been outstanding in your selection of the works. What is your priority when you decide the work?

BYJ : 'April Snow' is an exceptional case where I decided to appear before the scenario was completed. So far, I always read the scenario first and think how far I can recreate and develop it as an actor. For, the fate of an actor is to evolve himself through the works. And I also think it important to be able to feel any charm from the role I would play. I try to find any similarity in myself as well. For, while in performance I have to live completely as the character even though it happens to be a thorough unfamiliar figure to me.

It is a great pleasure to experience various lives other than my own thanks to being an actor. And it is another charm of this occupation that I can make some impression and influence on a number of people through my works.

. . aera interview part 1 . .

AERA Special Edition No.51 9/30 issue
Evolving Hanryu (Korean Wave) - Bae Yongjoon "April Snow" (Part 1)

From "April Snow" he makes love evolving.

Is there any Asian star who has been loved by a large number of people this much?

Bae Yongjoon, an actor who has gained popularity and passionate support not only in Japan but in various parts of Asia as well. In his second starring film "April Snow", he challenged the difficult role who agonizes in love. His natural performance painfully shakes the hearts of the audience.

What does he think and will aim for now that he has reached a fresh ground as an actor? He talked about his determination quietly but passionately.

Interviewer and writer: Rumi Hayashi ( Books Editorial Division)
Photographer : Osamu Kobayashi (Photographing Center)

On the final day of coverage in his visit to Japan, and that, as the last scheduled coverage, Bae Yongjoon appeared in the interview gallantly with that smile in which not a tint of fatigue was impressed, though he must have managed to finish awfully hard schedules.

Valiant appearance and overflowing dignity. He performed an ordinary man in this film, but still, the word 'young noble' did fit him who was standing in front of this writer. Maybe because of his longer hair, he looked more youthful than in the film, and the figure slimmer than before impressed his good style.

On seeing me, he walked towards me for shaking hands. As soon as I greeted him in Korean, he answered back ‘Omeni kakarete ureshii desu.( Glad to see you.)’ in beautiful Japanese in that low voice.

"April Snow (Original Title "Wea Chul")" is an extraordinary talked-about film which will be simultaneously released in 10 Asian countries, and for whose press conference in Japan more than 1,100 mass media people gathered. I imagine the pressure put on his shoulder seems unfathomably big.

Insoo he played is a difficult role who, in the agony of being betrayed by his wife, is getting to know a new love. In the press conference in Korea, he said, "I almost feel ashamed as if I were exposing my own experience."

I hear you haven’t seen the film in Seoul and in Japan, either. Why?

BYJ : To be honest, I feel tense very much. The working style I took in this film was what I have been wanting to but couldn’t do in the past. Because this is the work which was shot by such a new methodology for the first time, I am much worried about how the audience will respond to my new acting. When I come back to Seoul, I think I will watch the film in secret with the audience in the theater. Thus, I would like to enjoy the film in the same air with other people.

In that case, you have to disguise yourself in costume, don’t you? Hahaha, but it will be nice!

In the film I can see, in particular, the weak part as well as the unbeautiful part , and pitifulness in man. I know you all had a hard time in shooting the film, but how come you became able to do such a natural performance?

BYJ :This time I determined that I would live a life as the man, Insoo, not to mention in the site of shooting but also in the hours other than shooting. So far I had prepared myself thoroughly for the role I would play before entering the performance. When I didn’t complete the situation or the emotional magnitude of the role yet, I almost impossibly couldn’t act in front of a camera.

But, this time, instead of acting through words, I tried to feel the emotion, what I feel in each moment, rather than act it. And I was supposed to create the situation itself by myself. Without any preparation, without any calculation. If any preparation I was allowed to do, it was only a preparation for the heart which will determine to become a man himself.

This work, of course, was very hard for me, but while advancing, I came to have somewhat a strange feeling. I unawares came to be able to express or react to spontaneously what I couldn’t feel in the past from time to time. I gradually came to make such things without noticing.

Because I had never thought that I could express such feelings and actions in front of a camera, it was a new discovery for me. In that sense, this is a work which served a big harvest for me. Finishing this work, I can expect myself in the next work, and in the further following work. I think I have grown to be able to learn various things.

To quote the scenes concretely, I find a reality in the figure which is not smart, such as in the scenes where drunken Insoo bangs the door wrongly, or where he cries in his motel room alone. I almost believe that it may be the real figure of Bae Yongjoonssi yourself.

BYJ : Ah, that is an impressive scene for me, too. In the scene where Insoo cries in a motel alone, if it were old me, I would have calculated immediately, thinking of the position of the camera, of the angle in which I am shot, and would have considered I have to show myself like this and that. I would have thought it is important to have a communication with a camera. That is, I had always cared about beforehand how I would be shot. This time, however, I did not think at all how I acted. I was only thinking I would like to be faithful to the feeling at that time. That’s all.

In that scene I cried with nasal mucus flowing. But, I didn’t even realize it at all. If formerly, when I had a running nose in such a crying scene, I would have definitely wiped it or hidden it, would have done something like that. At that time, however, because I was actually crying without noticing it, I found it on the monitor later, "Ah, I had a running nose!" [Chris: I remembered the whole theatre was giggling away when we all saw that scene. And yeah, I was surprised, too, that Yong Joon would allow that to be shown.]

The scene where Insoo gets drunk and goes to sleep in the room of Seoyoung is also impressive. Insoo who wakes up in the next morning with his hair disheveled looks very innocent and strikingly real. [Chris: And extremely cute and sexy! *giggles*]

BYJ : That’s right. The wake-up scene you talked about now is the only scene in this film which the director gave me OK for the first time by one take. It’s the only scene completed by one take, for the first and the last.

With this work, I rather think that the director gave us OK comparatively soon in the scenes we express strong feelings. For example, for the scene where I burst into tears while drinking alcohol together with his junior, the scene where I get drunk and knock on the door of a motel, and the scene where I cry alone in a motel, OK came out by about 2 takes.

I heard there were only a few scenes which the director gave OK sign quite easily, weren’t there?

BYJ : Yes, we shot one scene at least 15 times, and as many as 60 times at most, over and over again. In that aspect, Director Hur Jinho may have something common with me in respect of being a ‘perfectionist’.

At such time, what kind of conversation did you have with the director?

BYJ : Since he just told me "Try to turn completely into a person", I had no choice but to do what the character might feel.

In this work, there were almost no situation and lines which had been completely decided beforehand. We talked with the director scene by scene, and sometimes roughly discussed what Insoo might have thought at a certain time. But, he didn’t give us any decisive advice. He said it was the most important for the work to express what we felt by ourselves to the last. To say about him most, he would just say "Oh, that may be right." (laughter) So, I feel we have created the film at each moment.

The director simply told us "Well, let's start." But, since nothing wasn't decided then, I didn't understand what I should do. For example, there was a scene where Insoo and Seoyoung were standing. He gave no direction at all to us except for the two persons being there. So I asked him "What should I do?", and he just said, "Just be standing there." That's it! I was totally puzzled. I thought still there should be anything more. For a while, I felt very awkward. Then the director said OK! Wondering why this was OK, I asked him and was said, "That awkward feeling was good." He told me that performance should be not what actors make but what comes spontaneously out of the feeling they feel at the moment. I think I have studied and felt a lot from Director Hur Jinho.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

. . drop dead gorgeous . .

Everybody, Let's .....

..... SCREAM!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

. . music player guide . .

It's... 4.19am on a Sunday morning right now and I'm still typing away. I didn't want to waste the weekend time sleeping away because sleeping always makes the day past faster and I really don't want Monday to come by too fast! So I decided to post this guide which I promised some of you to create your own music player on your website or blog! Please note that these codes are not written by me. I just happened to found this great player one day and after experimenting the codes and stuff, managed to get it all up and running! Below are a few things you need to have before you proceed:

1. A website builder that allows ample space for uploading your mp3 files and allow enough bandwidth. I strongly recommend www.freewebs.com. (Note that you will have to be a member for one week before you can really upload more than 500KB of files)

2. Download this > flash_mp3_player.zip and get it unzipped.

3. Lotsa files and folders in the zipped file but not to worry, u really only need to work on 3 files, i.e, config.xml, mp3player.swf, playlist.xml.

4. Create a folder called 'mp3' in your website builder and upload whichever songs u want to play on your site. The bigger the file size, the longer it takes to download and some people who visit ur site may not have a good speed to download files, u may want to make sure ur files are not that huge in size.

Moving on to editing the 3 files that I mentioned above. For xml files, they are just like HTML files, you can use Notepad (Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad) to edit.

1. Mp3player.swf - just upload this file onto your website builder. No editing needs to done for this.

2. Playlist.xml - this file is where you edit the address of your songs (eg. 'http://www.webbuilder.com/mp3/song.mp3')which you have uploaded. Inside the file, you will see the example of how the code should look like. Basically you just need to edit the address of your song (within the location code) and the song title (within the annotation code). After you are done editing, upload into your webbuilder (but not into the mp3 folder).

3. Config.xml - this file is where you configure your player to ur liking. Take a look at the codes, you will get to realised that you can actually choose to autostart your player, to shuffle the songs, to adjust the volume, to repeat your songs in the playlist..etc. Those that you want them to happen, change the code from 'false' to 'true'. For colours wise, you can try playing with the colour that you may want for your site. You can use the colour chart and see which suits the best. Upload the file into your webbuilder after you are done.

4. Please see this > code file for the code on what to enter in your blog codes. Just edit the address of your files in the codes. You can also adjust the width and height in the codes. Choose the appropriate place where you want to display your player.

Violaaa... your player should be up and running for you! Let me know if you are encountering problem by emailing me to luvjoonoppa@yahoo.com.sg!! Enjoy!!

. . ppilku . .

Just found out the name of the debut movie which Yong Joon started out his acting career in. The name of the movie is called "Ppiku". Maybe I'm the last person in Yong Joon's world to have found this out.. haha! I'm gonna do more research on it now!

Movie Name: Ppilku a.k.a. 삘구 (Bilgu)

Debut: Production began in 1993 or 1994, completed in 1995, released on 18th July 1997

Directed by: Yu Jin Seon

Starred: Lee Min-Woo (Ppilku), Kim Kyum Yong, Kim Ki-Yeon, Hong Il Kwon, Bae Yong Joon, Kim Seung Su, Lee Sye Chang, Won Ki Jun

Runtime: 97 mins

More info: PpilKu is a Korean movie that began production from 1993 or 1994. Ppilku completed filming in 1995. However, it was not only until 1997 before it was finally released into the general public. The movie has a runtime of 97 minutes. The content of the movie is loosely based on Salut D'Amour, a KBS drama series filmed in 1994.

Ppilku tells about a group of high school boys who were attracted to a sexy school teacher who was assigned to be the form teacher the class the boys were in. One of the boys, Ppilku, formed relations with the teacher.

Amazingly, despite so many years since its debut, this film is reproduced in the form of DVD and on sale in Amazon Japan (here). From my point of view, I think it is because it starred Yong Joon, despite him being only a small-time actor in this movie.


. . jae-ho and yong joon . .

I'm accompanied by Yong Joon at my bedside almost every night these days before I go to sleep and the moment I woke up, he is almost the first person I saw every morning! Had been watching "Have We Really Loved" these days and I'm so hooked to it! Honestly, I did not finish watching it on my 1st round and this is my 2nd time and definitely will not be my last of course!

I've seen reviews and lotsa posts about the fans' feelings after watching this drama, but I usually tried to refrain from reading them because they usually contained the spoilers and I don't want to know them before I finish watching. I'm currently on disc 20 and like what many fans felt after watching the drama, it was hell of a roller-coaster ride of emotions... sadness, pain, anger, happiness.. all rolled into one. If you haven't watch it, you should really head down to the nearest video shop to buy it or rent it!

Jae-ho, the mentioned of this name, my heart sometimes felt this pain as if an arrow had hit right through it. Being the strong man, brother, friend and nephew that he wants to portrayed to everyone, was in fact a really fragile and lonely figure, yearning for someone to love and only one saw the real him and could make him feel loved. The way Yong Joon acted as Jae-ho in this drama, made me feel that he was as if acting his real life out, hiding behind a fictional character. Of course, both have many differences in each lives, but still there is this similarity that I can't really describe it. Maybe he is just too good in acting, but still.. ya know... hmmm.. Can't help but recall the time he attended the recent wedding ceremony and mentioned that he was full of envious for the couple.

I think I know what the story ending is going to be like and I hope I'm wrong because I want it to be a happy ending. For now, a good big box of tissue is what I will need most. Will talk more about my feelings for this show later.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

. . its been a while . .

Been missing in the Yong Joon scene for quite a while, popping once a while in the usual forums I've always been visiting. Thank goodness for those who always keep the forums updated, you know who you are and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! I haven't had the time to browse and read but you guys offered me a one-stop station for any updated news of Yong Joon!

It had been kind of a busy and stressful 2 weeks at my new workplace, it's just sad that I can't seek as much comfort in Yong Joon land as I used to whenever I felt stressed or just want to take a breather from work. Yeah I'm serious, seeing Yong Joon's face and smile really does made my day a little less gloomy and cheered me up a bit and it's back to work in a happier mood. Well, don't really have that much private space in the new co. thus I wouldn't dare to do so. Maybe once I'm more used to the place and its culture, probably I'll slip in more often.

I'm missing Yong Joon as much as ever, thus I'm rewatching 'Have We Really Loved' all over again every night. These days, he is always the last person before I fell asleep. :)

PS: For those who are curious on how to have this music box in your blog, drop me a mail to luvjoonoppa@yahoo.com.sg and I will try to draft a guide on how to do so. *wink*

Sunday, April 30, 2006

. . music box & yiruma . .

Yeah! My music box is up and running as you can see from the right and hear the music playing.. :) (Tip: Mouseover the song list and you will see it auto-scroll the list down!).

I love these piano songs, especially from Yiruma. Yep, his name is Yiruma and intially I thought he was a Japanese guy (I have a poor sense of language..), I was really surprised when I found out that he is actually a Korean. His Korean name is 이루마 and his Chinese name is written as 李閏民.

I'm quite poor in K-Music scene, thus I actually chanced upon his works when listening to some songs and was determined to find out who the pianist was. Then while I was playing through some of his songs from my collection, I realised that one ofhis songs (maybe one or more? Pls correct me if you know..) was actually part of Winter Sonata's soundtrack. You can hear from my music box, titled, "When Love Arrives".

Will find out more of him tomorrow. Enjoy the songs first.. *wink*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

. . seoul far seoul good . .

Channel 5 is having this show called "Seoul Far Seoul Good" on TV right now. As you can tell from its title, it's all about Korea and yep, I waited till 9pm for this show to start! PS: I rarely can remember programme schedule, but this... I have to watch! Needless to say, Bae Yong Joon will be mentioned too because they will be introducing Winter Sonata shooting spots too! So how can I miss it right? I rarely see Yong Joon's face on TV, except when watching VCDs!

Ooops... commercial's over!! Back to TV!!!


Commercial time again! Ahhh.... they make me want to go Korea again! I've been there once but that was before I got so hooked to Kdrama!! Next section, they are going to show the wholesale market and they found socks with Yong Joon's face printed on it!! Hey wait, I think I have them! BYJGlobal sent them to me!!!

Back to the show!!


Some points to take note (typing and watching at the same time~):
1. Must go to Myeondong for shopping!
2. Must go to Kosney (?? Will do more reseach later!)
3. There's someone who can teach foreign visitors to cook Korean food, Miss Lee!
4. www.tour2korea.com

All.. end of the show and no Yong Joon!! Next week maybe? *cross finger* I will definitely stay tune!

Okie, just caught the trailer for next week, it's going to be Lovely Samsoon, some palace and the Seoul Stadium for 2002's World Cup. No Yong Joon? *faint*

Oh manz, www.tour2korea.com is currently running so slow! Everyone rushed to that site after watching that show?!? Someone get out so I can go in!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

. . yj and his thoughts . .

Reading this article kinda saddens me.. knowing and reminding me again how lonely Yong Joon is despite his popularity, glam and wealth and the only things we can do for him is to support and believe in him..

BYJ, "Whenever I watch wedding, I feel envious"
Moris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne
[Nocut News]4/23/06 17:37

BYJ attended the wedding of Mr. Lee Yongkyu, 5 year manager of Song Seungheon and sent envious eye gaze.

'Yon-sama' BYJ, shooting 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', blockbuster drama that produced before airing, made a surprise attendance at Song Seungheon's manager's wedding which was held on a boat at Han River raised bank in the afternoon of the 23rd, and watched wedding couple with envious eye gazes.

BYJ, saying "I am just envious when I watch couple who marries happily like them," joking which sounded true, "Whenever I come to wedding ceremonies, I feel envious and lonely." As he sincerely hinted his thought of wanting to meet a good person and marry also right after the shooting of film 'Oe Chool' last year, persistent thought on marriage by BYJ did not heard only as a joke.

Although BYJ's attendance was not expected, it seems actually that his friendship with Song Seungheon worked quite a lot. In addition, BYJ who shares the same management agency with So Ji Sub, who has close friendship with Song Seungheon, was able to spare time on that day as it was a weekend day.

BYJ, who wore black sunglasses and black formal suits, sat down in a sofa on the second floor along with So Ji sub and gladly shook hands with Song Seungheon, and also gladly shook hands with people in the business whom he met in a long time.

Although BYJ in the location site photo reported along with news on crank-in of the 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' already over a month ago had with some weight gain, BYJ on this day has returned to his previously solid and healthy appearance again. His long unpermed hair draping down to shoulders confirmed that he was preparing for the period drama.

Different from appearance of stars who usually show face briefly and goes away, BYJ showed sincerity of watching scene until the address of an officiator of the wedding had ended despite the fact that the wedding ceremony was rain delayed.

Reported by Namgoong Seongwoo,socio94@cbs.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ CBS Nocut News(www.nocutnews.co.kr)

. . BYJ & SSH . .

This is absolutely new to me! I've always been wondering who are Yong Joon's good friends in the entertainment industry, I mean the artistes and I'm so happy that Song Seung Heon is one of them. He's like one of the first few K-artists that I like during the days before Yong Joon!!

BYJ-Song Seungheon "We are like older brother and younger brother"
Tigger mom posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne
[My Daily]4/23/06 14:05

BYJ & Song Seungheon, the two Korean Current stars met on the same day in the same place.

They attended the weddiing of Mr. Lee Yongkyu, a manager associated with GM Planning, who was ringing wedding march at the Arirang Beomseon Wedding Hall inside Han River Citizen's Park in Kwangjin-Ku, Seoul at 1:30 PM on 23, and displyed extraordinary friendship.

The reason for 'Yon-sama' BYJ, who is shooting drama 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' in Jeju Island and Song Seungheon, who is in military service in the Victory Troop in Hwacheon, Kyeonggi Province, to meet at the wedding of Mr. Lee Yongkyu on that day was because of special faithful loyalty. Song Seungheon attended even by taking 6 nights and 7 days' regular vacation time to give congratulation for happy beginning of Mr. Lee Yongkyu with whom he shared hard and good times for 5 years since past 2001, and at the news that Song Seungheon, with whom he has had special relationship calling each other older brother and younger brother in ordinary times, would be out on vacation after a long time, BYJ came there and brought glory to the occasion.

BYJ's management agency told, "In ordinary times, he has special relationship with Song Seungheon calling each other older brother and younger brother. Upon hearing the news that Song Seungheon will be out on vacation, he came to attend the wedding on that day."


[Photo was taken by Han Hyeokseung,hanfoto@mydaily.co.kr]

Reported by Nam Anwoo,naw@mydaily.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ My Daily

. . BYJ & SJS . .

[MD Photo] BYJ-So Ji Sub, 'The Korean Current top stars are in one place'
korean to enlish translation by Joanne
[My Daily] 4/23/06 13:35

'Korean Current stars, BYJ & So Jiseob were in one place', attended.

Mr. Lee Yongkyu, manager of Song Seungheon, married at Arirang Beomseon Wedding Hall inside Han RIver Citizens' Park at 1 PM on 23.

The Korean Current star BYJ(left) attended with his long hair bound in back of head, and in natural style wearing black sun glasses and suits and without wearing tie. So Jiseob entered to the wedding hall following BYJ also in the same fashion coordination as BYJ and wearing hunting cap.

Reported by Han Hyeokseung,hanfoto@mydaily.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ My Daily