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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

. . 2 cents worth . .

I really feel, being a fan of his, not only does it take patience, but also with a open-heart and more understanding Given his status right now, he should be considered as a well-known actor in the world I guess(?), he is forced to change to adapt to his popularity with no choice.

Yes, he used to be so warm and whatever it takes, he insist to walk out to the public to shake his hands and just for ppl to catch a glimpse of him to make their day but situation now went so out of control with people getting hurt and stuff, he felt so responsible over it. But is it his fault? Nope it wasn't, but.. somehow, it usually doesnt go this way as media will splash all across to announce that someone got hurt all because of him. If u're him, how would you feel?

As crazy as we are over him including myself, I hope we can some self-control and spare some thoughts for him. He is under so much pressure already, we wouldn't want something bad happened to him, would we? I dunno how he handled his stress, but I've read lotsa news on how other stars handled their stress and often end up something bad.

Take a step backwards for some air to seep through so he can breathe much easier.. if he's happy, I'm sure u will too. And I'm sure if you're happy, he will be too.. so it really takes 2 hands to clap to make this world a better place to live in.. yeah?


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