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Thursday, August 25, 2005

. . feeling sad for him . .

As I've mentioned before, this man is seriously breaking down from his popularity. Can we give this man a break, give him some space to breathe? He is really shouting from his heart that he is totally drained from all attention towards him. As Marissa mentioned in her blog about the below article, it totally ached our heart with what he is suffering:

"Although he is a Hanryu star surrounded by devoted fans in almost all areas of Asia,he is much like a bird in a cage,with no freedom and no private space and time and life.He patted his own chest and said,If things aren't so bad, why would I be taking *Niuhuang Qinxin Wan? Not too long ago, I was just running with abandon along the Han River for an hour. Although at that time I felt as though my lungs were popping out,it was liberating, exhilarating.He further shared, ¡°People like us can only vent our emotions in studios or sets."

"I also want to make my own family, an make a happy living. Thinking this way is inevitable, because when I return home from busy work, and find myself alone, I feel very lonely. The loneliness is getting deeper as time passes by. The feeling is different from what I felt in my twenties. Those kind of loneliness doesn't resolve even I meet my friends.

I have limited chance to meet people. My life is like that. I've heard that a foreign paparazzi followed me for two months, in vain. I go to the gym, go home, and to to the office.... my schedule is plain. That's why people that I can meet are limited. Furthermore, I'm not good at attending parties and getting around.One thing, after I return home and take a shower, I visit my official homepage. I am encouraged by visiting there. The postings that my fans leave there give me energy like vitamine. I make my way out, but there is some part that my family influences me."

As much as I know it may be impossible to stop the media, but I'm sure we fans can do something about it to him by being more understanding to take a part of pressure away from him so he can focus more on what he should be doing rather than worrying for fans on their safety.. etc.

Now is only the start of the movie, April Snow's, event marketing. And I predict that the BYJ wave will continue to last for at least 2 to 3 months. I'm really worried for him that he will once again collapse and fall ill during this period due to the pressure on him.



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