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Monday, August 29, 2005

. . contradicting . .

BYJ has arrived in Japan today, one day ahead of his schedule~!!! He actually mentioned that he was gonna celebrate his birthday with his family today but he actually had another plan in mind!!! Notti notti!! Quite a number of fans were pretty disappointed as they had planned to go airport tomorrow, but surprisingly, given the top notch secret, 600 fans (or more) managed to go to the airport!! And they are so darn lucky to be able to 'celebrate' his birthday (in a way)!!

I want news badly badly badly!!! I want to see what he is wearing, read what had happened..etc!!

BUT... I've got to admit, despite being a tad frustrated over our dear BYJ being mobbed by reporters, I'm addicted to finding his latest news on TV, online and newspapers and even forums! Without the reporters, we will not be able to get the updated news and pictures of him!

How contradicting!


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