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Thursday, August 25, 2005

. . byj's next role? . .

Posted in Soompi and BYJ's Quilt by myself, wanted to ask fellow Bae fans on their opinions *wink*

Okie, I've been wondering for quite some time.. BYJ has already starred in various roles, with Untold Scandal being the most explosive role ever, what do you hope to see in his future movies/dramas?

Let me start the ball rolling.. I've been hoping to see him star in those comical drama where he is crazily funny, silly and cute.. hee!! I'm not too sure if it's possible since he is a class actor now and usually take on a more serious role. But I really hope to a different side of him, take Hong Kong actor, Andy Lau, for example, he had really crazy roles before and yet, remained as a class actor.


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