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Monday, January 22, 2007

. . back again . .

Hiya guys,

It has been a long absence from Yong Joon's world for me, with occasionally dropping by some forums to do some followups, but not good enough because I'm so out of track. Most of the time is due to work coz I can't get to surf them in office and when back home, too tired from the day's work to surf further!

Some updates of what's going on with my life now. Work had been too stressful, I finally decided to throw in the white towel and moving on to a new one. This kinda explains the low profile for the past few months! Oh yes yes, my harddisk, it's alive with all data intact, and the most precious data recovered are of coz our darling's stuffs!

Being so out-dated, anyone can tell me when is Yong Joon's new drama going to start?


At 8:16 AM, Blogger mishio said...

hi chiligoyo,
long time! looks like everyone is handling quite a bit of extra work responsibilities and taking turns taking "internet" breaks - it's healthy for our own lives, I believe. Glad you "got back on track" and hope work is treating you well. And so very glad you're back.

oh, you prob already know by now, but TWSSF is "said" to start in March, but filming is really behind. Still, in Korea, they always start showing the first episodes on air even when they film the last ones, so i think they shall be OK!

P.S. - AHhhhhh!! I knew it, when my friend left for S'pore to see Rain, I should've gone with her!!!
Hee, she was also at the Las Vegas Concert over Christmas, and guess what? She said JDG was there in the audience supporting him! "Wow" for seeing Rain, and "Double Wow" for seeing JDG too! So lucky, don't you think?

At 10:09 AM, Blogger mishio said...

I meant to say TWSSG is "said" to complete filming in March, and "said" to go on air in May!

At 11:41 AM, Blogger caramel said...

hi i wanna say i'm a great fan of bae young joon my name is hanan and i'm from egypt really when winter sonata was aired on our national tv it was first korean darama we watch it was awesome i hope i can know more of byj fans all over the world this is one of few sites i visit that they write in english coz most of his fans sites written in korean and that we can't read me and ma friends make group for his egyption fans and we seek help from other fans coz here it's so hard to found any news about byj except from internet
my email is cokychampain@hotmail.com
if any one like to be friend of mine
and really this blog awesome i usually visit but this is ma first comment on it hope it won't be last

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi gals, i am a big fan of BYJ, i am worried about his condition right now ocz i he had an accident while filming the TWSSG, anyone out there knows how he is? Thanks

At 5:10 PM, Blogger michelle said...

hi everyone,
i'm also a fan of BYJ... since watched "winter sonata". currently, i'm watching "tae wang sa sing gi" ...
very nice drama

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Lalique said...

very happy to visit here again

from Turkey

have a cool day

At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Extenze Scam said...

This kinda explains the low profile for the past few months! Oh yes yes, my harddisk, it's alive with all data intact, and the most precious data recovered are of coz our darling's stuffs!


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