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Sunday, August 21, 2005

. . touching scene . .

This scene is so touching. Suffering from cancer since April this year, the patient happened to the the mother of the President of BYJ's Taiwan fan club. Despite his tight schedule and the fear of uncontrolled crowd of fans going to the hospital, BYJ insist that he must visit this patient, whom last year drove her daughter (President of Taiwan Fan club) around to 'chase BYJ' around when he came to Taiwan. Visiting hours was between 1100hrs to 1140hrs. To prevent disturbance to other patients due to his presence, he decided to go around 1040hrs to visit them. Despite the early schedule, many reporters and fans who have gotten the news, also went there to have a glimpse of him.

Together with the managers and bodyguards of BYJ, reporters were not allowed to enter the patient's room for fear of disturbing her. BYJ had to wear the blue robe before seeing the patient. In the room, it was reported that the patient cried upon seeing him, so did BYJ as his eyes were redden when he left the room. BYJ's grandma passed away last year due to illness, thus probably lead him to tear up.


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