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Monday, September 26, 2005

. . breath . .

Haven't even watched the movie yet, the soundtrack is already tearing me up...

Breath by Group S is really beautifully written..

Click here to download -> Flash Clip

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

. . countdown . .

Added a countdown ticker above to remind me the number of days left to 5th Oct where I can watch April Snow~!!

*woo hoo*

Well, not that suitable for April Snow or BYJ, but thats the best I can find.. anyone else has better to introduce?

Friday, September 16, 2005

. . ost + pics . .

Was viewing BYJ's album of pictures and listening to one of the main theme from April Snow OST, 'Breath' by Group S, suddenly a surge of emotions came rushing and goosebumps popping up from my skin, caught me by surprise. Not sure how to describe the emotions I felt, it's a mixed of touched, sad, happy..etc, only true fans of his may understand how I felt I guess.

Give it a try.. you may be able to feel how I felt..

URL to the pics: Click here

URL to song: Click here

Thursday, September 15, 2005

. . piece of advice . .

As April Snow will be showing in Singapore soon, I'm sure every SG fan is going to be so excited and looking so forward to watching this movie. Those who are not fans but due critics and reports all over hyping up the excitement, many will be darn curious and will wanna watch and see what the fuss is about. The below article would serve as an advise to all movie-goers to avoid disappointments.

For myself, I've gotten prepared and not hope for perfection but appreciate what is being done in front and behind the screen of this movie. No one movie is perfect and no directors or actors should be penalised if one do not feel satisfied after watching it. It's only a matter of individual's opinions and judgemental skills. So let's all watch this movie with open minds..

Source: 1st September 2005 Yonhap News by Shim Sun-ah

There is an old Korean saying that there is nothing to eat at a party which is too noisy. The proverb means if the exterior of something is too impressive, it could be rather empty inside. Moviegoers would be wise to keep this in mind in the case of the new film "April Snow."

Boasting the combination of veteran director Hur Jin-ho of "Christmas in August" and "One Fine Spring Day" and Bae Yong-joon, the star of the hit South Korean drama "Winter Sonata", the film has gained much attention ahead of its opening in South Korea and other Asian countries. But the result is not a good addition to Hur’s filmography due to its humdrum plot and a weakly-nuanced performance by its two lead actors.

Hur's previous two offerings were acclaimed by critics as romance genre works that subtly depicted the freshness of just-started love and the cruelty of variable love, respectively, without much dialogue. So many of his fans might have anticipated another Hur-style romance film with more commercial possibility due to Bae's presence.

. . charity gala premiere . .

I'm going for the Charity Gala Premiere on 5th Oct!!!

I'm so overjoyed!

. . april snowing in SG . .

Yeah.. April Snow posters are almost everywhere! I first heard of posters at Bugis and Toa Payoh, and some of my friends told me that Tampines and Bedok also have already~!! So 2 days ago, I purposely took MRT from Bedok (when I'm actually nearest to Kembangan) and yep, saw 5 posters of April Snow in all! 5, in 1 station alone! I was jumping like a little girl.. hehe! Wanted to take some pics, but.. I'm shy.. hehe! Felt like smashing the glass and steal the poster away too... oops!

Anyways, it was a good April Snow day that day.. because I've also seen the preview of April Snow on a semi-big screen at Orchard Road when I was in cab, on my way home.. *grinz* So happy that the promotion of April Snow started so early! The charity premiere and the Joonsfamily bunggae is coming up real soon, juz in time as my biz should have been done by then! Some of my friends are interested too and most prob will be going to the bunggae which is on 15 Oct, but.. but.. I wanna go both! *wail*

Went Takashimaya's Kinokuniya yesterday, kinda disappointed that among all the Jap magazines, I can't find any with BYJ in it. Okok.. maybe I didn't really flip thru the mags and can't tell if there are any news of him in the contents from the cover because.. I can't read Jap. Only saw one of the mag though, but not good enough. There was a section on Korean, or rather, dramas section at the Chinese area, and gotten 2 magazines! Will show pics if I can find any.. =)

Monday, September 12, 2005

. . when when when?? . .

Wasn reading up Joonsfamily forum and found out that some of the members like KellyBYJ actually went Korea to attend his bunggae. Happiebb also went all the way to Taiwan with Tiffany and others when BYJ was doing his promo. And I can tell that they are so excited and happy that they actually saw him and even counted the number of times they saw him despite seeing him before when he came to SG.. this makes me wonder.. me, being the more low-profile but very crazy fan (compared to me and my friends), when will I get to see him EVER?!

I wish I can just throw all embarrassement away and had a group of good friends to go bae-crazy over him.. but sadly, not much kakis.. *sobberz* And all the way to wherever he go? It is almost near to impossible! So the only craziest thing that I can look forward now, is to look forward to the bunggae that Joonsfamily is going to hold and enjoy with every BYJ fan!!

But.. but.. I want something more than that~!!! *sobberz*

. . busy me . .

Won't be able to surf for much BYJ's news these days especially weekends and weekdays nights for the next one month due to business commitments, thus may not be able to blog stuffs.. *sobberz*

Thus I would really need our Baegals' help to his latest news and also will countdown to the day his movie starts screening in SG~!! Good news in a way, because my business makes the waiting days to his movie, so much shorter and faster! Moreover, my biz is at the town area, thus able track of any promotion going on!

Should I have any updates, will post up here!

*can't wait*

Thursday, September 08, 2005

. . considerate BYJ . .

Yong Joon is willing to confines himself to a hotel.

Translation of Nikkan Sports issued on the 5th of September.
Courtesy of Chagebi from BYJ.co.kr

"I don't mind even if I can't go out from the hotel." These were the words Bae Yong Joon uttered most during a week stay in Japan.

Though It was a top secret where he stayed , some of the mass media or some of fans have kept careful watch on Yong Joon in the hotel of the Metropolitan area since the 29th he came to Japan on. In the interval of congested schedule , the people concerned who wanted him to take a short rest for a change racked their brains: How they made him go out without being noticed.

Everytime they do so, they say that Yong Joon insisted on as follows. "I came to Japan in order to the promotion of the movie and see many members of my family.
That's enough for me. You don't have to mind about that." He said so from the bottom of his heart. He gave a lot of care and consideration to all the staffs around him.

Fortunately, he stayed in the suite with equipment he could do some exercise. He read a newspaper and did a relaxaion excercise in his spare time. He used room-service for a meal. He was satisfied with spending a spare time like these. He ate out at a restaurant near the hotel with his staffs on the evening of the 1st . And he went to play golf in the suburbs of Tokyo, in Chiba pref. However, it is said he hesitated to do so at first.

When the last coming to Japan,on the 26th of November, some of his fans were injured in the accident in front of the hotel. He wants no one to get injured again. All of the people, staffs, hotel workers, security guards, or police supported me. "I don't want to put them to needless trouble" Yong Joon says. He disinterestedly understands his position. He has kept control over himself for his fans and the people around him. He was willing to confined himself to a hotel room for them.

[Chris: Need I say more? He is forever thinking of other people.. ]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

. . interview before premiere . .

Here's the article that accompanied the MD photos

[MD Interview] BYJ, "After suffering from 'Oe Chool febrile illness', I drank (alcohol) myself."
[My Daily]9/7/05 10:56
Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home
Translation form Joanne of BYJ Quilt

I met BYJ in a guest room on 32th floor at the Lotte Hotel, Sogong-Dong in the afternoon on 6, one day to go before the opening of the film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)'. Throughout the interview, he poured out stories inside of him as frankly as much as his comfortable outfits and at times passionately.

-(Today) is one day before the opening. How do you feel.

▶ The tension and fluttering of heart is the same now as in the preview screening time. Although I had felt that I was a little more solid (stiff) and felt a lot of burden, from a certain moment, thoughts and desire came to me also that I would like to show a lot of appearances which could surprise (amaze) audience. This film is the film where there were many changes in myself and many changes in aspects of acting.

-There are opnions that Insoo in the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' is similar to Joonsahng in the drama 'WLS'

▶ [i]I definitely expressed (them) differently, so that I am very much hurt by those parts(talks). The interesting thing was that I thought there would be more talks like those in Japan because the 'WLS' is more popular in Japan than in Korea, instead more of those talks came out in Korea. However, when I expressed the character Insoo, it was a difficult and painful work and I think that it was definitely different from the pre-existing method.

-Reported by Lee Eunjoo,er@mydaily.co.kr, www.mydaily.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ My daily

Monday, September 05, 2005

. . feasting time for ur eyes . .

Feast your eyes on him~!!

This was taken during a talk show with a popular host, Ms Tetsuko in Japan.
He look so cute in these pictures.. how I wish I'm the one taking photos with him.. hehe!!

. . hilarious byj . .

BYJ before leaving Narita

Source: Sanspo.com
Posted by tomato99 in Quilt
Shared by Caroline in Soompi.com

This is one photo taken by cameraman of Sanspo, Mr. Haruna.
BYJ was looking at media standing at other side of gate, Mr. Haruna shouted "Yon-sama, Yon-sama" to catch last shot of him. Then the accident happened.

BYJ noticed and approached to Mr. Haruna, and patted his big tummy several times.

this photo was taken then.
"Everyone pats my big tummy but I never thought Yon-sama would pat too, I was really surprised!!! I should go on diet!" says Mr. Haruna.


BYJ left hotel at 10 Sunday morning, reaching airport near noon.
At airport, BYJ and staff went through VIP entrance.
Although it was not notified, there were about 300 fans gathering to see him off.

Cute BYJ, he must be amused by the cameraman shouting and his big tummy.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

. . bday greetings from a fan . .

Beautifully written by Meeho in BYJ.co.kr to BYJ on his 33rd birthday..

Dear Yong Joon ssi,

Today should be your birthday. The love and adulation with which your fans flooded you makes it an indelible memory to be cherished forever. I believe that what you encountered today and the outpour of affection has made you the happiest man alive, just as you made so many people unutterably happy.

I hear you were moved to tears. This is only natural for a man with such a gentle heart. You have touched so many souls with love, joy, kindness and - yes - sadness. You have stirred the innermost emotions of dormant hearts and awakened them to the forgotton beauty of sharing. Charitable as you are, your tenderness has often patted a lonely child's hand and triggered hope for a patient amidst the darkness of dispair.

Let me not forget your smile, that tinged with the purity and freshness of an innocent child. The moment it lights up your face, the air flutters with angelic melodies. A fantasy world of birds, butteflies and flowers is having a birthday of it own. And those infinitely kind eyes add even move tenderness to your dear face. When you perform, your straight, piercing look when you are serious, your soothing glance when you're in love, or your strong, flashing glare when you're angry, have all become familiar and endearing.

Yong Joon ssi, you are a man born to love and to be loved. I have looked for the reason behind your serenity and kindness. I have searched for the source of patience with which you so admirably handle difficulties. I have sought the essence of the resilience and perseverence you use to perfect your act and elevate your talent. In the process, I have tried hard not to love you. And I unashamedly failed.

Today's concert revealed how immensely are fans attached to you. Thousands joyously cheered and greeted you in person, while many many more, far away in distance - yet near in spirit, followed your every step in the last few days as closely as your shadow. I do not exaggerate when I say that I feel your presence most of the time. It is welcome and much-needed as it lifts my spirit and encourages me to do more and be better. You should be proud of your impact. Numerous people find you a source of inspiration. I am one of them.

Dear YJ, do not be surprised or startled. During your ten-year-journey, you have unlocked a gate to people's wells of love by selflessly giving and strenuously achieving news goals. You never lost stamina. What is more important is that you are still the same humble human being, unspoilt by fame or wealth. So this is only the tip of the iceberg, for there is much more love to reap. I hope your lumonious soul will constantly be a source of inspiration and strength for years to come.

. . thank you note . .

Goosebumps popped all over me when reading the article from the Japanese fan.. it was totally touching. Despite being a tad chaotic for the first 1 or 2 days, even IMX and BYJ had to write notices up to their site to calm the fans down, the event
turned out to be a huge success~!!!

Not too sure whether is it due to the pleas made by BYJ and team that impacted the fans and thus the craze over BYJ calmed down a bit, but the Japanese fans really did it~!!! They made BYJ cried, for goodness' sake!!!!!!

Embracing yesterday's memory for ever
by pikachu
posted in www.byj.co.kr [10:22]

Dear sisters:

The promotion event at SAITAMA Super Arena ended in a great success !
It was the happiest moment for us the Japanese Family when BYJ appeared from just under the catwalk in InSoo's outfit. Music was beautifully played, and singers and musicians performed perfectly.

BYJ's beautiful Japanese surprised us and impressed us very much. How did he manage to find the time to improve his Japanese in his busy days? We truly appreciate his effort.

For three hours we really felt united as the BYJ family. We are the people who gathered together with only one point of contact: that is love for BYJ. Otherwise we are strangers with each other, but the affection toward him was big enough to strengthen our emotional ties.

Both BYJ and SYJ could hardly keep back their tears ,neither could we. Mr.Sohn, who also appeared on the stage saying that he didn't sleep all-night ,was given as many cheers as BYJ himself. We are so grateful to the Korean family and all the staff members for giving us such a splendid opportunity to meet BYJ.

BYJ said heart is always together. His words echo over our mind. We hope one day all the Asian families can share the same happiness over the borders. We the Japanese family members will give him an everlasting support .

With millions of thanks from Japan

. . jap crowd in concert . .

Another pic to show how he took Japan by storm.. see the number of crowds~!!

*jaw dropped*

. . too touched, he cried . .

Yonsama, moved to tears at 'April Snow' concert
[Sports Hankook 2005-08-31 19:57]
Reporter: Ko Kyudaeenter@sportshankook.co.kr
Posted by Yoon from Quilt

Yonsama BYJ ended up shedding tears.

BYJ moved to shed tears at 30,000 fans' passionate cheers at the concert held on 31st at Super Arena of Saitama prefacture nearby Tokyo.

BYJ appeared on stage to conclude the concert with SYJ around 5:40 pm. BYJ's voice suddenly began to tremble as he was saying in Japanese 'I thank you my families (fans)' and he wiped out his eyes with a hankerchief. He was so overwhelmed to tears by 30,000 fan's intense love and the fans also burst into tears.

SYJ also couldn't hold herself from her bubbling emotion as she was talking about the movie with the audience and turned the whole concert hall into sea of tears with her tears. SYJ, who had to hold her tears for the second time since the fan meeting with her Japanese fans on June 28th, could only put herself together after the fans consoled her saying 'It’s OK. You are beautiful.'

After SYJ left the stage after bidding farewell, BYJ reluctantly said goodbye to fans on the moving round stage built separately in front of the stage. BYJ waved to fans and wiped tears and seemed to console himself by putting a hand on his chest.

30,000 fans were also sad to part with BYJ and shouted 'It's OK' 'Sarangheyo ( I love you)', 'Sayonara (bye)' as one. BYJ left the stage after 30 minutes of bidding farewell and fans gave him endless applauses and kept shouting for an encore for 10 more minutes.

This concert started at 3pm and lasted about 3 hours. Loveholic and S gave their passionate performances in the format of mini concerts. BYJ, SYJ and director Huh JInso got on the stage and shared the emotional moments by telling stories about the movie 'April Snow'.

After this concert, BYj and SYJ will come back to Korea after they wrap up their itinerary in Japan by attending an official press conference on the 2nd.