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Friday, July 29, 2005

. . loneliness . .

It pains me to see BYJ crying in this scene. As much as I know he is very professional in his work, but I had a feeling that not only is he crying out for the movie, he is also crying out for himself.

I have no idea why, but I just can't help feeling that our dear Joonie is actually pretty miserable and lonely inside him despite all the stardom he had as an international star. It always makes me wonder, behind the curtains of glam, what is our BYJ's real self? Being praised as a smiling BYJ to almost everyone that he met, is he really happy inside him besides wanting to express his sincerity towards everyone who loves him?

Lots of questions lingered in my head actually.. After a hard day of work, who actually stayed up for him even till the wee hours in the morning to welcome him home? Who actually did gave him a pat on his shoulders to tell him that he has done a good job on his acting besides the fans and colleagues? Who actually gave him the shoulder to cry on whenever he needs some tender loving care of concern and comfort? Does he really go back to his home where his comfortable bed is there for him to rest or does he stayed on at different shooting locations since his scheduled is so tight with everyday planned for him? I couldn't help but felt the loneliness in him revealed in his eyes on some photos taken candidly by photographers and I feel so sad for him and wanting to hug him soooooo much. As a BYJ fan, you should understand how I feel.

Maybe he is really really quiet about his private life, but sometimes, I really hope he reveal some of his private details to us fans just so we can rest our mind that our BYJ is very well-taken care of both at his work and his private life. As much his fans wanted to see more of his works and are patiently waiting month by month to see what new stuffs he has to wow his fans, if one day he decided that he wants to go on a year's break just to have a breathe of fresh air and many good nights sleep with morning waking up without the sound of the alarm, I'm very sure his fans of his will understand and respect his decision.

I sincerely hope he find his other half real soon. Someone whom he will look forward to everyday after he finish working. Someone who can hug him well and make him feel 'hae bo kei' (fortunate in korean, but dunno the spelling.. hehe!). He has already given so much love to the world, its time he get some love back.. *nod nod*

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

. . mtv of april snow . .

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Play at your risk!

*clap clap*
An MTV of April Snow well-made!
Not sure if it's authentic or done up by a fan though.
BYJ handsome, SYJ pretty, nice scenes, absolutely touching song!
Anyone know what is the title of this song?

Click here to download!

Credits: www.xiao-tong.net

. . patiently waiting . .

As what Happiebb wrote in her blog, it sure does test one's patience being a BYJ fan. I, too, surprised myself for the patience I had for Bae, checking out almost daily on various fan sites for updated news of him for the past 1 and a half years! Given my character, my interest usually ceased after a while as I will turn my attention elsewhere.

Checking out the Winter Sonata collection in my 'picture database' which I've catagorised according to drama and year it was aired, my last folder ended at 2002 Winter Sonata. Wow, didn't know time past so fast, it's already been 3 years! Okok, maybe I'm a tad late as I only watched Winter Sonata in 2004 and was a huge fan since. Within this 1 and a half years, I did 'research' and compiled just about everything, ranging from pics to videos to newspaper cuttings. My 'database' was really big, it is calculating by gigabytes and still counting. I dun even dare to format my PC, for fear that I might lost anything, but at the same time, fearing that my PC will crash anytime due to that little amount of space left!

I've never idolised anyone and often cringed my face whenever I see any young girls going after their idol. But never have I thought I would become like them one day! It's Bae from my home PC with wallpaper of him, to handphone wallpaper of him, and he even concurred my PCs in my office! Ridiculously, in a good way though, I've had his poster on my wall too.. hee! My family, bf and friends have already given up on me but did quietly support me in certain ways.. hee!

I juz can't wait for Oct to arrive so I can watch April Snow! Hopefully, I can attend the Singapore bunggae, if there's any, with Joonsfamily! It should be really fun!

*patiently waiting*

Monday, July 25, 2005

. . wat is on ur screen . .

Not too sure if I've posted this before, but my current HP pic is the above pic.

How abt yours?

. . would u eat this . .

I guess this is created by the Jap fans~! How creative!
Would u eat this? Haha~

. . scene: drunk and crying . .

The above scene was the scene that was written in an article in Newswire today where BYJ was said to be actually drinking while this scene was being shot to get the feel of the situation. Here is part of the the article which was translated and posted by Joanne in the News Section.

'The most impressive one even among all those, is his acting of shedding tears while drunken in the scene where Insoo, feeling sense of betrayal at the fact of his wife's extramarital affair, is drinking with his juniors (younger friends), in this scene where he is showing Insoo's pain and the confusion he feels the most directly, BYJ devoted in acting as he was pouring out pent-up feeling. As he had to express tremendous feeling of despair to the extent which was hard for him to feel actually, BYJ agonized very much before he shot it. And, because he judged that the most important thing in acting is to pull out the frank feeling which is suitable for that situation, he acted while actually drinking for the first time in his life. Although having never experienced shooting while drunken as he worried that concetration of emotion might get distracted, he told, 'I could never feel the Insoo's emotion at all without drinking.'

At BYJ's appearance of pouriing out sorrowful tears as he gradually became Insoo as he was drinking, there is an aftertalk that the atmophere of the location site became reverential. BYJ, having expressed the breaking down pain and confusion real, was not able to excape from that emotion after Director Hur Jinho shouted 'OK', and continued to shed tears for a while. Even director Hur Jino, who pulls out a variety of emotions from actors in one scene in ordinary times, was said not to be able to think of anything else than the emotion BYJ has shown in this scene.His appearance of having shown heart-felt acting not by brain made one to realized his real power as an actor once again.'

. . born to be loved lyrics . .

You're Born to be Loved

Download song version (not full vers.) ->

Download piano ver. ->

Tang si neun sa rang bat gi wi hae tae o nan sa ram
You are born to be loved

Tang si neui sal seo ge so keu sa rang bat geo it ji yeo
And you are receiving that love through your life

Tang si neun sa rang bat gi wi hae tae o nan sa ram
You are born to be loved

Tang si neui sal seo ge so keu sa rang bat geo it ji yeo
And you are receiving that love through your life

Tae cheo bu to si chak dwen ha na ni meui sa rang eun
The love from God that started since the beginning of the world

U li e man na meul teong hae yol mae leul maet geo
Becomes connected with us meeting each other

Tang si ni i se sang e cheon je ham meu leo in hae
And your existence in this world

U li e ge ol ma na keun ki bbeu mi twe neun ji
Is a very huge happiness for us


Tang si neun sa rang bat gi wi hae tae o nan sa ram
You are born to be loved

Chi geum deo keu sa rang bat geo it ji yeo
And you are receiving that love through your life

Tang si neun sa rang bat gi wi hae tae o nan sa ram
You are born to be loved

Chi geum deo keu sa rang bat geo it ji yeo
You are born to be loved

Chi geum deo keu sa rang bat geo it ji yeo
And you are receiving that love through your life

. . behind april snow . .

Jjiroo, Son Ye Jin's pet puppy
After being very much timid with strangers, he is delighted at seeing BYJ.

Bae Yong Jun like taking photos of appearances of his colleagues
at the location site with his spare times

Director Hur Jinho & Bae Yong Jun chatting happily

The drinking scenes in the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' are all shot
while they are drunken.

Bae Yong Jun showing Son Ye Jin the photos he took

Bae Yong Jun & Son Ye Jin, listening to music while waiting for a shooting.
In order to maintain emotion, the actors frequently listened to
music on the location sites.

Credits: www.byjtogether.com

. . addressing byj . .

Just a tad curious, how do you address our dear BYJ? For me, I like to address him as Bae, it just slides easily out of my tongue, but I then realised, is it rude for me to address him that way? I mean, Bae is his surname after all right? Joonie is a bit cutesy and it feels a tad odd.

Oh yes, juz read an email from a fellow BYJ fan's email, her name is Tany from Puerto Rico! *wave to Tany* Hiyeee!! Ain't it exciting to be able to share a common love (haha!) interest with just about anyone anywhere in the world? I mean Puerto Rico and Singapore are like half the world away (correct me if I'm wrong, pretty mad at maps!)!!

Dearest Joonie, you make this possible to be able to bring your fans from world wide together and create friendships between us! You're the MAN!

Friday, July 22, 2005

. . not coming to SG . .


Was browing Joonsfamily.com when realised that our dear Joonie is not coming to SG to promote 'April Snow'.

Quite a big disappointment, at least for me, because I missed his visit to SG last year and was hoping that probably can see him this year, but.. but.. Anyways, see below message from Joonsfamily.com:

Hello all BYJ fans

We have received information from Encore Films that BYJ will not be coming to Singapore to promote his movie, April Snow. BOF has also confirmed that it is unlikely that he will come.

The movie, April Snow, will premiere in Singapore on 13th October.

Joon's Family will hold our own bungae here when the movie premieres. More news will be posted later when details are confirmed.

Please support the bungae and the movie when it premieres in October. We hope to make it the record breaking Korean movie, a title, I believe that is now held by Takekugi.

See you all in the cinema in October!

Oh well, its ok.. there will always be a chance I guess! *cross fingers* I will still support his movie in Oct. Hope you fans will too!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

. . april snow OST . .

*sobberz with happiness*

Took me 2 hours to find this song (playing in the background) and the other one too,
which I will play the next time!

Both songs are from the OST of April Snow which will be showing in cinema real soon!

Take time to absorb the soft piano, with your eyes closed.. it may bring tears to
your eyes, coz the song is sooo touching!

It's too hard to find, not sure if it's right to share or not coz the OST is
not out in market yet (but I manage to find it!).. Thus shan't add a link here.

Email me @ luvjoonoppa@yahoo.com.sg if you wanna download this song!

Last but not least, love Bae!!

. . reupload clip . .

For those who were not able to download the clip which I previously posted, here's another link which I've uploaded the file to a server.

I've reloaded the clip again because I feel it's a clip which cannot be missed! Definitely make u go 'aww'.. guaranteed if you are a fan of Bae!!

And.. the link is only limited to a few days or downloads, so download fast!! Please drop me a message in the tag board if you download, ya?

Click here to download!