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Thursday, June 15, 2006

. . dae han min guk . .

Have had one great long weekend break and *heaved a big sigh* all things just ended yesterday, it was be back to work today.. :( Why do good things always pass so fast?!

What have I done during the weekend? Very very eventful! Firstly, had our first training session on a Sat morning-cum-noon on customer service, so 'interesting'! *roll eyes* Then, head on to Tanglin Mall for the Flea Market. Not very good business this time round, I mostly blame it on the World Cup Fever.. *sobberz* Better luck next time! Then on Sunday, it was my new born niece's 1st month and my cousin held the celebration at my place with buffet and stuff. Later that night, me and my fiance headed to Genting, Malaysia for a short trip and we just came back tonight! It was relaxing but tiring though with the bus journeys and stuff.

Anyways, 2 big events during this period. Firstly, my birthday that fell on the 13th.. hee! The whole trip was a pressie from my mum and my fiance took time off to accompany me, which I think was the best present for me! I enjoyed myself, minus having headaches almost daily, prob due to the altitude (by the way, Genting is located at one of the highest highlands in Malaysia, main attraction is the theme park and casino) and the massive big group of smokers polluting the fresh air of the highland.. *roll eyes*

Oh yes yes yes... I came home to receiving a big big surprise from my artsy lovey friend in my email!! With the help of the pictures I shared in my Yong Joon blog and my pic of me and my fiance, she edited and created the above picture for me as a birthday present! I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw it! Wouldn't that be nice if Yong Joon really did took that pic with me? Hmmm.. so which picture do I actually prefer.... hmm.. tough one, but I shan't make my choice, coz I really can't decide.. hehehe!!!

Secondly, it's the World Cup and the best thing was, Korea's first game was held on my birthday itself and yep, they gave me a BIG present by winning the game!! They had a nervous and slow start initially, I was literally jumping up and down my seat at the atrium (where they had a big screen showing the games) and I can't help but kept beating my fiance's arms whenever they miss handled a ball or whatsoever.. my poor darling.. haha! But the thing that got me so excited over this game was the fact that Yong Joon may be watching it the same time as me though we were worlds apart! It's like the only chance I could do something together at the same time with him, you know what I mean? Hehe! :p

*looking at the World Cup schedules* Next game will be 18th June! Can't wait to share that special moment with Yong Joon again... hehe!! And I hope Korea fight on to the semi-finals so we will have many more such special moments before the World Cup is over.. haha! *pop the dream bubble*

Dae han min guk *clap clap clap clap clap*
Dae han min guk *clap clap clap clap clap*