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Monday, August 22, 2005

. . feeling sorry for him . .

BYJ's taiwan trip is finally over. Overall, I don't think he enjoyed the trip. No offense to anyone, but I really feel that way despite his effort to smile all the way. Well, it was reported in the press on his blues anyway.

First, it's the overcrowded airport. From the press, it was mentioned that the number of fans dropped compared to his previous visit, but probably the reason why it was so chaotic because the whole situation was pretty uncontrollable. One thing I cannot stand is the reporters. Yes, they are doing a great job to cover news of him to us fans who are not able to make it.. but, they are really too arrogant! I'm sure there are many times where BYJ wanted to scream out (like what Ma Ying Jiu, Taiwan's senator(?) did a couple of days ago) but he just kept his cool. Okie, that is normal and I'm sure BYJ is already used to it.

Secondly, it is not his fault that he is so popular and he attracted more attention compared to other stars or senators who had events that weekend, so why is he being criticized? The worst is Zhang Zheng Yue's criticism in front of everyone in his concert. Are they jealous? As one fan mentioned, "Zhang Zheng Yue is a native in Taiwan also, and Bae Yong Jun did his contribution of US$100,000 to Taiwan's native community, what did he do to his own community yet?" Who ever praises BYJ for his kind contribution except the press and fans? Where are the comments from the government of Taiwan? Correct me if I'm wrong, because up till now, I haven't read any news of their compliments to him yet.

Thirdly, how come he is not aware of the need to pay for fans to pay up for the fans meeting session and to purchase the OST before being allowed to enter the hand-printing session? I was totally surprised when I read the news as I know that he wouldn't make this a money-making session.. but thought maybe they had an agreement. But after reading the news again on his unhappiness over it, I confirmed my understanding of his character. Well, his fans, though surprised, willingly forked out their money just to have a glimpse. But that kinda tarnish BYJ's reputation a little, don't you think? I hope he clarify this to everyone.

Fourth, whose fault is it for allowing reporters to enter his room without his consent?! Hotel security? His personal security guards? Why wasn't there a guard in front of his room? Again, I was totally surprised seeing video clips of his hotel room with his personal belongings in it, but thought they were allowed to. But upon knowing that someone barged into his room without consent, BYJ was totally upset over it. According to press, the personal security guards argued that they are only in charged over his safety and nothing else. *roll eyes*

Fifth, no secret is ever safe in anyone's mouth. Given notice to hospital and Taiwan fan club's president that he will visit her cancer-stricken mother in hospital 3 days ago, lead to a mob of reporters and fans waiting at the hospital for his arrival. Who exposed this secret? Well, the hospital door even had his poster pasted on it, definitely will attacted some attention even though no one spoke a word about his visit. Once again, dear BYJ was upset over it because it totally disturbed other patients due to his presence and he felt really bad about it!

There was an incident over him and his company, IMX, which after reading the news, I'm still really confused over it so I shan't add that in here but definitely, that's another incident which he is really upset about. And also, there were a few cocked up incidents but not as major.

So there ya go.. I don't think anyone have such patience when so many things were planned but in the end screwed up just because of some people's neglience and disrespect for him. Everyone expects perfection from him, so does himself, but him doing it alone is not enough and he will need everyone's co-operation to assist him on this. He holds a very big responsibility yet making sure everyone's needs are met, but when there were a bit of flaws here and there, he has to constantly worry, felt bad and apologised for it when it wasn't his fault. When did anyone gave a thought for him? I cannot help but see the sadness in his eyes even though he tried so hard to smile! And.. how many times when he smile, it really comes from his heart?

Honestly speaking, the only time I see him spreaking from his heart was when he mentioned that he wants to look for a lifetime partner. He was literally screaming in his heart. Don't you understand? He is extremely lonely despite his popularity!! Argh.. it totally pains me whenever I thought about this fact!! *sigh* But is there anything that I can do to help? *shake head* I can only sit here and typed out my frustrations and feeling sorry for him.


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