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Sunday, April 30, 2006

. . music box & yiruma . .

Yeah! My music box is up and running as you can see from the right and hear the music playing.. :) (Tip: Mouseover the song list and you will see it auto-scroll the list down!).

I love these piano songs, especially from Yiruma. Yep, his name is Yiruma and intially I thought he was a Japanese guy (I have a poor sense of language..), I was really surprised when I found out that he is actually a Korean. His Korean name is 이루마 and his Chinese name is written as 李閏民.

I'm quite poor in K-Music scene, thus I actually chanced upon his works when listening to some songs and was determined to find out who the pianist was. Then while I was playing through some of his songs from my collection, I realised that one ofhis songs (maybe one or more? Pls correct me if you know..) was actually part of Winter Sonata's soundtrack. You can hear from my music box, titled, "When Love Arrives".

Will find out more of him tomorrow. Enjoy the songs first.. *wink*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

. . seoul far seoul good . .

Channel 5 is having this show called "Seoul Far Seoul Good" on TV right now. As you can tell from its title, it's all about Korea and yep, I waited till 9pm for this show to start! PS: I rarely can remember programme schedule, but this... I have to watch! Needless to say, Bae Yong Joon will be mentioned too because they will be introducing Winter Sonata shooting spots too! So how can I miss it right? I rarely see Yong Joon's face on TV, except when watching VCDs!

Ooops... commercial's over!! Back to TV!!!


Commercial time again! Ahhh.... they make me want to go Korea again! I've been there once but that was before I got so hooked to Kdrama!! Next section, they are going to show the wholesale market and they found socks with Yong Joon's face printed on it!! Hey wait, I think I have them! BYJGlobal sent them to me!!!

Back to the show!!


Some points to take note (typing and watching at the same time~):
1. Must go to Myeondong for shopping!
2. Must go to Kosney (?? Will do more reseach later!)
3. There's someone who can teach foreign visitors to cook Korean food, Miss Lee!
4. www.tour2korea.com

All.. end of the show and no Yong Joon!! Next week maybe? *cross finger* I will definitely stay tune!

Okie, just caught the trailer for next week, it's going to be Lovely Samsoon, some palace and the Seoul Stadium for 2002's World Cup. No Yong Joon? *faint*

Oh manz, www.tour2korea.com is currently running so slow! Everyone rushed to that site after watching that show?!? Someone get out so I can go in!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

. . yj and his thoughts . .

Reading this article kinda saddens me.. knowing and reminding me again how lonely Yong Joon is despite his popularity, glam and wealth and the only things we can do for him is to support and believe in him..

BYJ, "Whenever I watch wedding, I feel envious"
Moris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne
[Nocut News]4/23/06 17:37

BYJ attended the wedding of Mr. Lee Yongkyu, 5 year manager of Song Seungheon and sent envious eye gaze.

'Yon-sama' BYJ, shooting 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', blockbuster drama that produced before airing, made a surprise attendance at Song Seungheon's manager's wedding which was held on a boat at Han River raised bank in the afternoon of the 23rd, and watched wedding couple with envious eye gazes.

BYJ, saying "I am just envious when I watch couple who marries happily like them," joking which sounded true, "Whenever I come to wedding ceremonies, I feel envious and lonely." As he sincerely hinted his thought of wanting to meet a good person and marry also right after the shooting of film 'Oe Chool' last year, persistent thought on marriage by BYJ did not heard only as a joke.

Although BYJ's attendance was not expected, it seems actually that his friendship with Song Seungheon worked quite a lot. In addition, BYJ who shares the same management agency with So Ji Sub, who has close friendship with Song Seungheon, was able to spare time on that day as it was a weekend day.

BYJ, who wore black sunglasses and black formal suits, sat down in a sofa on the second floor along with So Ji sub and gladly shook hands with Song Seungheon, and also gladly shook hands with people in the business whom he met in a long time.

Although BYJ in the location site photo reported along with news on crank-in of the 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' already over a month ago had with some weight gain, BYJ on this day has returned to his previously solid and healthy appearance again. His long unpermed hair draping down to shoulders confirmed that he was preparing for the period drama.

Different from appearance of stars who usually show face briefly and goes away, BYJ showed sincerity of watching scene until the address of an officiator of the wedding had ended despite the fact that the wedding ceremony was rain delayed.

Reported by Namgoong Seongwoo,socio94@cbs.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ CBS Nocut News(www.nocutnews.co.kr)

. . BYJ & SSH . .

This is absolutely new to me! I've always been wondering who are Yong Joon's good friends in the entertainment industry, I mean the artistes and I'm so happy that Song Seung Heon is one of them. He's like one of the first few K-artists that I like during the days before Yong Joon!!

BYJ-Song Seungheon "We are like older brother and younger brother"
Tigger mom posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne
[My Daily]4/23/06 14:05

BYJ & Song Seungheon, the two Korean Current stars met on the same day in the same place.

They attended the weddiing of Mr. Lee Yongkyu, a manager associated with GM Planning, who was ringing wedding march at the Arirang Beomseon Wedding Hall inside Han River Citizen's Park in Kwangjin-Ku, Seoul at 1:30 PM on 23, and displyed extraordinary friendship.

The reason for 'Yon-sama' BYJ, who is shooting drama 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' in Jeju Island and Song Seungheon, who is in military service in the Victory Troop in Hwacheon, Kyeonggi Province, to meet at the wedding of Mr. Lee Yongkyu on that day was because of special faithful loyalty. Song Seungheon attended even by taking 6 nights and 7 days' regular vacation time to give congratulation for happy beginning of Mr. Lee Yongkyu with whom he shared hard and good times for 5 years since past 2001, and at the news that Song Seungheon, with whom he has had special relationship calling each other older brother and younger brother in ordinary times, would be out on vacation after a long time, BYJ came there and brought glory to the occasion.

BYJ's management agency told, "In ordinary times, he has special relationship with Song Seungheon calling each other older brother and younger brother. Upon hearing the news that Song Seungheon will be out on vacation, he came to attend the wedding on that day."


[Photo was taken by Han Hyeokseung,hanfoto@mydaily.co.kr]

Reported by Nam Anwoo,naw@mydaily.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ My Daily

. . BYJ & SJS . .

[MD Photo] BYJ-So Ji Sub, 'The Korean Current top stars are in one place'
korean to enlish translation by Joanne
[My Daily] 4/23/06 13:35

'Korean Current stars, BYJ & So Jiseob were in one place', attended.

Mr. Lee Yongkyu, manager of Song Seungheon, married at Arirang Beomseon Wedding Hall inside Han RIver Citizens' Park at 1 PM on 23.

The Korean Current star BYJ(left) attended with his long hair bound in back of head, and in natural style wearing black sun glasses and suits and without wearing tie. So Jiseob entered to the wedding hall following BYJ also in the same fashion coordination as BYJ and wearing hunting cap.

Reported by Han Hyeokseung,hanfoto@mydaily.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ My Daily

Sunday, April 23, 2006

. . you took my breath away . .

Yong Joon, I'm too young to have a heart attack but my heart skipped a few beats and my breath took away when I see your beautiful beautiful picture!

I'm almost speechless..

Okie.. just one more..

He looked like a smart horse, walking gracefully with his gorgeous mane of hair flowing with the wind..... absolutely breath-taking..

. . wax figure in mdm tussaud . .

"Oh my god" was the the first response to seeing his latest pics and I'm totally jealous of those girls who stood so so close to him! Anyways, he seemed to have the same kinda hairstyle as the one taken for Lotte Duty Free (see below entries), maybe taken on the same day, but anyways, he look darn gorgeous here.. darn darn gorgeous!! Now, look at the pic which he took with the girls, gawddd.. this is like the perfect height a man could have for a girl!!! Just imagine, if he were to hug you (or rather, me! *bleah*), your (or rather mine!!) head would laid nicely on his oh-so-muscular chest and your (mine mine mine!) arms would wrap nicely on his well-measured waist..... simply heavenly! *eyebrows bobbing up and down* Okok very carried off here, but can't a girl just imagine... *heaved a sigh*

What was this pic about? Apparantly, Yong Joon was invited to join in the Madam Tussaud family in Hong Kong and yes, we will be able to see a real life wax figure of him in the museum soon!! I figured this day would come, but didn't know so soon and this news still served as a big surprise! Below is the report of the lady in the pictures above:

Jakarta posted this on Freeboard of Daum.net's byjintoronto Café.
This is from a blog by http://blog.naver.com/bigeyes15/30003815433

Korean to English translation by Joanne and posted in BYJ’s Quilt

Who is this person!?!?!? That is exactly Yon-sama~
Hanayuiinyeon 2006/04/21 16:56

There was a sudden phone call from director of China Team at the National Tourism Office and asked me if I could translate for Yon-sama^^ I said I will do it naturally and unconditionally and right away, I began preparation to meet Yon-sama. My hair cut for that...I didn't know that it would make my face this big..I was totally sad. Look at my face completely like steamed bread. I am so sad..(crycry)

This translation was about doing a wax doll on Mr. BYJ and displaying it at the 'Madamn Tussaud' Museum in Hong Kong. It had the very big significance, as BYJ's full-length wax doll will be displayed for the first time as Asian. The work lasted 6 hours and it was enormous. They worked really on details, eyes, nose, mouth and even wrinkles and color of hair were all checked in detail and took patterns.

Mr. BYJ copied one of poses in the WLS, and did the pose continuously for 6 hours, and it did not really seemed to be an easy thing to do. If it were me, I would have said to do it after some rest saying I was tired...Without any of such things, he continuously smiled, and he rather commented to the staff that he really liked as he was able to do such a delightful shooting & said that it was likely to remain in his memory for his entire life, making their hearts comfortable

Really amazing....It was the professional attitude after all^^

The shooting had ended, one cut for the last! Even though tiring, had an enjoyable time...!!! People on both sides are all staff at 'Madamn Tussaud' A man with black hair behind, is very wonderful English gentleman~~~

Well, he's after all, Bae Yong Joon.. *wink*

. . gorilla and yong joon . .

You see, patience really does does pays off if you are willing to just wait a while more. Some people did and the present they received waiting outside the newly opened restaurant, Gorilla, a glimpse of the ever gorgeous Yong Joon and with additional bonus, So Ji Sub! As Mishio called it, "Steel Will" Would I have done so? BB got me thinking.. I think I will if I'm in Seoul with a few willing kakis to accompany me.. hee! Below is the report:

Style posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Translated and posted by Joanne in BYJ's Quilt

Yongjoon-nim, who appeared at the 'Gorilla in the Kitchen' in yesterday night

They say Yongjoon-nim has been much interested in well-being food since he was building body for the photo work of [The Image] photo album.

Menus placing key points on health with natural ingredients and without using artificial seasonings...

As they say you personally devised menu along with JP-nim, how much were you curious about provisional opening of the Gorilla yesterday?

Having been so, as was expected...

Last night at quiet time,a black Porche stopped in front of the Gorilla and at the moment when the car door opened, there was brilliancy in surroundings..
Yongjoon-nim and manager-nim getting off the car.

Six fortunate fans including Japanese family who had eye-witnessed that scene...

Yongjoon-nim, who gave greetings waving hand with brightly smiling face while walking up the stairs to the second floor at Gorilla, and turned around again after going up all the way and waved hands!

He was wearing baseball cap-his hairstyle was the very pony tail style you are so much enthusiastic about! As the bound hair had grown longer than previous time, he has wonderful appearance like Terius. Several strands of loose hair were fantastic.

His face lost weight more since the last time(early April) so that it revealed nicely tapered beautiful outline, (I) felt that his fingers were also more slender when he shook hands...his outfits were blue jean and jacket in khaki color with beige tinge.

As that appearance was very very much brilliantly handsome and beautiful so that all lost words....

At his appearance of walking up stairs striding by 2 to 3 steps as he has long legs while other people would go up by one step, and at the scenes that would become arts by themselves, our party who fell into illusion as if all of us were watching a scene in a film...

After he entered in, he sat on a table on the first floor with manager-nim and talked with him. After about 20 minutes, he went up to the second floor and came down to outside walking on staris and at that time, he gave greetings by taking off his baseball cap...

All of us shook hands with him twice, gave him presents we had prepared, and after giving greeting of cheers for the 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', we bid reluctant farewell...up to this is Yongjoon-nim at the 'Goriila in the Kitchen' last night........

Thursday, April 20, 2006

. . fans and their artworks . .

New artworks by fans of Yong Joon are posted up to forums almost everyday and they always never failed to amaze me of their commitment to spend their time and devotion to sit down and do such things for their beloved guy. Artworks ranging from flash works, gif animations, photo-shopped jpegs, frame by frame of video captures, and what amazed me the most, the hand-drawn portraits of Yong Joon. Oh yeah, the artwork above is made of wood. Can you imagine? *jaw drop*

Ok, I don't know that much of Yong Joon fans (I'm a shy girl.. hee!), let alone their personal life, so I won't know what they've studied before, worked as or their knowledge to be able to create such wonderful artworks. But one thing that I've learnt from reading some articles, is that many picked up these skills while loving Yong Joon. Me, 24 years of age, studied multimedia (with flash, website designing skills) in Poly and working in the IT industy, seriously, their skills.. beat me! I'm so ashamed.. haha!

The above video is about a particular Japanese program on Japanese ladies (retired, around their 50s to 60s) and their craziness over Yong Joon, one of their husbands was interviewed on his view towards his wife's 'stunts' of Yonsama Craze, including learning Korean language earnestly in order to watch kdrama in the original audio. His answer to the question, "In order to support Bae Yong Joon, my wife is willing to work on it and to learn at this age. I think it is really good because it kept her mind going and maintained her eagerness to learn new things which is much much better than living the rest of her live aimlessly. That's why I fully supported her." Mind you, this sweet old uncle had to eat cup noodles for lunch almost daily while his wife hang out with fellow Yonsama fans' houses! She is a lucky lucky lady to have such a good husband..

I really wonder how Yong Joon felt, knowing that such fans did so much because of him. If I'm him, I would be so happy and proud of them, I smiled with tears in my eyes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

. . big smile . .

He sure knows how to brighten our days up with that big smile.. :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

. . LYA, soon in sg . .

Lee Young Ae, one of my fav actresses, is touching down in Singapore in an hour's time and I'm still here comtemplating whether should I go Millenia Walk to have a glimpse of her or maybe the airport.. hmmm! But then again, even if I decided to do so now, it may be a tad late. I'm sure there is a long queue at both the airport and Millenia right now and I don't think I can get too up close and personal. *pout*

Tried that once when Lee Byung Hun came to SG last Feb and even though we reached really early, we were quite far back to see him. *grr* Star-gazing is such a tiring but adrenaline-pumping affair!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

. . clarification . .

I'm.... Chiligoyo (Soompi) aka Luvjoon (Quilt, Blogger) aka Christine (my name) and aka Lil' Chili (hee, Liezle, Frances and BB called me that)!! Now you can even recognise me by my pic (see left..)

I'm terribly sorry for any confusion caused over my name and nicks.. hee! Made a late decision on the nick I want on Yong Joon's sites, thus ya know... *roll eyes* Call me whichever you want.. hee! I'll raise my hand when I recognise any of 'em! :p

Thursday, April 13, 2006

. . lg flash with syj . .

. . april snowing in france . .

April Snow has reached France Paris!! How exciting! I hope the French would be smitten by the works of Director Hur and of course our hero, Yong Joon!! Camille has posted and translated quite a number of reviews from French to English (Thank you so much, Camille!!!) and April Snow had been receiving quite a number of thumbs-up! Director Hur's April Snow is not just a movie, but also a work of art, and French being the artistic bunch, I'm sure Dir Hur's work will be deeply appreciated! Yay!!

Posted by Camille in Quilt

Hello everyone,

Today April Snow is released in 30 screens in France, 8 in Paris (lucky me), 1 in Paris’s suburb and the others in different cities. Here are the lists :

MK2 Beaubourg, Paris 75003
Le Saint Germain des Prés, Paris 75006
Publicis Cinémas, Champs Elysées Paris 75008
UGC Ciné Cité Bercy, Paris 75012
MK2 Bibliothèque, Paris 75013
Sept Parnassiens, Montparnasse Paris 75014
Le Cinema des cineastes, Paris 75017
MK2 Quai-de-Seine, Paris 75019

Les Cinoches, Ris-Orangis

Majestic, Lille
Le Melville, Rouen
Opera, Reims
Les Carmes, Orleans
Studio, Tours
Cameo Saint-Sebastien, Nancy
Les 400 Coups, Chatellerault
Le Concorde, Nantes
Plazza-Victor-Hugo, Besancon
Star, Strasbourg
La Coursive, La Rochelle
Cinema le Rio, Clermont-Ferrand
CNP Bellecour, Lyon
Le Melies, Saint-Etienne
Les Nemours, Annecy
Utopia Saint-Simeon, Bordeaux
Le Navire, Valence
La Nef, Grenoble
Le Semaphore, Nimes
Diagonal-Capitole, Montpellier
Le Royal, Biarritz

All are on VO with French subtitle.

Btw, there are some more reviews from important French magazines about April Snow, I will try to translate and post here to share with you.

. . habit habit . .

I cannot go to Soompi these 2 days and I'm getting really 'ticked'! *hmmpf*

It has become a habit, ya know, going into Soompi, Quilt and other forums daily to check on any updated news Yong Joon and even with no updated news, old news kept me happy as well. I'm sure you guys know how it feels. Since the day I started the 'Yong Joon Frenzy' 2 years ago, almost daily without a doubt, I will be surfing on him, especially when I'm in the office. My colleagues have all gotten used to my obsession and whenever they passed by my desk, they would just shook their head and says, "Yong Joon again?" Sometimes they even helped to update me whenever they saw anything 'Bae'.. hehe!

At home, due to many many distractions like TV, parents, brother, fiance, bed (especially!!)..etc etc, I'm not able to surf as much. So I really depends on my office hours to do 'self-study' on Yong Joon.. haha! I'm going to leave for a new job soon, at the end of this month. I'm almost sure that I won't have as much time to 'study'.. *sob* But I'll think of a way to do so... *wink*

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

. . ah ah *shake head* . .

First reaction: "Hmmm....." with one eyebrow up and the other one down*

Honestly speaking and pls, MY personal opinion, I really do not like this hairstyle on him..hee! I initially thought it was photoshop-ed until I saw the flash of Lotte Duty Free. Ohh don't get me wrong, I love him all the same.. but ya know, there are times when there may be just a teeny weeny bit of thing on him that is not quite right.. *rub chin*

I'm quite sure this is not Yong Joon's idea of the style/image because usually he leave this to the professional and boy, he does trust his whole heart and mind with them! This makes me wonder, Yong Joon, do you always agree with them everytime?

. . waiting . .

Last week - Back View

This week - Side View

Next week... Maybe? *cross fingers*

Awaiting.. awaiting... awaiting....

How many days more, Yong Joon dear?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

. . the image in an expert's eye . .

[Chris: Though an old article and I know it may kind a tad late, but I still want to thank the writer and of course, BB for her wonderful translation for this article. Many a times we placed ourselves on prority and mislooked those who worked hard on it.]

From: BYJ's Quilt by happiebb
Original by: 多英 2005/01/06
Translated into English by: Happiebb 2005/01/07

bb: Would like to thank 多英 for allowing me to translate her essay, thanks!
and the expert's views start somewhere past 1/3 of the article... ;p

[Sharing] The Image – Looking Through an Expert’s Eyes

I suppose not many people would object to the saying 2004 was indeed a year that belonged to Yong Joon.

2004 was a year that Yong Joon enjoyed both fame and fortune.

For the first time, Yong Joon left his hometown for his fans and everywhere he went,
throes and throes of people would come forth to meet him, or just to see him. His new work, The Untold Scandal, seduced the whole of Asia effortlessly whilst his old work, Winter Sonata, conquered the Isles of Japan. His pictorial album flew off the shelves and even his photo exhibition could save lives by rendering help to the victims in the recent disasters.

The Yong Joon fever does not appear to be subsiding come 2005; in fact, it appears to continue to burn brightly towards the new land of America.

2004 was Yong Joon’s hardest year.

In 2004, Yong Joon embarked on the unprecedented training regime that was never seen in the Asian entertainment industry. His body underwent the most rigorous of training and he bore the pain of his muscles being stretched. The tortuous pain of the fitness program tested his mind and challenged his will and he went through tremendous stress mentally. In the end, his determination and perseverance saw him through and what emerged was a perfect physique.

He was ready for the pictorial album.

Work-wise, he spared no effort in fighting the biggest obstacle that stood in the path of his career development – his previous agency. Thereafter, he set up his own agency. From here on, what greeted him were endless questions to answer, endless problems to solve, directions to be set and plans to be made. But Yong Joon… he overcame all the difficulty and teething problems and put into place hundreds of plans and accomplished a dozen or so projects that rocked both Korea and beyond.

2004 was also the year Yong Joon faced the most criticism since his debut.

His total transformation in The Untold Scandal.. Although most of his fans sang praises for his period look, a fraction of them could not accept the extent of his nudity in the movie. But the movie was so beautifully made, so aesthetically crafted, everyone accepted it eventually. So, the arguments against his decision faded away.

For Yong Joon, the most significant and important event in 2004 was probably the making of The Image.

To commemorate his 10th anniversary into the industry, he wanted to present a special gift of love to his fans. This was something Yong Joon had been planning since 2003. And precisely because The Image was something perceived by him as a way of returning and expressing his love for his family, so he was extremely meticulous towards the project.

The preparation time prior to the actual shooting was more than half a year. He did not take the easy way out.. He could have chosen to work more comfortably under perfectly cast spotlight, dressed to the nines and striking picture-perfect posts and just called it a day’s work. But no.. He insisted on a rigid diet and a rigid fitness program; the gruelling and punishing regime haunted him painfully for as long as six months.

But he put up with it all without complaint. All because he wanted a meaningful gift for his family. The laborious pictorial album was finally completed. Although there're two extreme camps amongst the fans towards The Image, sales remain red hot.

For now, let’s not talk about the motivation that propelled people to buy The Image.
Let’s just really look at The Image objectively, from the technical perspective..
Alas, there may not be too many experts around who can examine The Image from a professional angle, who can appreciate the details.

Below is a fan’s account of a photography professor’s comments about Yong Joon’s pictorial album. My dear sisters here may perhaps have a better understanding after reading it, a better understanding of why this book costs so much, a better understanding of other than the high production cost, where its true value lies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A fellow fan has a son who is studying photography in the varsity and he is studying under a renowned professor in Taiwan. She was keen for her son to bring The Image for his professor’s comments. But her son refused. But once during a conversation between her son and his professor, the topic of The Image came up. Surprisingly the professor urged the son to bring the book for him to have a look.

As the professor pored over each page seriously, the son was thinking, "“Prof has never complimented any pictorial album, this time around The Image is sure to really get it quite bad.." To the son’s astonishment, the professor told him that The Image was a very good production. This surprised the son, and it also aroused his curiosity.

First.. About the Photography

When the professor first started to flip the pages, he had thought that photographs were taken by that famous Korean photographer who was involved in that lawsuit sometime ago. When he learnt that the whole phototraphy team was not some famous who’s who, he was shocked. He opined that a theme such as The Traveller was not easy to manage. But to be able to create such effects as The Image, one could tell that it was a team that was highly professional; a team that was strong and industrious as well. Very admirable.

The professor explained that many people thought that good pictures could be taken so long as one had a good camera and the pose was good. But one could not be further away from the truth. A good or well taken photograph involves site section, site preparation, styling of the subject, expression of the subject, the angle, the pose, the lighting, etc.. it would take ten or more outstanding professionals to work together to achieve.

The professor further complimented on Secret Hysteria, saying that the shooting site was created and not a "natural find".. In cases like this, it could be immensely difficult to create the right mood, the right atmosphere, but the team did a fairly good job in re-creating the setting. The photographs came across as very natural, not at all artificial or too fake.

Secondly.. About the Choice of Paper

When the professor first came into contact with The Image, his first reaction was that of surprise. He was surprised at the choice of material. It was not what the Japanese typically use – the glossy and bright paper quality. Yong Joon’s album uses paper that is not glossy yet it has a sheen to it. When he realised that the album was produced fully in Korea, he expressed surprised at the advancement of paper manufacturing in Korea. As for the Secret Hysteria’s format of alternate pagination,
the professor wistfully complimented, "This is very luxurious.. because the production cost will be higher by quite a few folds."

Thirdly… About the Bodybuilding

After looking at the lines of Yong Joon’s body, the professor was full of admiration. He was of the view that Yong Joon would have to go through a minimum of six months’ tough training in order to attain that physique. Looking at the pictures taken in the prison cell environment, he said that artistically, the feel and mood of the pictures were well crafted.

The Professor’s Conclusion

- Production of The Image would have taken a long time
- Production of The Image would have involved a lot of professional talents
- Much effort, spirit, intelligence must have been invested in the project,
- alongside investment of financial and other resources.

When he learnt that The Image retails at over NT4,000, he commented that the price was not high. He added that Yong Joon’s success must not have been pure luck. To be able to scale to such heights in Asia in the past few years.. Yong Joon must have extraordinary determination.

Along the way of recalling the above account, many of the technical jargon and professional terms were forgotten, for instance, the actual name for the high quality paper and scientific names for the materials used. But the whole point of this message is to focus on sharing what a professional has said about Yong Joon’s work. And perhaps this can help reduce whatever doubts you might have regarding its price. Perhaps this can help you re-think the value of this book.

Because he had not come across any movie script he fancied for the past two years,
Yong Joon put his heart, his soul, his everything into the making of The Image. Along the way, he took up some CF assignments and also led to some people criticizing him for not sticking to his main role as an actor, and some also said he was only interested in milking and making more money.

I’ve no doubt Yong Joon, too, saw these negative comments. He was probably very puzzled.. He was preparing his gift for everyone so single-mindedly, why… why would his effort invite such negative reaction?

That’s our Yong Joon… He’s so naïve and innocent that it’s adorable. Did he think his sincerity and effort would somehow make his family understand and share his thinking? Did he think his family would have complete trust in his love and in his sincerity?

This is not an issue about who’s wrong, who’s right, or what’s wrong and what’s right. The main point of this message is about understanding.

As I read about Yong Joon’s recent contribution towards the series of disasters, I feel he’s genuine in wanting to give something back to the society. He is true and sincere in hoping to use his influence to do something for the world, a world that in his mind is perceived as ONE. So, by supporting him, are we then also participating in doing charity for the society? Sometimes when we affirm others’ actions, we are in a way affirming our own intentions.

Now dear sisters, please do not hesitate or question your own judgement and choice.
At least for now, there is this special someone who is so deserving of our trust. We can believe that he will lead us towards a path lined with humanity, justice and love. Along the way, there will be warmth and laughter too. So long as we continue to think these things, we can face the harsh realities of the world with a smile.

We’re so lucky… For now, we’re happy and we’re safe, what more can we ask for?

. . the real YJ before ur eyes . .

[Chris: As many may have noticed, I love reading back on old articles of Yong Joon and his past activities, hence you will see me reposting them back in my blog for keepsake.]

Original in Korean: Lee Geunmi / Month Chosun 03/05/2004
Translated into Chinese: Cui Rong Mei / 娱乐时尚 [Date of publication unknown]
Translated into English: Happiebb

The Real Bae Yong Joon Right Before Your Eyes

"What is Bae Yong Joon really like?"

This was something that people frequently asked me these days. Even before I could muster an answer to this question, more questions would follow.

"Is he really so handsome?"
"Did he look smart and intelligent? Was he stylish?"
"Was he friendly and approachable?"
"How did you feel?"

It appeared the days of such continuous questioning would not cease in the near future, so I decided to pen my thoughts and feelings towards Bae Yong Joon.

First of all, let it be said that I feel wonderful!

Wonderful that I could have had the opportunity to interview an actor who is notoriously difficult to secure an interview with. And… thanks to him, I even got a chance to fly to Japan, a place I had never visited before, to interview him. So it’s a meeting worth remembering.

Okay, let’s answer the key questions first:

"Is he really so handsome?"

Of course he is handsome. And he’s got wonderful charisma and gallantry, so gentlemanly I almost died,and that voice, he’s got such a nice voice. Need I say more? If I do say more, you would be jealous! Would I ever have a chance to meet a man more good-looking and charismatic than this, and to have a heart-to-heart talk with him in future?

"Did he look smart and intelligent? Was he stylish?"

He appeared very intelligent. I could not and cannot imagine him to be an entertainer who knows nothing but acting. He's more than that. Perhaps it's because he majored in photography/cinematography in the university so he does possess the basic knowledge, but I had a feeling I met a real professional.

I think if I were to speak with him longer, I would not feel bored and the conversation would not turn dry (This is very different from the standard answers most other people give during interviews). I can feel that he has a lot of passion and love for his work, and he also has clear and well-defined insights and ideals about the industry he's in.

"Was he friendly and approachable?"

He said he's an introvert by nature and does not like to interact with people too much. He appears to have a very strong character and a defined set of beliefs and value system. If the occasion calls for it, he's the sort who will not hesitate to say "no". I’ve not met anyone who is as passionate and driven about things as he is.

In essence, the interview session felt like a real heart-to-heart exchange. To date, I've interviewed no fewer than thirty artistes, but he's the one who has given me the best and most comfortable feeling. He maintained a very sincere attitude throughout the entire interview session.

Before he left Korea, Bae Yong Joon was not feeling well. We met on the third day he was in Japan. When I arrived at 5:30pm for the interview, he was already feeling very lethargic both mentally and physically as he had been attending interviews with the Japanese media since early morning. But still, he did his very best to answer all my questions. His professionalism set him apart from those other actors and actresses who're so sadly lacking in the spirit of professionalism and they would only say "Just write whatever you feel like writing". Here is a man with steely determination, a strong character.

"How did you feel?"

Because the time allocated to me was not long, so my only focus and objective was to figure out how to maximise the time to carry out an effective interview. So I really didn’t have much time to fret about things like how he’s the Star of Asia, he’s a Superstar, or how handsome this man was, etc.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not because of my professionalism, it’s more of what I call a system of helpless self-defence. I was hired by the Monthly Chosun to do this article. So, this was also the very reason why I did not have the luxury of time
to admire his handsome face and examine those genteel features.

A fan wrote this of him on a website, "It's as if he lives in world of fantasy. This man cannot be real."

Nonetheless… maybe it's because Bae Yong Joon had answered all my questions so fluently and perfectly and all the time sporting an expression of a professional, so I had imagined I was talking to an experienced veteran or professional from the Industry, talking about work. I did not, for a moment, think I was interviewing the best looking man on earth.

To be honest, I saw him before the interview session when he was entering the dressing room to change. I was already taken aback when I saw him then. Well, my feel was that although he was tall and lean, he was very muscular. His face was small and very gentle, but there's something special about his face. His face emitted a magical beauty that was both masculine and feminine all at once.

At that time, my only thought was, "Ah, Bae Yong Joon."

But when he started to smile his sunny smile at the Japanese reporters who were interviewing him, I was thinking to myself, "Now that's how a real sunshine smile looks like.."

After handling a few interviews with the Japanese media, Bae Yong Joon saw me and stretched out both his hands to clasp my hand warmly, "I’m so happy to finally do an interview with a Korean reporter!" The fact he carried himself not like a Superstar,
but as a sincere and honest professional who is being interviewed left me with a very good and very lasting impression about him.

In an effort to gather the necessary information to prepare for this interview, I had visited Bae Yong Joon’s official website. Bae Yong Joon’s fans were very thorough in helping him collect and post news and related information, and they also shared their experience and thoughts about meeting him at certain autograph sessions or other occasions. From their sharing, I had a pretty good gauge of what this man was all about.

Before interviewing Bae Yong Joon, two questions intrigued me immensely.

- During his time in the entertainment industry, he had gone through ups and downs, highs and lows, was he ever worried and anxious?

- He was a star right from his debut, was he ever worried that his popularity would slide?

Bae Yong Joon said he had never thought much about these two things, they did not mean much to him. This is a form of self-discipline and it takes much self-confidence to reach this stage.

During the course of the interview, something I said invited a moment of laughter.

"Many women derive satisfaction from the leading actors, their feelings for these actors are enough for them. So I think there’s no hurry for you to settle down too soon. In fact, I hope that you will get married later."

In that instant, his managers and all the crew members within earshot roared with laughter. For that moment, I just wanted to help all the Asian women who’re in love with Bae Yong Joon convey a message. Although I do not have ESP with these ladies, but I do believe that’s what they want. If Bae Yong Joon were to marry now, their liking for him will definitely halve. Instead of taking an ordinary man's route of being a woman's husband, it's probably better to prolong the style of being a "lonely and mysterious" man. [Chris: Hmm.. I don't feel that way though. I wished he would find his The One soon!]

One thing unique about Bae Yong Joon's style of speech was that he would not place himself first. For instance, when he was talking to me about the Japanese fans who flew from Japan to Korea to see him at the Baeksang Awards, he expressed himself like this, "These people came from Japan." He would not say, "These people came from Japan to see me." In the midst of conversation, he would immerse himself into his words, never placing himself first and on top of everything.

When the interview crossed the half-hour mark, Manager Yang announced, "Three more minutes left." I then said, "Ah, I’ve got so much more to ask you!" Bae Yong Joon also said, "I too do not like it like this." If I had two full hours, then it would surely be a very interesting interview session.

When I was about to leave after watching his interview with TBS TV Station, Manager Yang went up to him, but was asked to leave. (So.. how men often walk away without looking back after the official work is done also happens to a handsome man like him..) [BB: I don’t quite understand what the translator was trying to say at this point.]

Only then did Bae Yong Joon loosen his tie and seat himself more comfortably. When I told him I was leaving, he asked, "When are you heading back to Korea?" When I told him it’s the day after, he was the first to say, "Then let us squeeze some time tomorrow afternoon for more questions." However, as things turned out, I was unable to contact him the following day, so the session didn’t happen.

My overall impression of Bae Yong Joon was that he's natural, comfortable and relaxed. When facing the Japanese media, he too appeared to be natural and relaxed and very calm and confident. He did not have the superficiality so often found in entertainers, he's not just skin-deep like the rest.

The female producer from NHK who had made the decision to air "Winter Sonata" said that the reason why Japanese women like Bae Yong Joon is because in addition to his good looks, there’s an air of nobility about him. According to the Korean way of calculating, Bae Yong Joon is already 33 years old. It is very rare to find such nobility, aristocracy and charisma in a man of only 33 years old. Where and how did he learn or become like this? I need more up close and personal interviews with him before I can find out the answer to this question.

I’ve said earlier that interviewing Bae Yong Joon can be likened to interviewing any professional in any industry. Bae Yong Joon possesses something very different from the rest of the other so-called superstars in the entertainment circuit, be it actors, singers or whatever. The rest tend to be highly superficially and in love with only themselves. Bae Yong Joon stands out because of his noble mannerism, and in fact, he is also very sincere, very true and very real.

If I’ve the opportunity, my idea is to write a research report for Bae Yong Joon based on close interaction and heart-to-heart sessions. Of course, this can only be done with his consent. Regardless, I came away from the interview with a very good impression of this man. That's because when he met with me, he put in his very best effort. He did his best.

When I was walking out of the hotel, I was still thinking and wondering to myself, "Where and how did the nobility come about?" Now, you must know that Bae Yong Joon is the sort who speaks a tad more slowly than most people. And amongst the people I’ve met so far who are at the peak of their careers, or are the who's who in their own arena, he's the friendliest and nicest, and most approachable. And he’s also intelligent, modest and very noble, as if he’s from the royal family.

Was I so deeply drawn and attracted to this handsome man?

Anyway, his sincerity was definitely deserving of the high marks I’ve given him.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

. . yong joon and his cammie . .

Yong Joon and his best friend, the camera!

Always love to see a man so engrossed in his passion.. *love bubbles*