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Thursday, September 15, 2005

. . piece of advice . .

As April Snow will be showing in Singapore soon, I'm sure every SG fan is going to be so excited and looking so forward to watching this movie. Those who are not fans but due critics and reports all over hyping up the excitement, many will be darn curious and will wanna watch and see what the fuss is about. The below article would serve as an advise to all movie-goers to avoid disappointments.

For myself, I've gotten prepared and not hope for perfection but appreciate what is being done in front and behind the screen of this movie. No one movie is perfect and no directors or actors should be penalised if one do not feel satisfied after watching it. It's only a matter of individual's opinions and judgemental skills. So let's all watch this movie with open minds..

Source: 1st September 2005 Yonhap News by Shim Sun-ah

There is an old Korean saying that there is nothing to eat at a party which is too noisy. The proverb means if the exterior of something is too impressive, it could be rather empty inside. Moviegoers would be wise to keep this in mind in the case of the new film "April Snow."

Boasting the combination of veteran director Hur Jin-ho of "Christmas in August" and "One Fine Spring Day" and Bae Yong-joon, the star of the hit South Korean drama "Winter Sonata", the film has gained much attention ahead of its opening in South Korea and other Asian countries. But the result is not a good addition to Hur’s filmography due to its humdrum plot and a weakly-nuanced performance by its two lead actors.

Hur's previous two offerings were acclaimed by critics as romance genre works that subtly depicted the freshness of just-started love and the cruelty of variable love, respectively, without much dialogue. So many of his fans might have anticipated another Hur-style romance film with more commercial possibility due to Bae's presence.


At 9:57 PM, Blogger violet gem said...

i can't wait for the movie to be here!


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