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Thursday, September 01, 2005

. . thank you note . .

Goosebumps popped all over me when reading the article from the Japanese fan.. it was totally touching. Despite being a tad chaotic for the first 1 or 2 days, even IMX and BYJ had to write notices up to their site to calm the fans down, the event
turned out to be a huge success~!!!

Not too sure whether is it due to the pleas made by BYJ and team that impacted the fans and thus the craze over BYJ calmed down a bit, but the Japanese fans really did it~!!! They made BYJ cried, for goodness' sake!!!!!!

Embracing yesterday's memory for ever
by pikachu
posted in www.byj.co.kr [10:22]

Dear sisters:

The promotion event at SAITAMA Super Arena ended in a great success !
It was the happiest moment for us the Japanese Family when BYJ appeared from just under the catwalk in InSoo's outfit. Music was beautifully played, and singers and musicians performed perfectly.

BYJ's beautiful Japanese surprised us and impressed us very much. How did he manage to find the time to improve his Japanese in his busy days? We truly appreciate his effort.

For three hours we really felt united as the BYJ family. We are the people who gathered together with only one point of contact: that is love for BYJ. Otherwise we are strangers with each other, but the affection toward him was big enough to strengthen our emotional ties.

Both BYJ and SYJ could hardly keep back their tears ,neither could we. Mr.Sohn, who also appeared on the stage saying that he didn't sleep all-night ,was given as many cheers as BYJ himself. We are so grateful to the Korean family and all the staff members for giving us such a splendid opportunity to meet BYJ.

BYJ said heart is always together. His words echo over our mind. We hope one day all the Asian families can share the same happiness over the borders. We the Japanese family members will give him an everlasting support .

With millions of thanks from Japan


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