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Thursday, September 01, 2005

. . bday greetings from a fan . .

Beautifully written by Meeho in BYJ.co.kr to BYJ on his 33rd birthday..

Dear Yong Joon ssi,

Today should be your birthday. The love and adulation with which your fans flooded you makes it an indelible memory to be cherished forever. I believe that what you encountered today and the outpour of affection has made you the happiest man alive, just as you made so many people unutterably happy.

I hear you were moved to tears. This is only natural for a man with such a gentle heart. You have touched so many souls with love, joy, kindness and - yes - sadness. You have stirred the innermost emotions of dormant hearts and awakened them to the forgotton beauty of sharing. Charitable as you are, your tenderness has often patted a lonely child's hand and triggered hope for a patient amidst the darkness of dispair.

Let me not forget your smile, that tinged with the purity and freshness of an innocent child. The moment it lights up your face, the air flutters with angelic melodies. A fantasy world of birds, butteflies and flowers is having a birthday of it own. And those infinitely kind eyes add even move tenderness to your dear face. When you perform, your straight, piercing look when you are serious, your soothing glance when you're in love, or your strong, flashing glare when you're angry, have all become familiar and endearing.

Yong Joon ssi, you are a man born to love and to be loved. I have looked for the reason behind your serenity and kindness. I have searched for the source of patience with which you so admirably handle difficulties. I have sought the essence of the resilience and perseverence you use to perfect your act and elevate your talent. In the process, I have tried hard not to love you. And I unashamedly failed.

Today's concert revealed how immensely are fans attached to you. Thousands joyously cheered and greeted you in person, while many many more, far away in distance - yet near in spirit, followed your every step in the last few days as closely as your shadow. I do not exaggerate when I say that I feel your presence most of the time. It is welcome and much-needed as it lifts my spirit and encourages me to do more and be better. You should be proud of your impact. Numerous people find you a source of inspiration. I am one of them.

Dear YJ, do not be surprised or startled. During your ten-year-journey, you have unlocked a gate to people's wells of love by selflessly giving and strenuously achieving news goals. You never lost stamina. What is more important is that you are still the same humble human being, unspoilt by fame or wealth. So this is only the tip of the iceberg, for there is much more love to reap. I hope your lumonious soul will constantly be a source of inspiration and strength for years to come.


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