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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

. . interview before premiere . .

Here's the article that accompanied the MD photos

[MD Interview] BYJ, "After suffering from 'Oe Chool febrile illness', I drank (alcohol) myself."
[My Daily]9/7/05 10:56
Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home
Translation form Joanne of BYJ Quilt

I met BYJ in a guest room on 32th floor at the Lotte Hotel, Sogong-Dong in the afternoon on 6, one day to go before the opening of the film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)'. Throughout the interview, he poured out stories inside of him as frankly as much as his comfortable outfits and at times passionately.

-(Today) is one day before the opening. How do you feel.

▶ The tension and fluttering of heart is the same now as in the preview screening time. Although I had felt that I was a little more solid (stiff) and felt a lot of burden, from a certain moment, thoughts and desire came to me also that I would like to show a lot of appearances which could surprise (amaze) audience. This film is the film where there were many changes in myself and many changes in aspects of acting.

-There are opnions that Insoo in the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' is similar to Joonsahng in the drama 'WLS'

▶ [i]I definitely expressed (them) differently, so that I am very much hurt by those parts(talks). The interesting thing was that I thought there would be more talks like those in Japan because the 'WLS' is more popular in Japan than in Korea, instead more of those talks came out in Korea. However, when I expressed the character Insoo, it was a difficult and painful work and I think that it was definitely different from the pre-existing method.

-Reported by Lee Eunjoo,er@mydaily.co.kr, www.mydaily.co.kr
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