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Monday, September 12, 2005

. . when when when?? . .

Wasn reading up Joonsfamily forum and found out that some of the members like KellyBYJ actually went Korea to attend his bunggae. Happiebb also went all the way to Taiwan with Tiffany and others when BYJ was doing his promo. And I can tell that they are so excited and happy that they actually saw him and even counted the number of times they saw him despite seeing him before when he came to SG.. this makes me wonder.. me, being the more low-profile but very crazy fan (compared to me and my friends), when will I get to see him EVER?!

I wish I can just throw all embarrassement away and had a group of good friends to go bae-crazy over him.. but sadly, not much kakis.. *sobberz* And all the way to wherever he go? It is almost near to impossible! So the only craziest thing that I can look forward now, is to look forward to the bunggae that Joonsfamily is going to hold and enjoy with every BYJ fan!!

But.. but.. I want something more than that~!!! *sobberz*


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