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Friday, July 22, 2005

. . not coming to SG . .


Was browing Joonsfamily.com when realised that our dear Joonie is not coming to SG to promote 'April Snow'.

Quite a big disappointment, at least for me, because I missed his visit to SG last year and was hoping that probably can see him this year, but.. but.. Anyways, see below message from Joonsfamily.com:

Hello all BYJ fans

We have received information from Encore Films that BYJ will not be coming to Singapore to promote his movie, April Snow. BOF has also confirmed that it is unlikely that he will come.

The movie, April Snow, will premiere in Singapore on 13th October.

Joon's Family will hold our own bungae here when the movie premieres. More news will be posted later when details are confirmed.

Please support the bungae and the movie when it premieres in October. We hope to make it the record breaking Korean movie, a title, I believe that is now held by Takekugi.

See you all in the cinema in October!

Oh well, its ok.. there will always be a chance I guess! *cross fingers* I will still support his movie in Oct. Hope you fans will too!!


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