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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

. . patiently waiting . .

As what Happiebb wrote in her blog, it sure does test one's patience being a BYJ fan. I, too, surprised myself for the patience I had for Bae, checking out almost daily on various fan sites for updated news of him for the past 1 and a half years! Given my character, my interest usually ceased after a while as I will turn my attention elsewhere.

Checking out the Winter Sonata collection in my 'picture database' which I've catagorised according to drama and year it was aired, my last folder ended at 2002 Winter Sonata. Wow, didn't know time past so fast, it's already been 3 years! Okok, maybe I'm a tad late as I only watched Winter Sonata in 2004 and was a huge fan since. Within this 1 and a half years, I did 'research' and compiled just about everything, ranging from pics to videos to newspaper cuttings. My 'database' was really big, it is calculating by gigabytes and still counting. I dun even dare to format my PC, for fear that I might lost anything, but at the same time, fearing that my PC will crash anytime due to that little amount of space left!

I've never idolised anyone and often cringed my face whenever I see any young girls going after their idol. But never have I thought I would become like them one day! It's Bae from my home PC with wallpaper of him, to handphone wallpaper of him, and he even concurred my PCs in my office! Ridiculously, in a good way though, I've had his poster on my wall too.. hee! My family, bf and friends have already given up on me but did quietly support me in certain ways.. hee!

I juz can't wait for Oct to arrive so I can watch April Snow! Hopefully, I can attend the Singapore bunggae, if there's any, with Joonsfamily! It should be really fun!

*patiently waiting*


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