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Monday, July 25, 2005

. . scene: drunk and crying . .

The above scene was the scene that was written in an article in Newswire today where BYJ was said to be actually drinking while this scene was being shot to get the feel of the situation. Here is part of the the article which was translated and posted by Joanne in the News Section.

'The most impressive one even among all those, is his acting of shedding tears while drunken in the scene where Insoo, feeling sense of betrayal at the fact of his wife's extramarital affair, is drinking with his juniors (younger friends), in this scene where he is showing Insoo's pain and the confusion he feels the most directly, BYJ devoted in acting as he was pouring out pent-up feeling. As he had to express tremendous feeling of despair to the extent which was hard for him to feel actually, BYJ agonized very much before he shot it. And, because he judged that the most important thing in acting is to pull out the frank feeling which is suitable for that situation, he acted while actually drinking for the first time in his life. Although having never experienced shooting while drunken as he worried that concetration of emotion might get distracted, he told, 'I could never feel the Insoo's emotion at all without drinking.'

At BYJ's appearance of pouriing out sorrowful tears as he gradually became Insoo as he was drinking, there is an aftertalk that the atmophere of the location site became reverential. BYJ, having expressed the breaking down pain and confusion real, was not able to excape from that emotion after Director Hur Jinho shouted 'OK', and continued to shed tears for a while. Even director Hur Jino, who pulls out a variety of emotions from actors in one scene in ordinary times, was said not to be able to think of anything else than the emotion BYJ has shown in this scene.His appearance of having shown heart-felt acting not by brain made one to realized his real power as an actor once again.'


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