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Monday, July 25, 2005

. . addressing byj . .

Just a tad curious, how do you address our dear BYJ? For me, I like to address him as Bae, it just slides easily out of my tongue, but I then realised, is it rude for me to address him that way? I mean, Bae is his surname after all right? Joonie is a bit cutesy and it feels a tad odd.

Oh yes, juz read an email from a fellow BYJ fan's email, her name is Tany from Puerto Rico! *wave to Tany* Hiyeee!! Ain't it exciting to be able to share a common love (haha!) interest with just about anyone anywhere in the world? I mean Puerto Rico and Singapore are like half the world away (correct me if I'm wrong, pretty mad at maps!)!!

Dearest Joonie, you make this possible to be able to bring your fans from world wide together and create friendships between us! You're the MAN!


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