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Thursday, April 20, 2006

. . fans and their artworks . .

New artworks by fans of Yong Joon are posted up to forums almost everyday and they always never failed to amaze me of their commitment to spend their time and devotion to sit down and do such things for their beloved guy. Artworks ranging from flash works, gif animations, photo-shopped jpegs, frame by frame of video captures, and what amazed me the most, the hand-drawn portraits of Yong Joon. Oh yeah, the artwork above is made of wood. Can you imagine? *jaw drop*

Ok, I don't know that much of Yong Joon fans (I'm a shy girl.. hee!), let alone their personal life, so I won't know what they've studied before, worked as or their knowledge to be able to create such wonderful artworks. But one thing that I've learnt from reading some articles, is that many picked up these skills while loving Yong Joon. Me, 24 years of age, studied multimedia (with flash, website designing skills) in Poly and working in the IT industy, seriously, their skills.. beat me! I'm so ashamed.. haha!

The above video is about a particular Japanese program on Japanese ladies (retired, around their 50s to 60s) and their craziness over Yong Joon, one of their husbands was interviewed on his view towards his wife's 'stunts' of Yonsama Craze, including learning Korean language earnestly in order to watch kdrama in the original audio. His answer to the question, "In order to support Bae Yong Joon, my wife is willing to work on it and to learn at this age. I think it is really good because it kept her mind going and maintained her eagerness to learn new things which is much much better than living the rest of her live aimlessly. That's why I fully supported her." Mind you, this sweet old uncle had to eat cup noodles for lunch almost daily while his wife hang out with fellow Yonsama fans' houses! She is a lucky lucky lady to have such a good husband..

I really wonder how Yong Joon felt, knowing that such fans did so much because of him. If I'm him, I would be so happy and proud of them, I smiled with tears in my eyes.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger bb said...

yea... he oughta be so proud of us *bb beams away*

At 6:13 AM, Blogger mishio said...

Agree as well. I'm most impressed by the more "mature" ladies because after 2 years of my "patient" teaching, my mother, who is very very smart and intelligent and accomplished prior to retirement, still has trouble figuring out how to print a page off the computer. I must be a pretty bad instructor...Maybe I should show her some BYJ pictures for inspiration!:)

But, Yes, I believe we all do him PROUD!

At 8:10 AM, Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

That's right, BB! *beam beam beam*

At 8:11 AM, Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Mishio.. my dad had problems remembering how to power the PC! *pulls hair* I think I'm a bad instructor as well.. haha! My friend suggest that I take photos and paste it like a tutorial guide.. *faint* Have yet to do so.. hehe!

At 11:54 AM, Blogger marissa said...

Should I do the same for my sister. She's tried typing a report for her daughter but lost all data because she pressed some ramdom keys. I ended up typing it myself. Now that I think about it, why not change her wallpaper to her fave actor so she can be inspired as well.


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