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Sunday, April 23, 2006

. . gorilla and yong joon . .

You see, patience really does does pays off if you are willing to just wait a while more. Some people did and the present they received waiting outside the newly opened restaurant, Gorilla, a glimpse of the ever gorgeous Yong Joon and with additional bonus, So Ji Sub! As Mishio called it, "Steel Will" Would I have done so? BB got me thinking.. I think I will if I'm in Seoul with a few willing kakis to accompany me.. hee! Below is the report:

Style posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Translated and posted by Joanne in BYJ's Quilt

Yongjoon-nim, who appeared at the 'Gorilla in the Kitchen' in yesterday night

They say Yongjoon-nim has been much interested in well-being food since he was building body for the photo work of [The Image] photo album.

Menus placing key points on health with natural ingredients and without using artificial seasonings...

As they say you personally devised menu along with JP-nim, how much were you curious about provisional opening of the Gorilla yesterday?

Having been so, as was expected...

Last night at quiet time,a black Porche stopped in front of the Gorilla and at the moment when the car door opened, there was brilliancy in surroundings..
Yongjoon-nim and manager-nim getting off the car.

Six fortunate fans including Japanese family who had eye-witnessed that scene...

Yongjoon-nim, who gave greetings waving hand with brightly smiling face while walking up the stairs to the second floor at Gorilla, and turned around again after going up all the way and waved hands!

He was wearing baseball cap-his hairstyle was the very pony tail style you are so much enthusiastic about! As the bound hair had grown longer than previous time, he has wonderful appearance like Terius. Several strands of loose hair were fantastic.

His face lost weight more since the last time(early April) so that it revealed nicely tapered beautiful outline, (I) felt that his fingers were also more slender when he shook hands...his outfits were blue jean and jacket in khaki color with beige tinge.

As that appearance was very very much brilliantly handsome and beautiful so that all lost words....

At his appearance of walking up stairs striding by 2 to 3 steps as he has long legs while other people would go up by one step, and at the scenes that would become arts by themselves, our party who fell into illusion as if all of us were watching a scene in a film...

After he entered in, he sat on a table on the first floor with manager-nim and talked with him. After about 20 minutes, he went up to the second floor and came down to outside walking on staris and at that time, he gave greetings by taking off his baseball cap...

All of us shook hands with him twice, gave him presents we had prepared, and after giving greeting of cheers for the 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', we bid reluctant farewell...up to this is Yongjoon-nim at the 'Goriila in the Kitchen' last night........


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