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Sunday, April 23, 2006

. . wax figure in mdm tussaud . .

"Oh my god" was the the first response to seeing his latest pics and I'm totally jealous of those girls who stood so so close to him! Anyways, he seemed to have the same kinda hairstyle as the one taken for Lotte Duty Free (see below entries), maybe taken on the same day, but anyways, he look darn gorgeous here.. darn darn gorgeous!! Now, look at the pic which he took with the girls, gawddd.. this is like the perfect height a man could have for a girl!!! Just imagine, if he were to hug you (or rather, me! *bleah*), your (or rather mine!!) head would laid nicely on his oh-so-muscular chest and your (mine mine mine!) arms would wrap nicely on his well-measured waist..... simply heavenly! *eyebrows bobbing up and down* Okok very carried off here, but can't a girl just imagine... *heaved a sigh*

What was this pic about? Apparantly, Yong Joon was invited to join in the Madam Tussaud family in Hong Kong and yes, we will be able to see a real life wax figure of him in the museum soon!! I figured this day would come, but didn't know so soon and this news still served as a big surprise! Below is the report of the lady in the pictures above:

Jakarta posted this on Freeboard of Daum.net's byjintoronto Café.
This is from a blog by http://blog.naver.com/bigeyes15/30003815433

Korean to English translation by Joanne and posted in BYJ’s Quilt

Who is this person!?!?!? That is exactly Yon-sama~
Hanayuiinyeon 2006/04/21 16:56

There was a sudden phone call from director of China Team at the National Tourism Office and asked me if I could translate for Yon-sama^^ I said I will do it naturally and unconditionally and right away, I began preparation to meet Yon-sama. My hair cut for that...I didn't know that it would make my face this big..I was totally sad. Look at my face completely like steamed bread. I am so sad..(crycry)

This translation was about doing a wax doll on Mr. BYJ and displaying it at the 'Madamn Tussaud' Museum in Hong Kong. It had the very big significance, as BYJ's full-length wax doll will be displayed for the first time as Asian. The work lasted 6 hours and it was enormous. They worked really on details, eyes, nose, mouth and even wrinkles and color of hair were all checked in detail and took patterns.

Mr. BYJ copied one of poses in the WLS, and did the pose continuously for 6 hours, and it did not really seemed to be an easy thing to do. If it were me, I would have said to do it after some rest saying I was tired...Without any of such things, he continuously smiled, and he rather commented to the staff that he really liked as he was able to do such a delightful shooting & said that it was likely to remain in his memory for his entire life, making their hearts comfortable

Really amazing....It was the professional attitude after all^^

The shooting had ended, one cut for the last! Even though tiring, had an enjoyable time...!!! People on both sides are all staff at 'Madamn Tussaud' A man with black hair behind, is very wonderful English gentleman~~~

Well, he's after all, Bae Yong Joon.. *wink*


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Trinh said...

Simply gorgeous!
Thanks! :)

At 2:42 AM, Blogger bb said...

lil' chili,
u r so cute :p
how about 'our' & 'ours'??


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