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Monday, April 24, 2006

. . yj and his thoughts . .

Reading this article kinda saddens me.. knowing and reminding me again how lonely Yong Joon is despite his popularity, glam and wealth and the only things we can do for him is to support and believe in him..

BYJ, "Whenever I watch wedding, I feel envious"
Moris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne
[Nocut News]4/23/06 17:37

BYJ attended the wedding of Mr. Lee Yongkyu, 5 year manager of Song Seungheon and sent envious eye gaze.

'Yon-sama' BYJ, shooting 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi', blockbuster drama that produced before airing, made a surprise attendance at Song Seungheon's manager's wedding which was held on a boat at Han River raised bank in the afternoon of the 23rd, and watched wedding couple with envious eye gazes.

BYJ, saying "I am just envious when I watch couple who marries happily like them," joking which sounded true, "Whenever I come to wedding ceremonies, I feel envious and lonely." As he sincerely hinted his thought of wanting to meet a good person and marry also right after the shooting of film 'Oe Chool' last year, persistent thought on marriage by BYJ did not heard only as a joke.

Although BYJ's attendance was not expected, it seems actually that his friendship with Song Seungheon worked quite a lot. In addition, BYJ who shares the same management agency with So Ji Sub, who has close friendship with Song Seungheon, was able to spare time on that day as it was a weekend day.

BYJ, who wore black sunglasses and black formal suits, sat down in a sofa on the second floor along with So Ji sub and gladly shook hands with Song Seungheon, and also gladly shook hands with people in the business whom he met in a long time.

Although BYJ in the location site photo reported along with news on crank-in of the 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' already over a month ago had with some weight gain, BYJ on this day has returned to his previously solid and healthy appearance again. His long unpermed hair draping down to shoulders confirmed that he was preparing for the period drama.

Different from appearance of stars who usually show face briefly and goes away, BYJ showed sincerity of watching scene until the address of an officiator of the wedding had ended despite the fact that the wedding ceremony was rain delayed.

Reported by Namgoong Seongwoo,socio94@cbs.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ CBS Nocut News(www.nocutnews.co.kr)


At 4:40 AM, Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Lil'chili, have you read Michelle's post on her blog ?

At 9:56 AM, Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Hi Camille,

Yeah, right after I saw your message, I went straight to her blog to read. Quite heart-aching to be reading that passage coz it described exactly how I'm feeling too...


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