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Monday, April 24, 2006

. . BYJ & SSH . .

This is absolutely new to me! I've always been wondering who are Yong Joon's good friends in the entertainment industry, I mean the artistes and I'm so happy that Song Seung Heon is one of them. He's like one of the first few K-artists that I like during the days before Yong Joon!!

BYJ-Song Seungheon "We are like older brother and younger brother"
Tigger mom posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne
[My Daily]4/23/06 14:05

BYJ & Song Seungheon, the two Korean Current stars met on the same day in the same place.

They attended the weddiing of Mr. Lee Yongkyu, a manager associated with GM Planning, who was ringing wedding march at the Arirang Beomseon Wedding Hall inside Han River Citizen's Park in Kwangjin-Ku, Seoul at 1:30 PM on 23, and displyed extraordinary friendship.

The reason for 'Yon-sama' BYJ, who is shooting drama 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' in Jeju Island and Song Seungheon, who is in military service in the Victory Troop in Hwacheon, Kyeonggi Province, to meet at the wedding of Mr. Lee Yongkyu on that day was because of special faithful loyalty. Song Seungheon attended even by taking 6 nights and 7 days' regular vacation time to give congratulation for happy beginning of Mr. Lee Yongkyu with whom he shared hard and good times for 5 years since past 2001, and at the news that Song Seungheon, with whom he has had special relationship calling each other older brother and younger brother in ordinary times, would be out on vacation after a long time, BYJ came there and brought glory to the occasion.

BYJ's management agency told, "In ordinary times, he has special relationship with Song Seungheon calling each other older brother and younger brother. Upon hearing the news that Song Seungheon will be out on vacation, he came to attend the wedding on that day."


[Photo was taken by Han Hyeokseung,hanfoto@mydaily.co.kr]

Reported by Nam Anwoo,naw@mydaily.co.kr
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