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Thursday, October 06, 2005

. . 8 days No. 783 . .

Magazine: 8 days - NO. 783 6 OCT - 13 OCT, 2005
Source: http://www.8days.sg/thisweekissue/cover_01.htm

BAE YONG-JOON is back to prettify the big screen in his new tearjerker, April Snow. FLORENCE FONG bravely dives into the media hordes at the Seoul world premiere and spots him grabbing his co-star Son Ye-Jin's, er, bazonkas.

This is by no means an easy thing to admit: I was once in love with auntie magnet, Bae Yong-Joon. I say once, because as someone who has always fancied herself as fairly hip (I've stopped shopping at Sheng Siong supermarket, I go to NTUC now), I refuse to acknowledge that I once liked the same man as millions of taugeh-plucking ah sohs. Besides, I have grown weary of the 33-year-old's carefully glossed lips and tear-glistened eyes.

What is it about BYJ, as he's popularly known? For jealous men who dismiss him as gay, I've only one explanation — he's the male equivalent of busty, sweet-faced virgins. Those slightly nerdy glasses, straight nose, kissable lips — a handsome mug perched on a buff bod that looks equally dashing in suits and birthday suits. The perfect gentleman.

So even though I am now past the height of my Bae-lust, I couldn't pass up on the chance to visit his hometown and of course, catch him in the world premiere of his new Winter Sonata-esque movie, April Snow, in Seoul.

In the movie, Bae plays a concert lighting director who discovers his wife's (Lim Sang-Hyo) been having an affair after she's involved in a car accident with her lover. As the adulterous pair lies comatose in a dingy hospital, Bae meets Son Ye-Jin, the wife of his wife'’s lover, and falls for her.

April Snow is a 180-degree departure from his last movie, Untold Scandal, where he shocked everyone by baring his butt as a cheeko 18th century Casanova. Hamsups will be thrilled to know there are two sex scenes to look forward to in April Snow (more on that later). Aunties will be glad to find their idol clad in smart jackets and all choked up with emotion…


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