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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

. . back in action . .


Had been absence from the Bae scene for quite a while with occasionally popping in to Soompi and Joonsfamilyto keep myself updated, all thanks to the wonderful Bae gals who contributed endlessly despite their busy schedules..

Yeah yeah, had been on a so-called business thingie for the past 1 and a half month, together with working full-time in office, I'm totally exhausted right now! Luckily my leave starts next Tuesday till Sunday and I'll have a full stretch of Bae vacation!! Hopefully I can contribute more in the forums and make a big revamp of my Bae collection!

April Snow came with a big bang a couple of weeks ago, I wonder how it is doing in the local box office since I'm kinda out-dated. Well, haven't been reading good reviews, some worst (I'm sure u guys know about the Miss Infamous F******e from 8 days by now, so I shan't mention..) which I didn't even bother reading even though I bought it, on April Snow, so I won't be surprise if it was not as successful as expected in SG. Caught it twice, both the Charity premiere and Joonsfamily Bunggae. I enjoyed it.. in fact, the 'scent' of the movie still lingered in my mind every now and then. Am planning to watch that movie again, just me, Bae and my box of popcorn. I hope it is still showing next week.. *cross fingers*

Bae land is pretty quiet nowadays and I hope he is resting well and taking care of himself. With all the bad reviews, I'm sure he felt the pressure from the media. I hope he block them all out and just listen and be happy to those who supports him.


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