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Monday, October 03, 2005

. . sg promos . .

I neeed to post this~!! I'm so excited about the upcoming April Snow in Singapore, I'm literally jumping with joy in office after reading this post from Soompi! I'm so happy that Singapore is having so many promotions for April Snow, although not as much as Japan, but it's enough to make me go wild~!!

April Snow promotions in Singapore
posted by lynn72_sg in www.BYJ.co.kr

First of all, let me show you gals the magazines that have his articles...

S'pore Magazines
1) Citta Bella - this is a chinese magazine.....he is not on the cover, but there are 4 pages of photos and write up on BYJ..

Pic 1 || Pic 2 || Pic 3 || Pic 4

2) First - this is a magazine on movies only..BYJ is on the cover!!!!
Pic 1 || Pic 2 || Pic 3 || Pic 4 || Pic 5 || Pic 6
(photos from Jos & Tiffany from Joon's Family forum)

3) Feminine Magazine - a malaysia chinese magazine but available in S'pore too...BYJ on cover!!!!!
Pic 1 || Pic 2
(photos from Caroline of soompi forum)

There are also some evemts going on for April Snow... For eg...

1) Bishan Junction 8-this is a shopping mall..
a) They have posters on the glass door, as well as giving April Snow Folder for shoppers who make minimum purchases of S$30...

b)They are also giving out April Snow tickets and a special screening of Untold Scandal tickets at the same place...But both types of tickets have been fully redeemed by shoppers already!

c) A competition to showcase BYJ fans collections....the 6 shortlisted will be know either on Monday(03/10) or Tuesday(04/10). Good luck to all sisters who have joined in this competition...And the 1st prize is a 6days package tour to Korea!!!!the winner of the 6days tour to korea will be announced on 16th October....

2) Cinema - GV cinemas has a few outlets in Singapore...
a) They have come out with a special preview on the 11th October....the special preview package which costs S$24 comes with 2 movie tickets and 8 postcards...But this special preview tickets were sold out in less than 2 days....(i didn't managed to get the tickets...sob! sob! sob! sob!) There is an April Snow Combo set...(which consists of coke, a box of popcorns and 4 April Snow postcards) - picture of the postcards and popcorn paper containers.

Postcards || Popcorn's container(front) || Popcorn's container(side) || Popcorn's container(back) || Popcorn's container(side)

3) Other promotions
- S'pore Postal office have 2 promotions going on for April Snow...one of it is to sms to a number and if you win, you get to bring your friend on cruise for a high tea in November and watched the making of April Snow on board...!

- Pay our telephone and utilities bill at the S'pore Post, send parcel by speedpost to other countries and get the stamp...(altogether need to get 4 stamps) and you can get a chance to be the first 1000 to get an April Snow folder...and a chance to win 2N cruise to Malaysia...

- Some magazines are also having contests to win April Snow posters...!

So happy to see so many promotions going on for April Snow even though BYJ did not come to S'pore...And hopefully with all these promotions, the box office in Singapore will be good!


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