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Friday, October 07, 2005

. . it finally snowed in sg . .

[:: posted this on Soompi on 5th Oct.. hee! Was too tired that night to write another one and now in office, busy with work.. thus copied and post this in my blog. Did some editing here and there.. =) ::]

Yoo hoo~!!! Back from April Snow~!! *tsk tsk* Just let me briefly describe my April Snow day as each may differ!

Only managed to knock off from work at 6pm (show started at 7pm), me and my friend had to rush a good 60 mins journey (inclusive waiting for transport, walking in heels, withdrawing money, collecting tickets, buy some food to nibble, collect goodie bags) and manz.. it was a mad rush~!! Thoughtful Tiffany sent me an SMS while I was on the way but sadly I didnt get to meet them before the show as I was later than them!

Anyways, managed to collect the tickets and goodie bag in time in a booth (as seen in above pics)~! Goodie bag consist of a double-sided poster of AS, AS folder and some sponsered stuffs like a packet of tissue, Nivea moisturizer and a breast cancer ribbon pin (as part of the money for the movie that day will be donated to the foundation) in a nice Sony handcam paper bag! (probably will take some pics of them later!)

There are so many ppl~! Even local celebrities! But because there was another movie's premiere tonight, I dunno they came to attend which one, but there was a huge April Snow poster outside, so I presume they went to the April Snow's premiere in another room. After me and my friend took our seats and settled ourselves down comfortably, suddenly the person sitting beside me turned and asked if anyone I know visit Soompi frequently and I told her I do and suddenly she kept laughing and immediately, I know she is Yon.. haha! I remembered she told me that she will be sitting VERY near me but little do I know, it would be sooooo near!!! Kekeke!!! Got to know her friend also! So fun~!!

Okie, the movie, shan't reveal too much, but it is a thousand thumbs up~!!! Seriously, the whole cinema almost flooded with drools all over.. hahah~!! The moment our dear Yong Joon's face appeared on the BIG screen, many clapped!! I think it came from Tiffany and Happiebb gang! Many others were giggling including me, especially the intimate parts~! To summarise.. I feel the whole movie is very tastefully made and u can really feel the pain of the characters~! And I agree that you will have to watch a few times to be able to get totally absorbed into the show~! I'm more into wanting to know the story and ending today. I think I'll be more into emotions next Sat when I will be catching it again~!! I wonder how many times will I want to watch.. hehe!

After the show, Yon intro-ed me to Tiffany and BB who were sitting quite a few seats above us. Finally I get to meet them.. hehe! Sorry Yon, Tiffany and BB.. didn't had a proper introduction and had to rush off coz my friend needs the loo badly.. hehe! It was really nice meeting u guys and hope we can meet again next Sat~!! I heaved a sigh of relief after watching the movie because after so many months of waiting and agonising what the ending will be.. I finally got the answers today~


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