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Friday, October 07, 2005

. . beautiful sex scene . .

Honestly speaking, before watching the full April Snow movie, the one that I dragged the most is the initmate scenes. To me, it is awkward to see such mushy scenes on TV and screens for most movies, let alone with him in it!! I mean, as much as how good they are in the show on such scenes, it is hard for me to accept that they can be able to act so intimate! Won't they get turned on easily? Hahah~ Oops! Naughty me!

Thus not surprisingly, when watching Untold Scandal, it was soo awkward that I was going eeee.. ohhh nooo and almost hid under my friend's arm.. hehe! Too much for me I feel. I know there were a LOT of ppl who went ga-ga coz it was the first time we ever saw HIS cute butt.. hehe!!

This time, as I mentioned earlier, I dragged that kind of scene again in April Snow and thought I knew what to expect since I've seen some captures on it. But little do I know I actually loved that scene and watched it openly with both of my eyes opened, enjoying the moments in those scenes, it kept playing in my mind even till today!! It is not just sex I'm talking about, it's more of the feelings put into it. Those who watched it, will know what I am talking about. In other words, it was not erotic but pure beautiful sex.

One of the 5 fave scenes by Director Hur Jin Ho:

5. The bed scene: The bed scene between In-soo and Seo-young. In-soo and Seo-young, the sharing of love.

Director Hur: I think this is my first time using a close-up shooting like this. The breathing of the actors, the expression as they touch and caress each other… That's a nice feeling.


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