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Sunday, May 21, 2006

. . jae-ho and yong joon . .

I'm accompanied by Yong Joon at my bedside almost every night these days before I go to sleep and the moment I woke up, he is almost the first person I saw every morning! Had been watching "Have We Really Loved" these days and I'm so hooked to it! Honestly, I did not finish watching it on my 1st round and this is my 2nd time and definitely will not be my last of course!

I've seen reviews and lotsa posts about the fans' feelings after watching this drama, but I usually tried to refrain from reading them because they usually contained the spoilers and I don't want to know them before I finish watching. I'm currently on disc 20 and like what many fans felt after watching the drama, it was hell of a roller-coaster ride of emotions... sadness, pain, anger, happiness.. all rolled into one. If you haven't watch it, you should really head down to the nearest video shop to buy it or rent it!

Jae-ho, the mentioned of this name, my heart sometimes felt this pain as if an arrow had hit right through it. Being the strong man, brother, friend and nephew that he wants to portrayed to everyone, was in fact a really fragile and lonely figure, yearning for someone to love and only one saw the real him and could make him feel loved. The way Yong Joon acted as Jae-ho in this drama, made me feel that he was as if acting his real life out, hiding behind a fictional character. Of course, both have many differences in each lives, but still there is this similarity that I can't really describe it. Maybe he is just too good in acting, but still.. ya know... hmmm.. Can't help but recall the time he attended the recent wedding ceremony and mentioned that he was full of envious for the couple.

I think I know what the story ending is going to be like and I hope I'm wrong because I want it to be a happy ending. For now, a good big box of tissue is what I will need most. Will talk more about my feelings for this show later.


At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm a chinese gal hk-born, living in dull UK. Not really a fan who know much about korean actors/actresses etc but only few days ago a friend lend me Hotelier..after seeing BYJ...I have madly fallen in love with him...finished watchin it and now im too is missing his face and that smile.... nice to know someone elese feels the same,
New BYJ fan, cya


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