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Monday, January 09, 2006

. . politics and him . .

Was surfing the internet for general stuff on Yong Joon, in the hope of finding the pictures which Liezle mentioned earlier, I found lots of news and blog entries on Yong Joon. Many news articles were seriously political and included Yong Joon's name and influence to the world in them, many postive, and some negative. This suddenly make me feel so worried for Yong Joon.

We all know political issues are something which we do not want to play around with if we do not know how to. But Yong Joon, who shouldered such huge burden on such issues, I really can't imagine how he felt, seeing his name appearing every now and then not only in the entertainment news, but business as well. And I don't think he studied politics before.

From a normal kid who just want to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor, became a very successful one, which took the world by storm now. Many seemed to have their eyes glued on this handsome but vulnerable man (well, every man is vulnerable, let alone him..), as if waiting to see what he has on his next wild card, especially when it involves sensitive ties between Japan and Korea.

Very carefully, he embarked this stressed but smooth journey until now, all deemed him as perfect, which, is a very strong and stressful word to him. What if one day the branch snapped because he accidentally stepped on it? Will he be forgiven? He, after all, is just a human and all human make mistakes.

Juz some thoughts.. Forgive me for my poor English. I don't usually express well, thus, I may say the wrong things.. :)


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