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Friday, December 30, 2005

. . treasured words by YJ . .

Treasured words by BYJ
Sujata posted this on the Daum.net's byjfan Cafe

I will reward you through my acting and life in the future for the great love you have given to me.

I have been imagining, drawing and wanting to see a lot our family's eyes full of love and voices full of love.

I think it is a way to go forward & given fate as an actor to make and create diverse images.

Although they are older than me in ages, their hearts are as clear as teenage girls.
I think there is no difference as to nationalities or ages for one to love someone.

I don't mind whichever ways family call me-Yongjoon-ssi, Yongjoon-a.

I think beautiful smile could change other person's impressions. However, there are not too many happy events in the world nowadays. Thus, if one wants to be happy, one has to laugh brightly to the heart's delight.

Rather than one directional flow called Korean Current, I would like it to become a motive for cultural communication where we can create band of mutual sympathy.

The more love I receive, I feel. the bigger the responsibility becomes to that much.

I am delighted to meet our family.

I would like to be carved as a seal to our family as an actor who really does his best at each moment.

Dear Family! I will make a good work and make sure to be there to greet you. Please be healthy and happy until then.

Let's do the best at each moment!


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