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Thursday, January 05, 2006

. . quiz . .

[Chris:: Saw this on truelovebyj.com.. *dumbfounded and sob* I am not such a huge fan after all eh? *shake head* ::]


~轉自俊心詠恒~by hxiaojing


[原創]Jooniejoa 貼在HerMesyongjun.com.論壇里
[韓譯英]Joanne Quilt/www.baeyongjun.com
[英譯中]hxiaojing 俊心咏恒/www.loveyongjoon.com

1. 冬季戀歌里李民亨的手機號碼是多少?

2. 冬季戀歌里李民亨開的汽車的牌子是什麼?

3. 情定大飯店里申東賢開的汽車的牌子是什麼?

4. 情定大飯店里申東賢的美國名字的正確拼寫?

5. 在《我們真的愛過嗎》里,姜在豪的運動汽車在屏幕出現的頻率甚至比配角還多,那麼這部汽車的車牌號碼是多少?

6. 在《我們真的愛過嗎》里,姜在豪和李馨瑛接了幾次吻?

7. 幾年前,裴勇俊的車被偷了,那部車是什麼牌子的?

8. 包括最近這次轉入BOF,裴勇俊一共變更過幾次經紀公司?

9. [附加题]請按順序寫下裴勇俊在電視劇《愛之禮》、《我們真的愛過嗎》和電影《外出》里所唱歌曲的歌名。

10. 裴勇俊將在2006年1月開始拍攝的電視劇的片名是什麼?


[QUIZ] If you give at least 5 correct answers, you are the first class fan of BYJ.
By Jooniejoa

1. What is the cell phone number of Lee Minyeong in the 'Winter Love Song'?

2. What is the product name of automobile Lee Minhyeong was driving in the 'Winter Love Song'?

3. What is the product name of automobile Shin Donghyeok was driving in the 'Hotelier'?

4. What is the correct 'spelling' of American name of Shin Donghyeok in the 'Hotelier'?

5. In the 'Have We Really Loved?', Kang Jaeho's sports car appears on the screen more frequently than any supporting actors. Then, what is the plate number of the sports car?

6. How many times do Kang Jaeho and Lee Shinhyeong kiss in the 'Have We Really Loved?'?

7. Several years ago, BYJ's car was stolen. What is the product name of that car?

8. How many times in total has BYJ changed his management agents including recent move to BOF?

9. Please write down in order the title of songs BYJ sang in drama 'Salut d'Amour', 'Have We Really Loved?' and film 'Oe Chool'.

[Bonus Quiz]

10. What is the title of the drama BYJ is to start shooting from January in 2006?


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just want to be BYJ friend's...can i know his private email?...or home address, maybe...please
my email...khaulah_yongjun@yahoo.com


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