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Friday, December 23, 2005

. . merry xmas . .

I'm all excited here! Will be off to Thailand in a less than 12 hours time and I heard that April Snow had already just started showing in Thailand a week plus ago, which means, I will be able to catch April Snow again!!! How interesting to be able to do so at a different country! Ok, I may not be able to squeeze in time or get anyone to acc me to watch, but the least I can do is to get a photo of the poster from a Thailand's cinema! I hope to grab any thing about him, whether it is poster, mags, anything official if possible!

Well, will be missing in action these days. Particular sad that I can't be online as often to check out on latest happenings on our dear Yong Joon.. well, hopefully I wont miss much on him. Will drop by on net whenever possible, I promise!

If by any unfortunate chance that I'm not able to come online, I will wanna wish everyone, especially you, Yong Joon, a advanced......

Merry Christmas!!!!


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