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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

. . my trust in you . .

[: : Posted this on Soompi, but reposting in my blog again for keepsake : :]

QUOTE(frances @ Dec 14 2005, 05:40 PM)

Tigger mom posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home. Translated by joanne in quilt

BYJ's agency bought Maybach62 priced at 800 million won
[Newsen]12/14/05 14:56

A staff at the agency also told, "The saying that BYJ rode the 'Maybach' when he visited Japan is also different from the fact. I know that BYJ has not riden in that car yet."

I dunno why, but this article left a deep.. impression in my mind. Yong Joon is really popular all over as we all know, and usually ppl this famous, there are many many untrue facts and rumours here and there about them and splashed all over at tabiolds, but Yong Joon, though there are some, but the number of untrue rumours about him is really quite little. And even though so, staff of his agency will always clarify them officially one day and make everyone's mind at ease at the end of the day. I'm just glad that Yong Joon has such loyal staff to trust and ease his mind off these rumours and concentrate on what he should be doing at his best and leave all these nits and bits to his management and staff.

I really salute those who worked with him or under him.. everyone of them. Without them, there wouldnt be Yong Joon.

Well, not forgetting all his fans, who made that possible by trusting in him as well. Take for example, there was one time my dad was like telling me that there are Yong Joon's news on the Chinese papers and of course, I wanted to read it first hand but he refused to pass it to me playfully but read out the title which says, "Yong Joon has found a lover or got married in Japan", I was like.. "Oh pleasee..." and never even bother to read it.

I mean, I'm sure it's not just me alone who will not believe in such news, or rather, rumours on him. Any fan who believes in him, knows that Yong Joon will make the official announcement to everyone on such a big news like this. We just know it..... and would rather wait and see if that is true FROM him rather than totally believing it just by reading from such newspapers.

We just know it...... right, Bae gals?

Just a penny of my thoughts...


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