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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

. . answers . .

BB: Good one!! I didn't even spot the difference in hairstyle!! Haha.. Good one on Mgr Yang also, how could I have miss that? Must be concentrating too much on Yong Joon.. haha!!

Actually the answer I was looking for, was the shirt. Notice that in the first pic, he is wearing a turtle neck, getting ready to go for a dinner at a Chinese restaurant and the 2nd pic, he was wearing a shirt with the same coat. This was taken when he was on his way up to his hotel room upon the arrival in Japan.

This difference in the outfits, both black, hidden underneath that similar striped jacket, took me a few good hours figuring out when doing the arrangement of my picture database! THAT is the extent of how crazy we are over him, recognising his outfit, if not hairstyle or background of where he is at.

Right, BB? *wink*


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