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Saturday, January 07, 2006

. . one fan's encounter . .

[Chris:: A very very interesting post of a fellow fan (who is a reporter too) and her close close encounter with Yong Joon! She has gotten everyone so envious of her, including me! *grr* Don't think I will ever have that good luck.. =( Anyways, long article, but worth the read! ::]

Reposted by PUFFYCHEN on KOB #28625
Article origin: satovic 2005/08/28 JOB brokori
Author: satovic
Translate into Chinese: 小夢01 (www.onlybyj.com)

(小夢01’s notes: The original writing is very long, only airplane part has been translated)

When he was visiting Taiwan, no matter if it was from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport, his limo always seems to stop to allow extra time for the closely pursuing fans to catch up. This also seems to be the case on his departure. His limo was the first one to leave, but arrived 30 minutes later than us.

I saw his stylist Ms Hong and a few good looking BOF staff at the check-in counters. Whoa, just fabulous. It looked like I was going to be on the same flight as YJ. I waited until the last moment before check-in and was told that the only seats left were in the first row. If YJ sits in the last row, then I would not have the courage to turn my head around to look. I attempted to change my seating with the check-in staff, but without any success.

After a while, YJ arrived at the airport closely followed by the crowded media. People rushed to be the first one to grab the moment in order to take pictures of him, it was really like a dangerous phenomenon occurring one after another. YJ went up the escalator to go to the VIP waiting room on the 2nd floor, someone stopped in front of the escalator to take a picture and his clothes were caught in the reverse direction of the escalator. A helping hand stretched out. It was YJ himself. Even while being squashed so badly by the crowded media, he was still thoughtful enough to help others.

Standing at the bottom of the escalator I can see he was wearing a white coat, with a picture of 7 angels on the back. The top most 8th angel is not in full. YJ’s head just happened to complete the 8th angel. The media like army continuously followed YJ closely till he boarded the plane. I really did not understand why they needed to take so many shoots.

After all the media left, I boarded the plane. Ah, Ah, Ah, ~~Oh my God! ! ! How can this be this coincidental! YJ was sitting in the same row as me. He was on the right most seat 1F, with me seated on the left most being 1A.

After YJ sat down, he took off his glasses and took out a book from his LV suitcase to read. Gosh, his profile is so delicate and handsome, I did not know how to describe him!!!! The lights from the airplane window gave a thick shadow to his face.
Jung Sang’s face, top it up with the dedicated look in "100 days of Bae Yong Joon", it was so beautiful. Just like the sculpture on a silver coin. The exquisite lower jaw, the cool eyes, gloss lips, the powerful will...... My heart was unable to restrain itself, crazily pumping away. Inconceivably when I was in Taiwan for a few days, even when I saw him close up, my heart did not feel the same palpitations.

It’s like looking at a perfect robot, even when looking at his pictures on the computer screen did not move me this much. But at this moment, my heart is penetrated by an arrow! Simply using the word "beautiful" is insufficient for him. That is, I have never seen such a creation. Intrepid, sharp, gentle and so on, all things have resulted in a body called "beautiful".

I looked straight in a daze, its like ‘Eu-jin" peeping at “Jung-sang” when he was reading. I even worried that he would look forward and threw out the lines of Min-hyong. "There is no difference to others? A nose, two eyes.... Do you always stare at others like this?" [Chris:: This is so darn funny.. hahaha!! ::] Such thoughts. I was feeling unconsciously guilty, feeling a bit embarrassed to stare at him like this.

A young female reporter from the Taiwan “Apple daily newspaper” was sitting next to me. She could not speak English, I cannot speak Chinese. So she was speaking to me in Korean. I only wanted wholeheartedly to have another glimpse of YJ, so I moved my body sideways to appear as if I was speaking with her. This way I could see YJ properly.

His two slender legs crossed at the knees, often exchanging them. His movements are so adorable like in an adolescent. Perhaps the cabin is quite warm, as YJ took off the white coat. Underneath he was wearing a black T-shirt, his movements when taking of the coat were indescribably graceful! The muscular chest under that black T-shirt made me feeling a moment of dizziness......

Because this is the first row, he has to hang the coat in the inserts on the cabin wall where the magazines were. With the turbulence in the air, his coat swayed along with the airplane and fell down, he very agilely caught it. Just like Dong-hyuk trying to rescue and catch Jin-young at the edge of the swimming pool.

So handsome…. I was hiding in the shadow of the person in the neighboring seat continuously secretly peeping at him. By now I truly envied prawns, crabs and these creatures in the category of carapaces. If I could only stretch out my eyes, wouldn’t that be nice.

I place my elbow on the drink table and curved my body gradually to a C shape. Unexpectedly, YJ who is holding the book on his left hand suddenly did the same movement as me with his right hand. "Ya? Did he see me?" I quickly sat up straight.
Is he copying me? But he did not even look in my direction. Is he teasing me? My heart pumps away madly.

But I could not help myself and kept looking at him. He was resting his chin on his hand near his mouth intermittently. That hand with it’s exquisite lines, when it turns the page with such an exquisite style.. If the time could stop here, I will be so happy...

The safety belt red light was switched off. Many people passed through asking for YJ’s signature. He quickly put on his dark tea color glasses with a swishing sound, perhaps this is how he gets himself into a working mode. But I am unable to see his eyes, now I can only see half of his expression clearly.

Usually he wears clear glasses with his warm smiling face and this is very enchanting, but compared to when he does not wear glasses… He has a kind of icy, cold marble like thorough and deep beauty. It’s really hard to describe. I suddenly thought of YJ’s chewing gum ad. Absolutely the right thing to do is for him not to wear glasses. He has innumerable hidden possibilities.

He earnestly signed for each person. He can not even rest easily on the airplane. I mused that I should make him smile a little. When it’s my turn, I shown him the photo album which has recorded BSJ’s (BYJ Supporters in Japan, 小夢01 notes) every activities. He looked page by page carefully. I explained what sort of activities that the Japanese fans have done in order to express their love to him. When he saw the page of Valentine’s day activities, his vision paused curiously at the photo where I was in a red hanbok. I mumbled “that, was me trying to imitate Lee Mi-suk..."

He smiled, my heart is happily blossoming all of a sudden. I then give him the book “satovic Yon-sama theater". I said "these are what I have written on JOB in order to cheer up the family members. Now the publishing company has helped me to turn it into a book. Here is the translation in Korean. If you like, you should be able to finish the whole book within an hour during this fly to Seoul."

I was so excited and did not know which language I was speaking, Mandarin, English, Japanese all together. I wished him to ease up/relax a bit. So I only gave him the highly entertaining part of the first chapter in Korean to read. I did not want to take up more of his time, then I hurried back to my seat after giving him the photo album and the book.

YJ started reading immediately. He burst out laughing when he was on page 3. Just fabulous! I have got a smile out of him! I was so happy, he is really a humorous character. He carefully read it line by line. Lunch was served and he had fork on his right hand and the book in his left hand, there was no change in his reading speed. He was asking Mr Sohn questions from time to time. After he finished reading, he raised the book and did a “the end” hand gesture to me. After a while I asked him what he thought of the book and is the writing a bit out of the ordinary, and did it upset him a little?" He smiled and said "not at all, it’s very interesting."

What a silly question I have asked, how can he say no in front of a reporter? After I wished him well and success in his new movie, then I returned to my seat. But he continued flipping though the photo album and the book, then with a sudden inspiration, he excitedly said a few words with Mr Sohn, then got up. A few necklaces hanging around his neck, swaying again his muscular chest, the expression on his face is just like a mischievous high school student.

He passes through Mr Sohn, then crosses the aisle, it’s so obvious that he is heading in my direction???

I was not sure what was going to happen, the thought of “no, no, he is going to end up on my seat, where should I go? no, I should go to him” is wriggling around in my brain. But, but I was so stiff and could not move at all. Finally I got up, what is he doing? My memory went totally blank, I cannot even recall his look in that moment. The friends from byjforever seated behind reminded me loudly, "signature, JOON wants your signature!"

Ya ---! I was startled backwards more than a metre, back against the cabin wall; Please do not think this is a cartoon scene, this is the instinctual reaction of anyone under these circumstances.

Really he wants my signature? I faced him to glance up once, I could not remember what he said to me.

Wah.. wah,.. what do I do? I could feel the pen and the book in my hands, it must be handed to me by YJ, but I have no memory of it. I have lost my mind completely.

I felt everyone in the business class cabin are all looking at me. The BOF staff quickly set aside a table for me to sign. I remembered YJ squatting on the floor signing for Indonesian fans. So I also squatted and opened the book, what should I write?

Originally I wanted to write in Korean, but I was not clear how to write Bae Yong Joon the 3 words in Korean at this critical moment. Is there a dot or not in it? Who let me only learn Korean for 5 days. I was so anxious, I forgot to write it in Japanese, only felt that I was wasting his time. I thought the time had passed so quickly, I stubbornly stared at the pink page and the tip of the signature pen, such an anxious pause. At that time if could ask him "what should I write?" That would be so cool! But I did not know where he is...

According to friends of byjforever, he was squatting in front of me all the time, two elbows on the table, two hands holding up his chin, mischievously smiling at me, and he was only 50 cm away from my face!

I decided to give up on writing it in Korean and simply write it in English. After written “To” horizontally, then I felt that it should not be this brief, then thought for a while, rewrite with “Dear”, D writes likes it carries an arrow.

It doesn’t matter! I used astonishing speed to write it down

Dear Mr Bae Yong Joon
Love forever, satovic

I truly wanted to sign something special, but actually signed somewhat illegibly (sob)......

After writing “2005.8” I asked is today the 21st? But nobody answered after I asked three times (actually it was me who could not hear their reply), all I could hear was their laughter. What are they laughing at?

By now but I instinctly felt the look of YJ near my left side, but I did not dare to look in his direction, the right side were all BOF staff, I can only clearly see Mr Sohn’s face. My hands started shivering anxiously, if it continues like this, my heart will not be able to bear it. At this moment I felt a pat on the shoulder gently, a warm gush on my back changed all of a sudden, I surmised that this must be YJ’s hand.

Today certainly is the 21st, I closed the book after finishing the date. Now I truly saw YJ is on my left side. I suddenly spurt out with “ Good heavens, I must be dreaming” in Korean. Which I had just learnt not long ago.

I raise my head with a deep sigh, bow the head again with hands on the table. This brought an explosion of laughter from everyone, whether they understand Korean or not. I have provoked laughter and I saw YJ was also laughing. But I started crying due to excitement. I stood up to give the book to YJ, but did not dare to look at him. He shook my hand and his hand was very soft and warm. Everyone in the business class cabin warmly applauded me.

After I returned to my seat, I cried uncontrollably with my face covered with my hands. I was filled with so much emotion. YJ asking others for their signature is not such a big deal. He once asked the author Masako Koozan (向山昌子) of "Smiling Prince" (微笑の貴公子) to sign her book for him. He is asking for my signature as good etiquette to the author of "Yon-sama theater".

Everyone from the business class cabin have all got his signature, except me. I did not ask for his signature. He possibly knew this is not what I needed.

I like to do things to make others happy. He seemed to have seen through my innermost feelings and therefore he has given me such an opportunity. He has given me in the world the happiest gift. I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life.

Love forever satovic


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