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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

. . what they thot of him . .

Christine - "This is one article which I want to keep.. it speaks about the real BYJ behind the scenes.."

[Trans] What Others Say about our YJ

This is the VOD , the clip will begin shortly after the CF. Enjoy!



Originally in Japanese: http://www.msn.co.jp/
Translated into Chinese: Kyouei / www.loveyongjoon.com
Translated into English: Happiebb / www.happiebb.blogspot.com
[If you like, you may visit my blog to read this, as I've added some pictures there.]

What Son Yejin Said

I first met senior [Korean: 'sumbae'?] at the shooting site of a CF two or three years ago.
But shooting a movie together, this was our first time.
I've always thought senior is someone with very strong willpower.
I'm not the sort who can shoot s scene repeatedly.
The more takes I have, the worse I will feel and I will lose my confidence.
But if it's something senior really wants to do, he will always persist right up to the end.
Looking at how hard he pushes himself and how determined and strong he is,
I truly admire him. He's a fantastic senior.

Now, everyone pins very high hopes and very big dreams on him,
I would imagine he's under a lot of stress and pressure.
But he will always be able to transform the pressure into motivation.
He will do some self-adjustment and focus on presenting his best,
his focused and hardworking self to everyone.
Through his action, I can feel how strong his willpower and determination is.


What Yong Joon's Stylist, Ms Hong Eun Kyeong, Said

That was something that happened in 1998, when we were shooting Barefooted Youth.
We had just worked throughout the night and were on our way to the hotel.
Everyone was asleep. Suddenly, Yong Joon stopped the car.
He had seen an old lady on the street. Eventually he drove her to the bank.
Everyone was so, so tired, and yet he was still so considerate.
I feel he's really someone who knows how to care for others.

[bb: this also implied he was driving. .!
Instead of getting his staff or whoever to drive him,
the fact he was driving after shooting the whole night also said something about him, no?]

He will normally remember the birthday of each and every staff.
Sometimes even I forget my own birthday, but he will always remember.
He even gave me a bag that I've always wanted. I was so moved I cried.
So, we've been working together for ten years now.


What Jeon Do Yeon Said
- The Actor Bae Yong Joon as I Remember Him

Bae Yong Joon is a very masculine man.
At first, his gentle and elegant physical appearance had led me to think
he's just someone who's very gentle.
But after working with him, I saw the strong will and strength in his character.
He would always do everything to learn and improve his acting skills from various experience,
and through doing so, he's making the best preparation for the character he's playing.

He was the same when we worked on The Untold Scandal,
I think he's a wonderful actor.


What Hotelier's Kim Seung Woo Said
- A Good Friend who Cares

My initial impression of Yong Joon: good character, masculine too.
Before I actually met with him in person,
I had thought he was the sort who's good-looking
and would always say the nicest thing to people.

After I've met him, I saw that he's always wearing caps and would dress quite casually.
He also likes to joke.
I feel I like him like this.

Although we don't always have the opportunity to get together for a drink or two,
but we've gotten to know and understand each other.
Then I realized, he's really very manly,
and he's the sort who would look out for his brothers
[bb: Referring to good friends, it appears that old ties and friendships matter to him.]

He came to visit me at home late last year.
We had not met for some eight or nine months then.
He felt very sorry and he said to me, "I couldn't asked you out for a drink or to chat.."
Actually, we both understand how busy and hectic our schedules are.
But looking at how he was apologizing so sincerely,
I thought to myself: This fellow's really not bad at all.

In private, I call him "yonpari"
[bb: I think it's probably an affectionate term for a good friend.]
I thought this is not bad a term of affection.
Yes, he's definitely a yonpari who cares for his friends.


What Winter Sonata PD Yun Seok-Ho Said
- The Actor Bae Yong Joon as I Remember Him

I first met Bae Yong Joon in 1994, we were shooting Love's Greetings then.
Even at that time, he had already left me with a very deep impression.
He was cheerful, positive and had an elegant and princely air about him.

There were some interesting episodes when I was working with him.
When we were shooting the last episode of Winter Sonata,
there was a scene where he reunited with Choi Jiwoo [Yujin].
That scene was shot in Oedo,
and we were supposed to fly back to Seoul that night after completing the shooting.
However, over the course of filming,
because Yong Joon was not satisfied with his own acting,
so he called NG himself and asked for re-takes many, many times.
We were pressing so close to the flight time back to Seoul..
Eventually, we never did make it for the flight.
But because of his insistence and perseverance,
yet another wonderful scene was born.


What Winter Sonata Actress Kim Hae Suk Said
- Yujin's mother in the drama

When we were shooting Winter Sonata together,
there were a lot of opportunities to observe his acting.
He has given me the impression he's a positive, honest and sincere young man.
Once, he was shooting a scene he's very sad and supposed to be crying.
The director had already given his ok,
and all the actors around him were also amazed by his exquisite acting.
But he himself was not happy with his acting,
and he kept asking for re-takes until he was satisfied with his own performance.

Yong Joon would never be late for shooting.
And so long as the director called for it,
he would definitely give all his best to do the necessary preparation.
At that time, he didn't have as many managers around him to manage his affairs,
he gave me the feeling that his self-management was very strict and disciplined.

Now, he's already a mega-star.
Although some people have said he's changed,
but to me, he's still the same honest, sincere and polite young man.


What Ryu Seung Soo Said
- Yong Kook in Winter Sonata

Bae Yong Joon is always pursuing perfection,
and he's also the sort who would be so considerate and always be thinking about others.
And precisely because of this, he always feels very tired.

When he's working on The Image,
I was thinking he must be having a pretty tough time building up his body,
so I asked him out for a meal.
But he didn't want me to see how frustrated due to the diet and exercise plans,
he turned me down gently and said let's go eat after I'd lost the necessary weight.

The way he's always wanting so much to repay his fans for their love,
the way he's always trying so hard to meet their expectations is really touching.
I'm so moved by it.
But, the stronger his wish to repay everyone, the lonelier he gets.
And because he doesn't want to show his vulnerable side,
there's not one single moment he's at ease or resting.
I've said this to him once, "I won't be able to bear it if I were to live like you."

[bb: I feel so, so, so sad reading this part.
Have our love and so-called expectations become a burden to him?
I've said this before and I'll say it again:
Fellow fans, whatever you want to do, everything in moderation, please.
Sometimes, it's probably enough that we be there for him.]


What April Snow Director Hur Jinho Said

After seeing Bae Yong Joon at the set of The Untold Scandal,
I'd been hoping that he would play a character in my work.
His face and his eyes… give people a feeling of strength
and yet there's a certain gentleness and tenderness to it.
And at the time same, the aura he gives out is true, innocent, pure and healthy.

His strengths were all played up in the movie April Snow.
During the process of filming AS, I've requested him,
an actor of more than ten years of acting experience,
to do certain things just like I would demand of any newcomer to the industry.
And I've also asked him to carry out certain acting
that made him shy or somewhat uncomfortable.

The making of the movie was difficult and painful,
and he too would discuss and talk things over with me.
He has totally changed his way of working [memorizing lines beforehand, etc etc etc..],
he has completely transformed into the character himself.
At the shooting site, he became the character
and he showed us the truest of feelings and emotions as he felt them during that time.

There're times when he even noticed things that I failed to see,
he's actor with the sharp senses of a director.
I would want to work with him again on a movie in future.

You never know,
maybe one day I will act in a movie directed by Bae Yong Joon.


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