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Monday, August 01, 2005

. .letter to hubbies . .

This article is DARN funny!!

To all married Bae sisters of SoKorean. (If you are not married or do not have a boyfriend you are not eligible to read this article.-D'May)

Posted by xiaoya on KOB
Source: www.onlybyj.com
Written by èÝá³鸭(xiaoya)
Translated by Dawn
Gotten from: SoKorean.forum

To Whom It May Concern:

How are you doing, guys?

Recently I have got an impression that you do not show enough supports to your wife's dedicated behavior for BYJ. Although maybe your objection is not that loud, your wife has already felt qualm and guilty since she always shows great concern about both you and your family. But guess what; you should feel lucky since you have a wife who is a BYJ fan.

Guys, hold your peace for a second and hear me out of my reasons as followed:

First of all, being a BYJ fan, she will save money for your family.
It won't cost you a lot just for several sets of DVDs. Once your wife becomes a BYJ fan she will spend much more time on watching BYJ's works or surging online. Other housewives may prefer shopping and having other expensive funs and still complain that it is boring. But your wife will be different and economical at this point.

Secondly, you will be relieved from your wife;s prattle if she is a BYJ fan.
Maybe sometime your wife grumbles like this: "why don't you look like BYJ? Or if you are as good as one tenth of him it will be enough for me." You might feel jealous or even angry. But don't forget she will spend all the time on BYJ's information. So she won't complain about why you could not move up quickly, why you could not earn much more money or why you could not be a better husband or so on. Furthermore, she might be much more tender and considerate to you because of her trivial guilt.

Thirdly, it will make your marriage more solid if your wife is a BYJ fan.
Today, net love, ultra-marriage love or one-night-stand becomes more popular around us. So far as I know, all the Baesisters are wonderful and attractive women. You are fortunate enough to have her as your wife. But at the same time you might be uneasy when your wife catches others' eyes. Don't worry about it. Once your wife becomes a BYJ fan, she will turn a blind eye to all other men so it is impossible for her to have an affair with any one of them. At this point you have got a reliable insurance on your marriage.

Finally, being a BYJ fan, she will make your life more rich and colorful.
There are a great number of Baesisters with great literary or artistic talent. Once your wife becomes one of time, she will push herself to learn and read much more. No matter how wonderful your wife was finally you will be sick of her if she just keeps at the same level all the time. But being a BYJ fan, your wife will be advanced in her knowledge, taste, insight and thought when time passes. You will find that her charm is from both external and internal.

Here I won't list all the benefits which you get from your wife being a BYJ fan. I believe with only these four reasons you've already been envious by a great deal of men. Therefore, guys, if one day you find all the wallpaper and screensaver on the computer have been changed to themes of BYJ, congratulations, you have become one of the lucky and happy Baesisters' husband. Enjoy all the advantages you have being a Baesisters' husband.

Best wishes,

èÝá³鸭(This is my ID in Chinese)


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