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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

. . poem . .

I'm always on a lookout for interesting things on what ppl wrote abt BYJ. Once again, stumbled upon another site, some author wrote a poem abt him. Just thought I share!

For Bae Yong Jun
(from your non-Korean fan)

Credits: Malvina Tan

My first glimpse of be-spectacled you,
Through static and glass,
And yet another barrier,
A strange voice masking the real you.

The real you, I discover,
Thanks to dual-sound technology,
Is a lot deeper, more profound.
When you spoke Korean, I did not understand you.
When you spoke English, I did not either.

Yet for all these obstacles,
Something about you gets through.

It's in the crease of your eyes,
The droop there that goes counter to your smile.

I can't touch the real you,
But I could sketch,
To trace the contours of perfection,
That is your face,
The arch of your brows,
The rise of your nose.

The words on the monitor,
That seek to
Tell me who you are,
What you are like,
Confound me.

So I put them aside and onstruct YOU,
From your pictures
To feed my curiosity.

Are you vain?
(I cannot stand vain men,
With their legs-apart hands-in-pocket poses
And an assumed air of haughty confidence.
I'd like to think you're different.)

Do you smoke?
(I cannot stand smokers either,
And so I make excuses,
For you - it's just for the picture.)

What do you read?
What tantalises your mind,
When you're not playing havoc with women's hearts?

One moment you devastate -
Unsmiling, meditative in a business suit.
Yet another you tease,
With casualness of air,
And open palms.

That you are boyishly man
Or mannishly boy,
I'm certain,
For why else,
Am I sixteen all over again?

Malvina Tan, 11 March 2002


At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Malvina -- the person who wrote this poem back in 2002 after watching "The Hotelier", when Bae Yong Jun was still relatively unknown here and it was difficult to get English sites on him. In frustration I had written this in a computer lab, all in half an hour. :) That infatuation has died down a little but I still marvel how these brilliant Korean actors continue to make me feel like a giddy teenager all over. Oooh....*shivers*


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