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Sunday, August 14, 2005

. . exactly that kiss . .

BYJ-SYJ 'Exactly that kiss'
'The kiss of Century (causing) Asia to hold breath!'

BYJ-SYJ combi(nation) of film 'Oe Chool(April Snow)' unveiled a kiss scene in the film. It is so-called 'Theater Kiss Scene' in which they confirm uncontrollable emotion toward each other with lips in a run-down theater in rural area.

This scene, to be recorded as the first expression of love by two people in the film, was shot in the last spring at The Academy Theater located in Samcheok, Kangwon Province, which was a location site of the 'Oe Chool(April Snow)'.

Taking into consideration of the directing style(?) of Director Hur Jinho who takes relatively long shooting period as he puts into screen even minutes of expressions by actors, the production crew rented entire theater choosing a quiet weekday. According to a source related to the film, BYJ and SJY showed appearance of keeping
composure throughout shooting even though it was the first physical contact in the film.

[Sports Today] 8/13/05 00:14
Translated & posted by Joanne on BYJ's Quilt
Tigger mom posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Gotten from Joonsfamily.com


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