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Friday, November 11, 2005

. . byj in china & looking good . .

Would you take a look at these pics?!!

Oh my.. I'm in total shock!! Don't u think he look so good in this?!! He looked different, fresher and all set to accept new challenges!! Many said he gained weight, but hmm.. I cant really tell.. haha! But definitely GOOD!! Why? Coz this shows that he enjoyed his well-deserved break in Japan and enjoyed himself! Plus, the chubbier the better to hug.. keke!

Currently he is in China promoting April Snow together with Director Hur and yep, he swept a big wind to China the moment he arrived. Who can resist him right? *dreamy look on face*


At 5:22 PM, Blogger judith lavadia said...

gosh byj is really goodlooking.i wish he could visit our country philippines because his movie April Snow will be showing here on nov 23 im already excited to see this


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