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Thursday, February 24, 2005

. . cf shot in Oz . .

'BYJ' appeared in Australia. While BYJ stayed in Australia for shooting a CF, fans flocked in everywhere he went, creating the hustle & bustle.......

BYJ, transforms into a man who builds home

Korean Current star BYJ will transfom into a man who builds home for a woman he loves.

In the present TV CF, on a white yacht sailing in front of the Opera House in Sidney, BYJ takes out a sketchbook from his briefcase and begins sketching and it is followed by sweet narration of [color=blue]why do I build a home? I have a fate to be loved by a woman and to love a woman. I would like her to live in a good home

Reported by Kwak Insook,cinspain@cbs.co.kr, Broadcasting and Entertainment Team at Nocut News

Copyright ¨Ï CBS Nocut News, www.nocutnews.co.kr
thanks to joanne for posting in the news section of BYJ's Quilt


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