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Saturday, November 20, 2004

. . news 20-11-04 . .

From Talk Box on BYJ's official homepage. Miracle posted this there.
Translated by Joanne in Quilt

Give him the title of the President of Culture....

[Sports Seoul]11/20/04 12:22

BYJ, surprise hankerchief ceremony


'Yon-sama' BYJ(32) captivated the Japanese women fans with surprise 'hankerchief ceremony' on the 19th.

Appearing in an official occasion in 7 month after he held a large-scaled fan meeting event in Tokyo, Japan in early April, he confirmed the explosive fever of the 'Yon-sama syndrome' in Korea also.

BYJ, attending the Hand Printing Event of the Blue Dragon Award held at Seoul Yongsan CGV theater on that day as the recipient of the new male actor award in the previous year, touched over 500 Japanese woman fans who came to see him with tender killing smile and courteous manners. After the event, 2 ladies who belong to BYJ's
fanclub in Japan showed signs of exhaution while shedding the tear of joy, the place surrounding the event venue became a big confusion due to Asian women including japan.

BYJ, who entered 450-seat Yongsan CGV theater 5 along with actors Jang Jinyoung & Im Soojeong at around 4:25 in the afternooon, affectionately answered to Japanese fans who continously waving hands and shouting 'Yon (Young) Joon-ssi, we love you. Opening his talk modestly with "I thank you because so many came here like this
although there is nothing much I could do for you", he said, "I had received a new actor's award last year in 10 years since debut. There is some feeling that it was late. From now on, I will act harder than the past 10 years", creating the shout of joy in the audience.

On that they when there was no translator, as gagman Shim Hyeonseob, M.C., was at loss as he did not understand what she said at a sudden question in Japanese from a Japanese woman fan, BYJ quickly grabbed a microphone and gave an answer. As it seemed that the question was 'when are you coming to Japan', he told "I will go there on coming 25th. Dear every family, I will meet you there".

At the public announcement of the schedule to visit Japan by BYJ, the hand movements of over 200 Japanese press, who packed the event site suddenly became busy.

BYJ also showed off his knowlege in Japanese as he gave a greeting 'Minasang, Ogengkideshitaka' (Dear everyone, How have you been?)

The highlight happened after he hand stamped on the clay plate. He threw the hankerchief he used to cleanse hand toward the audience abruptly, surprising the audience. At the surprise present from BYJ, the attendee clapped hands and (so happy) they did not know what to do.

To the event on that day, BYJ fans coming overseas from various countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. converged in a large number. The JTB, a travel company in Japan, put out 'BYJ Tour' package attending the Hand Printing and photo exhibition events, etc. priced at 130,000 Yen (about 1.3 million Won), and 300 people came to Korea through that. A rare scene, of mobilizing 30 policemen
from Yongsan Police Station and 30 security guards in preparation for the accidents, happened.

A Japanese lady (40), who said she came from Osaka, told while jumping up and down, "I came despite the opposition from my husband. Even then, because I saw Yon-sama, I am all right if I died".

The event site on that day. where BYJ spent for only 1 hour and around 30 miinutes, seemed like a place ti unite the Asia into one. Considering the wave length created by each and every steps of his walk, it feel like that it is not awkward now to attach a title of 'The President of Culture' to BYJ.

Reporeted by Cho Jaewon, jone@
Copyright at Sports Seoul.


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