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Monday, November 29, 2004

. . cute . .

Gotten the link from -> here.

Click here to download -> Clip

Translation by mclara

Q: Don't you want to visit Japan any more due to the accident yesterday?

BYJ: I do not think so. I never forget all the love that Japanese fans give me, and I come here any time again. Yesterday is yesterday, I believe that kind of accident will never happen again in the future. (nod, nod, smile) I want to see my family again. (smile)

A host and a hostess-
"Yon-sama sent us his message a while ago."

-Today 6:30 pm
BYJ: Konnichiwa. (smile! bow)

BYJ: (smile. think..) I am not with you, but I can feel the love you send me, and you must feel my feelings.

Q: What kind of features of you that attract fans?

BYJ: I want you to ask my family, but if I can think of now, (tilt a bit...cute!) it may be that I always honestly do my best.


"Lastly, he sent his messages to lonly fathers(husbands)."

BYJ: (putting his hand under his chin, laughs) What shall I do? (cute! cute!)
I'm sorry. oh... (keep laughing)

Q: There are home where the wives are not coming home for three days.

BYJ:(laughs hard, putting his hands on his chest) I'm very sorry! I'm sorry.


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