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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

. . BYJ parody 'Joon Bear' . .

BYJ parody 'Joon Bear' to be sold in Japan: Swarmed with reservations
[My Daily]1/22/05 11:50
Translated by Yoon
Posted by Joanne of BYJ Quilt
From Daum.net

It seems that a'Yon-sama bear', not a'Teddy bear' will become popular in Japan. Japanese family's orders are already pouring in for a bear doll which parodies BYJ .

'Joon Bear', which was announced to be on sales on the 22nd through the home page of IMX, BYJ's Japanese management company, is a bear doll which 'cutely' parodies BYJ in the WS with the glasses, muffler and wind-blown hair.

They produced only 5,000 dolls and will receive reservations from February 2nd. The price is hefty 29, 800 yen, 10,000 more expensive than the photo colection. But it's for collectors with BYJ's signature and its serial number at the bottom of the doll's foot, so already intense competition for reservation has started.

'Serial #1' is owned by BYJ, and they are accepting requests for numbers that are related to BYJ. Those 'lucky numbers' are BYJ"s birthday, the date of his first visit to Japan, his birth year, the date when the photo collectionswere published and #4('yon' in 'Yonsama' means 4 in Japanese).

The photo collections were loved by Yonsama's family in 2004, and it seems that Joon bear will take it over in 2005. 'Joon Bear' to be sold in Japan in limited number of 5,000, BYJ's wind hairstyle, scarf, and eyeglasses worm by a bay bear are cute.

Reported from Tokyo, Lee Taemoon
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